Willow - lately i feel EVERYTHING
Jul 16, 2021
Willow, a voice made for R&B and that somehow married EXTREMELY WELL in a punk sound.
This album managed to mix several elements from other genres and make something with its own characteristics. As much as it has a punk sound as its main vein, here we have elements of Nu-Metal, often Dream Pop, R&B, and her voice helped A LOT to make everything match perfectly.

I got to know Willow through their 2019 album Willow, and I was somewhat scared by the musical quality there. Quite honestly, I had a prejudice because she was Will Smith's daughter, and I thought her music career was just because of the money she already had, but I was surprised when I saw that she really HAS something to talk about, show and add to in musical world.

His melodies work like angels singing in an empty hallway, and this echo fills all the spaces between the walls, floor and ceiling, and in contrast to the delicacy of the voice, we have the steric, distorted instrumentals. The album continues with the same mood of Psychedelic and space R&B, but now with the metal intro of the Punk 2000s (and of course, with a fresh face).

The album features classic guest appearances, including Avril Lavigne, who was both the first platonic love of many and the biggest female face in rock in the early 2000s. And of course, Travis Barker, the guy who appears more on the contemporary rock scene than Stan Lee in the Marvel movies.

From a great drummer he has gone on to one of the most influential figures on the rock scene, and nothing really should be forgotten about what he's doing. Because of all his appearances and productions, Travis is one of the most remarkable people in rock today. And the way he's helping new artists to bring a new freshness to this stagnant genre, which was basically bands imitating their 70's influences, and generic metalcore with musicians crying below water in your clips., will surely remain in history.

"transparent soul" is a great single. The song opens the album showing all future elements. It's a catchy track, and even though it has the most """"""""POP"""""""" element (in the sense of being a single), it still has its aggressiveness, which is very well balanced. Travis Barker is playing as expected, nothing that would surprise either for good or for bad, due to the fact that he is in his comfort zone.
COLOR: Black, grey.

"Naïve" has a beautiful melody, which reminded me a lot of the Cocteau Twins. It's a calm, melancholy song, and for some reason, it gave me the feeling of a late afternoon in the suburb of a cyberpunk city. Where you have an eminent sadness, but a genuine happiness.
COLOR : beige, green, grey.

"XTRA" It's a song that does something really interesting. It has its rock instrumental, but contrasting that, Tierra Wack makes a Trap verse overlapping the rest, which helps to give a very current face to the track.
COLOR: Black, Red.

"G R O W" doesn't have much to say, it feels like it came straight out of the 2000s. It has all the familiar elements, and it's definitely the most drinking song of all Willow-influenced sources. Everything that made Pop Punk what it was in the 2000s is here.
COLOR: White, Pink, Yellow.

It's a short album, with short songs and few tracks, it really feels like they just put in what was necessary. It's a good rock record to bring this genre to new people. If you want to see rock music being the most listened to genre (which I think is silly), know that this is the kind of music he needs, not adults crying and screaming underwater in their music videos.
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