Adele - 30
Nov 19, 2021
The queen of grief has returned, and to make up for her time with no releases, she returns with her best album ever.
Still tied up with the minor chords, she creates BEAUTIFUL and melancholic melodies, but with a much more mature and different face than she's ever done.

If you're expecting something like Rolling In the Deep, or another of those more "explosive" pops, I can tell you that's not what you'll find here. This is a much calmer album, and here the songs are slow and little by little they build a VERY interesting atmosphere.

The instruments are played in simple ways, but they are so well played and mixed that with simplicity they end up creating a calm but emotionally explosive sound.
The songs have longer durations, which contributes a lot for the melodies to be explored in the best ways.

Every second she adds something else to the songs, whether it's a choir, or a guitar playing a single chord every 10 seconds. Even in songs where there is no band, Adele holds the music in an unbelievable way.
The song To Be Loved is an example of this. Only his voice and a piano can fill the song so much that it gives the impression that an entire band is playing.

The melodies are beautiful. Each song falls into a more interesting melodic line than the next, and it explores each track very well. She knows very well where to go with the melodies, which instruments to use.
Her voice is scary. It hits high and low notes in an abnormal way.

I just loved ALL the songs, except Can I Get It. A Max Martin song, with the biggest clichés ever seen in pop music, made solely and exclusively to sell the album, as the rest of the tracks don't sound anything commercial. The melodies on this song treat you like an idiot. Easy soloing, and again, that repeated-note method to trap the music in your subconscious. Max Martin is the cancer of modern music.
Color: Beige, Grey.

But this song doesn't make any difference as it gets erased by the other spectacular tracks. I wish I could talk about all of them here, but the text would be too long, anyway.
Stranger By Nature starts the album and already sets the tone for where it goes. A beautiful song, which sounds like the Jazz vocals from the 50s. Beautiful melody, the violins sound like angels carrying you by the arms and taking you up to the clouds to see the lights of a melancholy city.
Color: Black, Gray, Blue, Yellow.

All Night Parking is Adele's "trap" moment. She manages to take this sound and do something unique. Uses the bass with a lot of class, and the pianos sound perfect for listening at night, drinking a whiskey on a cold day on the porch of the house.
Color: Blue, Gray

The songs My Little Love, Hold On, Woman Like Me, Love Is A Game, are one of the best things I've heard this year. Gorgeous music.

The album is full of deep lyrics, well written and well sung. Adele is singing more than ever. That's the kind of project artists her size should launch. Intimate music, true, powerful, intelligent, well played, well mixed and extremely well interpreted. Every word she sings, it fits perfectly with the lyrics she's singing.

The album's sound is to be applauded. Intriguing, and even though it takes 1 hour, because of interesting music, it sounds like it has 15 minutes. I've never been a fan of Adele, I've listened to her other albums, but I've never been a fan of hers. But in this work here, she took her art to another level. It's a great album, full of hits.

Listening to this album is like receiving a gift from Adele. She thought and took care of every second of the tracks. She invites you to reenter this melancholy universe, and here it is better done than it has ever been. I am very happy to see the direction of Mainstream music changing because of artists like Adele, Bruno Mars, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, etc.
It's a sad and melancholy album, but it makes me very happy because of the musical quality.
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