John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Jun 10, 2021
jazz is definitely not for me.
It's a genre that has its merit, but I try to listen and I can't like anything. It's a mess, each musician is in their own world playing something completely different from the other, and then the result is one drummer frying, and the other melodic instruments playing random notes.

Is it supposed to be melodic and heart-touching? Because for me the jazz songs I heard don't mean anything, they don't bring me any feeling.
Yes, they play a lot and they're great, but for God's sake, the result of all this doesn't give me any feeling at all.

Jazz music, the truth is that the songs seem like a fusion of each musician's recording tuning and calibrating their instrument before they actually start playing something together.
The melodies aren't funny at all, if someone can explain where is the genius of jazz music that I can't see, or some album to start, please tell me, because I don't see anything but random notes.

I can´t explain the genius but I can tell you what made me understand Coltrane. I used his music to wake up to it and suddenly it clicked. Not being conscious helped me to listen without prejudices and suddenly....all came together. There is nothing random in this kind of Jazz
Jazz isn't the only genre that could be construed as ther ebeing no melody or coordination; there are plenty of genres like that, where it could certainly be argued by some people that it's not even music, but for some reason people listen to it. personally, i find the chaos to be precisely the reason that i enjoy jazz so much. the "genius of jazz music" is a very personal thing, and there isn't some universal secret about jazz that will make anyone like it, if you don't like jazz, you don't like jazz, and that's it.

jazz is also a very diverse genre, there is definitely jazz that falls under the category that you might enjoy, where there is a very rigid and defined structure and melody, but some jazz isn't like that, just like not all rock is super organized and formulaic, jazz can be pretty much anything you want it to be.

either way, if you don't like jazz, then so be it. you don't have to like every genre
A Love Supreme is definitely not the best place to start if you're unfamiliar with jazz in general, as it's pretty abstract and unconventional.

Some personal recommendations for amazing jazz albums that are more accessible would be:
Moanin' - Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
Ah Um - Charles Mingus
Blue Trane - John Coltrane
Saxophone Colossus - Sunny Rollins
I just like it cause it sounds nice to me
Jazz is one of those genres that I've heard is several times more enjoyable once you begin to get into the actual theory behind some of the more complicated tracks. I just love it for the intricacies that the genre brings, the energy, the creativity that it breeds as well.

One track I might recommend to you is John Coltrane's cover of Favourite Things, 16 minutes of psychedelic bliss with an extremely satisfying payoff.

Another recommendation I would give for a proper jazz album would be Sons of Kemet's Your Queen Is a Reptile. It's an experience that does its best to keep things varied and interesting throughout, even has a few vocal passages on it.
Genuinely why did you give this a 6/10? You literally said you "don't see anything but random notes." This does not sound like an album you consider to be on the good end of the spectrum lol
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