YuriDING -
It's an amazing album, but FOR GOD'S SAKE, it didn't have to be that big. Seriously, it could be 3/4 songs less. They're all pretty good, but being a 1 hour and 16 minute album, it gets a little tiring.
YuriDING -
Coldplay returns once again with a new album, and as always, POLEMIC.
I think people have such a wrong idea of what the band is, and they end up charging them to make a sound in a way, since they've gotten over it a long time ago.
I think people think that coldplay SHOULD go the same way as Radiohead, and do experimental stuff, just so people will stop criticizing the band.

I'm sorry, but if you were expecting anything other than a POP album, the wrong one was you.
My impression is that if ... read more
YuriDING -
it's not a new type of music nor a current revamped into something dated, the album is a classy Jazz Vocal. It has all the known aspects of the genre, and apart from the very good mix, there is nothing new here or with a current sound.
We are in an era in which artists create new sounds based on already known genres. Many of these times (97.3% of the time) these old sounds come in a revamped form with a fresh face. Albums like Future Nostalgia and After Ours are some of the examples. They ... read more
YuriDING -
The album sounds good the majority part of the time.
Even being weird ass any other Poppy album, (after she became this metal artist) this is the most normal thing.

The last álbuns sounded or 100% pop or 100% death metal (in the same track). I like that sonority, but this one sounds less childish and more coherent.

There's not 50.000 things happening per second anymore, sounds more """"""chilling""""", and more listenable to who ... read more
YuriDING -
Spitibox is a band to pay attention to. They showed great potential in their debut album. A rich sound, full of layers and textures. Melodies that convey a sense of decadence and desolation, but always very cohesive.

The contrast of more visceral moments with fast guitars and smooth melodies with slow and lilting guitars contribute to never leaving a monotonous sound.

This album is proof that there are still MANY paths where metalcore can go.
The band never falls for the most common cliches ... read more
YuriDING -
Everybody is giving high rates to this album today, but next year no one gonna remember this anymore.

Is a ok album, with good sonority and elements. Is not just a generic trap like 99.3% of all this shit in there, this album have his own face and personality. Is fine and enjoyable, but nothing that I will remember or that gonna mark me, is just a pop album with good ideas.
YuriDING -
Imagine Dragons album, and somehow surprised. It's a band that I've always hoped to see something decent, as they are good musicians and the vocalist is VERY GOOD.

Throughout their discography, the impression they leave me is that there is always someone from the record company putting the gun to their head saying what they have or not to do, then there are always TERRIBLE songs like everything they've released so far.

Few songs can be saved from this band, precisely because they NEVER did ... read more
YuriDING -
is so bad as the art cover
YuriDING -
Album full of layers, sounds and different influences, very rich soundly and manages to balance very well between the experimental and what is already expected from the mainstream.

It's an interesting work, very melodic and that plays with the peaks of the songs.Sounds quite intriguing to me, because even though the disc doesn't use any new elements (every thing we've heard here we've already seen 308 times in other works), it manages to create a unique sound with these elements already ... read more
YuriDING -
The most overrated record of 2021.
I can't take this woman seriously, I don't know if it's her interpretation of the songs, but everything I've heard from her sounds ridiculous to me at some point.
The songs are VERY dramatic, to the point that it feels like she's doing an even more exaggerated imitation of something already ridiculous.

To me she would be a perfect artist if she were a character from Lord of the Rings or some other medieval fantasy work.
I can't feel anything listening to this ... read more
YuriDING -
This album is about a girl who is very, VERY HAPPY with the sunlight.
It sounds like a child who was locked in a room for 10 years, and finally walked out of that room and felt the sun, and then she was so excited about it all.

I feel sad that I didn't like the album so much, because it is really well recorded, it has interesting songs and it seems she recorded it with a lot of desire, you can see that she was really happy to make this record. The problem is that it sounded a bit boring and ... read more
YuriDING -
Dubio is the most suitable word I found to describe this album.
In this album, in a single song you have completely forgettable and generic moments and great and excellent moments, that's why I think it's a dubious album.

This band manages to create incredible endings for each song, and it's really worth listening to each track to see what idea they'll put at the end of it.
There are great endings, which are very good and with clever insights, but 90% of the songs sound completely repetitive ... read more
YuriDING -
The album is pretty good, but for God's sake someone give this girl a smoothie, she needs to get some sun.
YuriDING -
Willow, a voice made for R&B and that somehow married EXTREMELY WELL in a punk sound.
This album managed to mix several elements from other genres and make something with its own characteristics. As much as it has a punk sound as its main vein, here we have elements of Nu-Metal, often Dream Pop, R&B, and her voice helped A LOT to make everything match perfectly.

I got to know Willow through their 2019 album Willow, and I was somewhat scared by the musical quality there. Quite honestly, ... read more
YuriDING -
Wow, I expected a lot more from this album.
I expected something as unique as Rina's debut album, but unfortunately she released the most generic works possible.
I don't see anything special here, there's nothing as unique as the single Kiss Me More.

She falls into the trap cliches that everyone already knows, and the only special element that has on this album is her voice, which I find quite catchy.
The album looks like a version of Ariana Grande's songs only with LSD.
It has a very spacey ... read more
YuriDING -
I have so much to say that I think that is better not even do a review, because I would write a book, and no one would read.

In short...
Colors: All.
YuriDING -
I got dumber listening to that.
YuriDING -
The album has very interesting elements, but even with very creative instrumentals, the artists manage to be completely inexpressive.

Migos are called by many as the "TRAP KINGS", and yes, they managed to give a new face to a sub-genre that was stagnant, but unfortunately the innovation is only in the instrumental sample.
The beats on this album are definitely the most interesting I've seen on TRAP in recent years, and unfortunately we don't owe it to the Migos members, but to the ... read more
YuriDING -
jazz is definitely not for me.
It's a genre that has its merit, but I try to listen and I can't like anything. It's a mess, each musician is in their own world playing something completely different from the other, and then the result is one drummer frying, and the other melodic instruments playing random notes.

Is it supposed to be melodic and heart-touching? Because for me the jazz songs I heard don't mean anything, they don't bring me any feeling.
Yes, they play a lot and they're great, but ... read more
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