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Deerhunter - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?
Jan 18, 2019
This release marks the end of yet another dreary chapter in a book about me being continually underwhelmed by the musical endeavors of the band Deerhhnter.

With their latest release, DH dont really bring anything new to the table, other than actually having some pretty solid track transitions and lyrics. This just feels to me like regular run-of-the-mill Neo-Pyschedelic Indie Rock.

Though the band do lean more towards the experimental side of the musical spectrum by adding in elements of electronica to their music, among other things, they do so in a way that is perhaps one of the least enthusing examples of a a critically acclaimed band experimenting. They production for the most part just feels so vanilla to me and the singing was not entertaining at all.

The second half of the record definitely had much more well thought out and conceptualized song structures.On tracks such as Détournement and Tarnung, you see the band trying to be a little more groovy and accessible.

I have never quite understood the hype and critical acclaim surrounding this band. Though I find Weird Era to be a very solid release, I find most of their music to be very bland and boring. It feels like it just lacks some sort of body to it or something. It doesnt feel meaningful to me in any way. They do seem to be very talented musicians with a kink for experimentation. I have just yet to find any of their efforts apart from Weird Era to live up to the crtically proclaimed hype that has been bestowed upon them.

Remember that this is just merely my opinion, and if you love Deerhunter then that's awesome. I hope you are able to get out of this album what I have so fsr been unable to discover. I don't see this going up very much with future listens but honestly, I have had bigger changes of heart in the past.

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