Big Thief - U.F.O.F.
May 3, 2019 (updated May 3, 2019)
And now, I have become completely and devastatingly sad

I am going to be open with you guys and say that I have a very mixed opinion on it because while it didnt really blow me away sonically it still had a profound impact on me for some reason.

Lets start with the most obvious reason in that “Terminal Paradise” is perhaps the most powerful song of the year so far. I cried so hard. The message was so somber and beautiful and any time an artist is able to profoundly express their feelings on death and loss it tends to hit home with me.

This album is perfectly imperfect. It doesnt do anything to stand out and it doesnt come off in a loud way and try to be amazing or ambitious. It quite simply and subtly just is an amazing record without doing anything extravagant and thats whats so beautiful about it. It is true testament to the talent of the musicians involved that they are able to make so much out of supposedly so little. This minimalist masterpiece is not one I will soon forget listening to.

P.s.: the scream at the end of “Contact” scared the absolute piss out of me

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