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Rating all things scene and emo If I miss any, please let me know Also throwing some metal records in the mix as well Scene Emo Hard Rock Punk Metal
An avid hip hop listener, you love hip hop? Follow me.
Walthamstow, London, UK
Contributor at The 405
Blog de música en español desde Chile para todo el universo conocido y por conocer.
Crazy, wanna come?
"All my favorite singers couldn't sing." My scores are a reflection of my overall enjoyment and less of any critical analysis. I've never been a fan of numbers to be honest. Anyways, if you have a music suggestion feel free to share! I'm also into gardening and can give advice if needed! Take care and God bless! Social & Games: Switch: SW-7448-8869-4375 PSN/Insta: throwbackgmac
Popular location from famous movie for cool points
50 and up albums are good 49 and lower are not as good (or maybe they're just bad).
Nobody Honestly
100: Masterpiece 90-99: Amazing 80-89: Great 70-79: Good 60-69: Okay 50-59: Mediocre 40-49: Bad 30-39: Awful 20-29: Unbearable 10-19:Disaster 0-9: Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz
I'm a human being
Glasgow, Scotland
indie rock sucks.
100: perfect 90s: loved 80s: really liked 70s: liked 60s: mostly enjoyed 50s: indifferent 40s: disliked 30s: really disliked 20s: hated 10s: why 1-9: painful 0: i am offended by the lack of quality or enjoyability
Hi I'm Sleezus and I enjoy music from time to time
Grading Scale: 100: This is solid gold. I love this album/EP a lot 90-99: This is amazing! Check it out. 80-89: It's a great album/EP. 70-79: Good. I appreciate the existence. 60-69: Eh, it's alright, I guess. 50-59: Borderline. Not something I want to listen to. 40-49: It's bad, but doesn't bother me. 30-39: Terrible. Bothers me a ton. 20-29: Horrid. Stay far away. 10-19: This album/EP is abysmal. 0-9: Like, Friday status. It's horrible. Don't play it near me or I'll probably cry.
Danny Brown's Basement
They call me Lil Wayne's retarded little cousin I am happy with my scores
Glasgow, Scotland
Return the slab.
Massachusetts, United States of America
PERSONAL INSTAGRAM: _fwb02_ (won't accept a lot of people) you can call me a critic, but i generally hate those terms
i listen to albums people say are good, and then say they are also good. unless...they aren't
I don't *really* know anything about music, but we're gonna pretend like I do. Most of my reviews are gonna be within an hour of listening. Opinions change sometimes, so I'll probably change a lot of things. Also down for music recommendations. Can guarantee I'll listen within at least 6 months. p.s. I make music you should check it out and let me know!
we shoudn't rate albuns with numbers, we don't know how to do it properly and please.. they don't deserve to be treated like that sometimes i like to write reviews in portugayse
Macapá, Amapá, Brasil

Colin Andrews
Hell, Probably
Life is beautiful At least that's what my suicide note says I Hope You Know That You Are Everything Oh, also, me and my friend make videos on YouTube on anything media related! You can find us, if you're interested @ Your Favourite CAB!
i listen to music and watch movies. My Rating Scale: 0-30 - Terrible 31-40 - Bad 41-50 - Mediocre 51-60 - Average 61-70 - Pretty Good 71-80 - Great 81-90 - Amazing 91-100 - Incredible
I review music for fun :) 10/10 - Masterpiece, perfect 9/10 - Outstanding, decade-defining 8/10 - Highly enjoyable, year-defining 7/10 - Very enjoyable, above average 6/10 - Enjoyable 5/10 - Passable 4/10 - Difficult to enjoy 3/10 - Deeply flawed 2/10 - Atrocious 1/10 - decade-defining (for the wrong reason) 0/10 - Barely musical
Muncie, Indiana
Aspiring music critic, avid music listener. Currently listening to the discography of a different artist each week. Current artist: Led Zeppelin Check out my music podcast. Notes: 100-96 = A masterpiece album 95-86 = A classic album 85-81 = A great album 80-76 = A good album 75-71 = An above-average album 70-66 = An average album 65-61 = A below-average album 60-51 = A poor album 50-41 = A bad album 40-0 = A stinker
The Land Down Under
Pssh. As if my opinion matters on the internet, let alone reviewing music on the internet.
New Jersey
fuck your lies.

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