AOTY's Favorite Records of 1970!!

Hey guys! Zach here!!

So I got the idea to make this list, or well series of lists mind you from @TreyLikesBands when he did the year end aggregate for AOTYs user base, and thus from the aggregate that this site runs as a whole for critics. I thought it would be cool idea to apply this idea to years throughout modern music history and do a countdown of sorts.

Basically what I did to make this list was go through 197 profiles on this site that I thought would be relevant to use. I was looking for people who had at least 50 followers and had a lot of ratings, because I figured people with 200+ ratings had probably listened to at least a couple classic records and thus improve my chances of being able to actually use each profile I selected. All in all I was able to find 132 profiles out of my original 197 that had listened to at least one record in the year 1970! So how I made the list is I took the top 5 records for that year for each of those 132 people with a 1 record minimum.

Tie breakers were decided by whatever record popped up on my screen first.

Scoring Scale:

1st: 5
2nd: 4
3rd: 3
4th: 2
5th: 1

I also left a note in some of your drop boxes asking for a brief synopsis on your favorite records from the year 1970. I will try my best to incorporate this responses into the list!

This list took me the better part of 3 days to create! I really hope you would all be so kind as to use the comment section of this list to both give me feedback and also have discussion about the records!

There is also a secondary list that is a ranking of every record I personally have listened to from 1970, a tertiary list of my favorite album covers from that year, as well as a playlist!

I hope you all enjoy!!

Black Sabbath - Paranoid
183 Points!

MickyT - "not only because that album and their self-titled are so important in the veginning of what would become heavy metal, but also beacuase it has so many memorable and unforgettable moments in its tracklist and instrumentation.. It ticks the boxes of what I love in a record, like great songwriting, great vocals and instumentation, and a consistent tracklist! Tracks like "Iron Man", "Paranoid", "Planet Caravan", "War Pigs" and "Electric Funeral" contain some of the most iconic and invigorating riffs from Tony Iommi and enigmatic performances form Ozzy Ozbourne."

MollyCarver - "There are so many iconic songs on this album and it also contains some of my favorite guitar riffs of all time. Theres something truly special about this album and its easy to see why its hailed as one of the most influential albums in rock history."

Dabzilla - "It stands as the birth of one of my all time favorite genres. Taking the more psychedelic blend of rock music the next possible step. Ozzys vocals are powerful and are filled with the strong punk energy that fuels metal."

nostalgia - "it's impact on metal in the decades that followed cannot be overlooked."

1st- @nostalgia
1st- @joshxii
1st- @micksticky
1st- @benjo9469
1st- @soundvillainy
1st- @dadush36
1st- @getoutdakithcen
1st- @rochinha98
1st- @mfdoom04
1st- @muju123
1st- @jack
1st- @10bishoa
1st- @ktera
1st- @aotyman58
1st- @thiefofprose
1st- @jahred
1st- @farlov
1st- @halbery
2nd- @PipePanic
2nd- @toasterqueen12
2nd- @mastercrackfox
2nd- @MickyT
2nd- @notbuzzila
2nd- @joaosantos
2nd- @aziz
2nd- @buttholewasabi
2nd- @dabzilla
2nd- @bestteef
2nd- @francissky
2nd- @yessyessyessyess
2nd- @enigmaticsnob
2nd- @rubber_chicken
2nd- @bjatolini
3rd- @zach
3rd- @exception
3rd- @slickleg
3rd- @alicore
3rd- @chunderz
3rd- @collin_pt2
3rd- @andiov1
4th- @patton
4th- @sambrende
5th- @docky
5th- @reyes2k
5th- @cheapandlethal
5th- @benny
5th- @midline
5th- @lwkey
5th- @biglasagnayeet
5th- @suprememugwump
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
157 Points

schmedess- "Its one of the most insane, mind expanding, and versatile jazz albums I've ever heard."

Mastercrackfox - "I dont think its hyperbole to say its one of the most revolutionary albums in history. It really gave jazz the ability to adapt for a chnaging musical landscape and survive beyond the heyday of the genre."

YessYessYessYess - "The arrangements on the record are stellar and Davis’ use of experimentation is amazing being able to blend so many genres together seamlessly of which absolutely fascinates me. The variety of instrumentation and layering allows for a wild ride into a psychedelic and unadulterated world that is thrilling in every sense of the word.I find it especially interesting when reading into the history behind the album because Davis let everyone go wild and improvise, which makes me question how the project can be so concise, cohesive, and arranged to perfection."

biglasagnayeet - "I’d pick that album because it was the first time I had experienced a jazz record that was absolutely filled to the brim with fresh and unique ideas as well as interest me for the entirety of its pretty long runtime."

jakerpguy - "One of the most fascinating, dissonant, and skilled albums I have ever witnessed, jazz or otherwise."

1st- @schmedess
1st- @dombot
1st- @mastercrackfox
1st- @MickyT
1st- @amw100
1st- @aziz
1st- @basic_garci
1st- @eliiscool5
1st- @dabzilla
1st- @louisomahoney
1st- @chinz
1st- @ctalksmusic
1st- @lwkey
1st- @biglasagnayeet
1st- @nielsensratings
1st- @yessyessyessyess
1st- @roxaan
2nd- @patton
2nd- @oppressedwaifu
2nd- @zyounk
2nd- @sambrende
2nd- @benjo94569
2nd- @jahred
2nd- @sarkastik
3rd- @nostalgia
3rd- @electricmess
3rd- @ramming33
3rd- @jaronmeister
3rd- @markcooper
3rd- @earcandy
3rd- @buttholewasabi
3rd- @mfdoom04
3rd- @el_bark
3rd- @jeremiahmurphy
3rd- @bjartolini
4th- @whatthefunk
4th- @cheapandlethal
4th- @benny
4th- @alicore
5th- @emr
5th- @joaosantos
5th- @jazpurz
The Beatles - Let It Be
86 Points

1st- @therestofeden
1st- @BGL13
1st- @cadegilbert
1st- @lasagnazissou
2nd- @chode
2nd- @gemann
2nd- @cakenator
2nd- @thecarioca
2nd- @louisomahoney
2nd- @jackkd8
2nd- @rochinha98
2nd- @koopatoad18
2nd- @trituratespawn
3rd- @mrusso98
3rd- @quarkey
3rd- @notorious_man
3rd- @juancete
3rd- @rubber_chicken
4th- @jeremiahmurphy
4th- @halbery
4th- @fuyuyuki
4th- @jakerpguy
4th- @biglasagnayeet
4th- @Rakksmells
5th- @schmedess
5th- @enigmaticsnob
5th- @charlie17
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
80 Points

Chode - "It features some of the best riffs in all of metal. Ozzys dramatic vocals work better on this album than on any other album hers done. Its remendously cathcy, and the electrifying heaviness the record holds with its guitars is incredibly intoxicating. A few minutes could have been taken off of Warning, but other than that, its one of the best albums of all time."

1st- @chode
1st- @foxinthecity
1st- @365whatapple
1st- @opinionofnobody
1st- @parZival
1st- @francissky
1st- @rubber_chicken
2nd- @zach
2nd- @slickleg
2nd- @basic_garci
2nd- @kidwithguns
2nd- @soundvillainy
2nd- @wittymicki
2nd- @jazypurz
2nd- @farlov
2nd- @fuyuyuki
3rd- @docky
3rd- @joshxxi
3rd- @notbuzzila
3rd- @aziz
3rd- @benjo94569
3rd- @aotyman58
4th- @mfdoom04
4th- @muju123
4th- @mastercrackfox
4th- @PipePanic
Neil Young - After the Gold Rush
78 Points

JayCrackers - "Every song on that labum has just stuck with me so much, offering in my opinion, his most introspective lyrics and just such a beautiful and breathtaking listen."

Reyes2k - "Not only did it change my perspective on the country genre (I consider this album to be associated with country and folk), it made me a bigger fan of Neil Youn. From his realism and devastating lyrics, his gut wrenching songs, and passion, Neil Young produced an incredible record.."

alicore - "I admittedly need to reassess the 1970s at some point (and the 1980s too, for that matter), as when it comes to music from so long ago, I can't help but feel like my favorites are still largely shaped by either what are universally considered classics or the music I grew up hearing my parents listen to. Neil Young is both of these - certainly considered a legend by many, and also one of my dad's favorite musicians. Over the years I've come to have immense respect for Young's work as well, and the last time I thought deeply about it I had decided on After the Gold Rush as the best of his many great records (and also near the top of the entire '70s). I feel less certain about the first part of that right this moment, however that's due to having greater appreciation for a couple other Neil Young albums now than I did then. At any rate, looking through my ratings for 1970, I feel pretty confident in picking this one"

dearsongs - "Its one of the more accessible albums from the legend himself."

oppressedwaifu - "it reminds me of bernie sanders"

1st- @oppressedwaifu
1st- @electricmess
1st- @zyounk
1st- @reyes2k
1st- @markcooper
1st- @alicore
1st- @JayCrackers
1st- @hoodiebraden
2nd [email protected]
2nd- @suprememugwump
2nd- @mfdoom04
2nd- @parZival
3rd- @jack
3rd- @paulgeov
3rd- @Benny
3rd- @mysoftbulletin
3rd- @patton
4th- @amw100
4th- @midline
4th- @aotyman58
5th- @collin_pt2
Nick Drake - Bryter Layter
71 points

1st- @squeejie
1st- @collin_pt2
1st- @jamobo
1st- @jeremiahmurphy
2nd- @jacksonlerner
2nd- @nostalgia
2nd- @opiesfuneral
2nd- @amw100
2nd- @jordymusic
2nd- @opinionofnobody
2nd- @pressrg
2nd- @andiov1
3rd- @suprememugwump
3rd- @thetourist90
3rd- @yessyessyessyess
3rd- @schmedess
3rd- @louisomahoney
3rd- @jazpurz
5th- @hoodiebraden
George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
59 Points

Doofy - "is my third of fourth favourite Beatles affiliated release (so that's pretty high praise) and also scratches that weird 'rambling double album' itch I seem to have. It's the only album I rate 95%+ for the year anywho, check it."

1st- @doofy
1st- @docky
1st- @cosmilk
1st- @thetourist90
2nd- @electricmess
2nd- @collin_pt2
2nd- @reyes2k
2nd- @mysoftbulletin
2nd- @charlie17
3rd- @bestteef
3rd- @oppressedwaifu
3rd- @sambrende
3rd- @jaycrackers
4th- @ramming33
4th- @paulgeov
4th- @hoodiebraden
5th- @toasterqueen12
The Velvet Underground - Loaded
59 Points

1st- @gabbygee
1st- @jordymusic
1st- @paulogeov
1st- @jackkd8
1st- @heyizlan
2nd- @alicore
2nd- @plats
2nd- @jakerpguy
2nd- @selfh8inghipster
2nd- @halbery
3rd- @wittymiki
3rd- @dabzilla
3rd- @enigmaticsnob
4th- @trituratesupawn
4th- @jahred
5th- @benjo94569
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III
59 Points

1st- @koopatoad18
1st- @juancete
1st- @somemidsongs
2nd- @schmedess
2nd- @chunderz
2nd- @hoodiebraden
3rd- @dombot
3rd- @midline
3rd- @foxinthecity
3rd- @fuyuyuki
3rd- @jakerpguy
3rd- @muju123
3rd- @farlov
4th- @zyounk
4th- @jordymusic
4th- @benjo94569
4th- @selfh8inghipster
5th- @mysoftbulletin
5th- @sambrende
5th- @electricmess
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
57 Points

hoodiebraden - "It's one of the best folk-rock albums of all-time imo and offers us 10 or so tracks of Paul Simon at his peak as a songwriter. It also features "The Boxer", which is one of my favorite songs ever."

"leeharvey - "It was one of the first Columbia red label albums recorded in "360 Sound" quadraphonic stereo. This was also Paul Simon's and Art Garfunkel's final album together. The album and the title track stay #1 on Billboard charts for several weeks, and wins multiple Grammys, including "Record of the Year", "Song of the Year", and "Album of the Year". It is also the same year they disband their duo and go on to promising solo careers."

1st- @exception
1st- @quarkey
1st- @bean
2nd- @midline
2nd- @jaycrackers
2nd- @jomobo
3rd- @basic_garci
3rd- @opinionofnobody
3rd- @hoodiebraden
3rd- @jahred
3rd- @biglasagnayeet
3rd- @reyes2k
4th- @nostalgia
4th- @treylikesbands
4th- @mysoftbulletin
4th- @mrusso98
4th- @lwkey
5th- @joshxxi
5th- @ramming33
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
56 points

1st- @cheapandlethal
1st- @oakie
1st- @gemann
1st- @pickle
2nd- @mrusso98
2nd- @quarkey
2nd- @juancete
2nd- @treylikesbands
3rd- @leeharvey
3rd- @lasagnazissou
3rd- @jamobo
3rd- @sarkastik
4th- @schmedess
4th- @squeejie
4th- @spacevacation
5th- @nostalgia
5th- @plats
Exuma - Exuma
55 Points

Zach - "Exuma has these fucking insane vocal passages that just honestly made me think of James Brown with how much energy he was putting into his vocals and then you had this crazy caribbean-inspired psychedelic folk music backing it that was honestly just fucking unreal. It felt like some kind of voodoo ritualistic experience!! i’m not sure how else to really describe it. I literally felt like a got kind of high off this record!"

Nico - "I like it very much. The sound can root itself in a traditional value but bueyond that point, it breaks so many timely boundaries and surfaces so many chords I find to be unique even today. Great for its time!"

1st- @zach
1st- @nico
1st- @itsyahboinoah
1st- @plats
2nd- @exception
2nd- @benny
2nd- @biglasagnayeet
2nd- @nielsonsratings
2nd- @el_bark
3rd- @treylikesbands
3rd- @joaosantos
4th- @joshxxi
4th- @reyes2k
4th- @jazpurz
5th- @jordymusic
5th- @pipepanic
5th- @doofy
Nico - Desertshore
53 points

sambrende- "Nico's sure stroke of genius and one of the most striking works of art I've ever experienced."

1st- @inglume
1st- @whatthefunk
1st- @sambrende
1st- @ramming33
1st- @buttholewasabi
1st- @kidwithguns
2nd- @jp2020
2nd- @rakksmells
3rd- @toasterqueen12
3rd- @EMR
3rd- @amw100
4th- @oppressedwaifu
4th- @siberianbreaks
5th- @thetourist90
5th- @gabbygee
Tim Buckley - Starsailor
54 Points

Rakksmells- "The album's strange, hypnotic experimentation and mixture of avant-garde jazz never fail to captivate me."

1st- @jaronmeister
1st- @earcandy
1st- @emr
1st- @rakksmells
1st- @enigmaticsnob
1st- @sarkastik
2nd- @dombot
2nd- @thetourist90
3rd- @whatthefunk
3rd- @siberianbreaks
3rd- @francissky
4th- @suprememugwump
David Bowie - The Man Who Sold the World
43 points

1st- @cakenator
1st- @tatsky
2nd- @notorious_man
2nd- @spacevacation
3rd- @pipepanic
3rd- @rakksmells
3rd- @plats
3rd- @kidwithguns
4th- @quarkey
4th- @bestteef
4th- @dabzilla
4th- @collin_pt2
5th- @basic_garci
5th- @jakerpguy
5th- @mrusso98
5th- @jamobo
The Stooges - Funhouse
32 points

1st- @patton
1st- @selfh8inghipster
1st- @jazpurz
2nd- @micksticky
3rd- @mastercrackfox
3rd- @lwkey
4th- @markcooper
4th- @electricmess
5th- @zyounk
5th- @slickleg
5th- @buttholewasabi
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
31 points

1st- @mysoftbulletin
1st- @midline
1st- @charlie17
2nd- @ramming33
2nd- @paulogeov
3rd- @trituratespawn
4th- @enigmaticsnob
Gentle Giant - Gentle Giant
notbuzzila - "an underrated and overlooked British prog classic in my opinon. Definitely in Gentle Giant's top 2. Only real competition would be Octopus and I dont even know which one I like more. The tracklist is watertight, consists of super fun-loving and quirky prog. Sound mideval at times without getting too kitsch folky. Its less complex, less proggy shit is super fun early 70s hard rock, but theres plenty of wacky progressive shit to satisfy any prog fan. The sound "Nothing at All" sounds like an earlier version of "Stairway to Heaven" thats just as good in my opinion!"

Pipepanic - "It has so much bounce and experimentation to it, and I just adore it for how quirky, fun, and personality driven it is!'

TreyLikesBands - "This debut really changed the game for rock music as a whole, giving a new spin with medieval instrumantation and an avant-garde tone (even for progressive rock!)."

1st- @treylikesbands
1st- @pipepanic
1st- @notbuzzila
1st- @jakerpguy
1st- @musicgod
4th- @buttholewasabi
5th- @jaycrackers
Soft Machine - Third
24 points

1st- @benny
2nd- @emr
2nd- @eliiscool5
2nd- @whatthefunk
3rd- @jp2020
3rd- @cheapandlethal
5th- @amw100
Curtis Mayfield - Curtis
22 points

1st- @mrusso98
1st- @andrevital
2nd- @jeremiahmurphy
2nd- @tha138
2nd- @itsyahboinoah
Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman
20 points

JacksonLerner - "I have such an emotional connection with that album. Cat's songwriting is intimate, and the performances showcase his skill."

1st- @jacksonlerner
1st- @chunderz
2nd- @365whatapple
3rd- @jordymusic
4th- @toasterqueen12
5th- @squeejie
Rodriguez - Cold Fact
18 points

spacevacation - "Reminds me of my grandfather, who passed a few years back.It's the only music I ever recommended to him that he loved so it'll always be super special to me.The album itself rules too, especially the magnificent lyrics."

1st- @armavir
1st- @wittymiki
1st- @spacevaction
4th- @yessyessyessyess
5th- @markcooper
Amon Düül II - Yeti
17 points

NTTR - "It really invented the Krautrock genre and is so representative of that era!"

1st- @nttr
2nd- @leeharvey
4th- @doofy
4th- @inglume
4th- @jp2020
4th- @jaronmeister
Grateful Dead - American Beauty
15 points

2nd- @jack
3rd- @opiesfuneral
3rd- @itsyahboinoah
3rd- @gabbygee
4th- @slickleg
Van Morrison - Moondance
14 points

tha138 - "Its an album that stood by me so many times, hugging my soul with its warmth and now, I believe I have the chance to express my deepest gratitude."

1st- @tha138
2nd- @squeejie
4th- @jaycrackers
5th- @opiesfuneral
5th- @opinionofnobody
5th- @alicore
Tim Buckley - Lorca
14 points

jaronmeister - "I'll argue Tim Buckley's 'Starsailor' scratches my itch perfectly, although his 'Lorca' also came out that year. Short answer: anything Tim Buckley released in the year. The man originated so many singer-songwriter ideas that are now commonplace on those albums, not to mention the immeasurable uniqueness and conviction. Essential."

2nd- @siberianbreaks
2nd- @jaronmeister
4th- @emr
4th- @earcandy
5th- @inglume
5th- @whatthefunk
Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
13 points

1st- @ayemdee
2nd- @cheapandlethal
4th- @joaosantos
4th- @bjartolini
Os Mutantes - A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado
1st- @doubleZ
2nd- @gabbygee
4th- @zach
5th- @siberianbreaks
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory
12 points

1st- @slickleg
3rd- @joshxxi
4th- @mickyT
5th- @patton
5th- @treylikesbands
Grateful Dead - Workingman's Dead
12 points

3rd- @jacksonlerner
3rd- @roxaan
4th- @opiesfuneral
4th- @wittymik
5th- @quarkey
5th- @jack
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu
12 points

1st- @leeharvey
2nd- @muju123
4th- @jacksonlerner
5th- @jahred
Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day
11 points

1st- @pressrg
2nd- @markcooper
4th- @andiov1
The Beach Boys - Sunflower
11 points

1st- @gec2isabella
1st- @notorious_man
4th- @thetourist90
King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon
10 points

1st- @andiov1
3rd- @mickyT
5th- @bestteef
5th- @bjartolini
Derek and The Dominos - Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
10 points

2nd- @lwkey
3rd- @jackkd8
4th- @louisomahoney
5th- @roxaan
Quartetto Italiano - Complete Music for String Quartet
9 points

1st- @jp2020
2nd- @earcandy
Funkadelic - Funkadelic
9 points

1st- @opiesfuneral
3rd- @micksticky
5th- @selfh8inghipster
Genesis - Trespass
8 points

2nd- @docky
2nd- @lasagnazissou
Paul McCartney - McCartney
8 points

3rd- @spacevacation
3rd- @charlie17
4th- @docky
Web - I Spider
7 points

1st- @thedankestmeme
4th- @plats
The Doors - Morrison Hotel
7 points

1st- @suprememugwump
4th- @jack
The Last Poets - The Last Poets
7 points

2nd- @gec2isabella
3rd- @andrevital
Jorge Ben - Força Bruta
6 points

el_bark - "Just love the Spanish melodies and his luscious voice"

1st- @el_bark
5th- @zach
Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon
6 points

3rd- @zyounk
4th- @basic_garci
5th- @jacksonlerner
Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs
6 points

2nd- @drone3000
4th- @charlie17
King Crimson - Lizard
5 points

3rd- @halbery
5th- @andiov1
5th- @mickyT
Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk
5 points

4th- @micksticky
4th- @opinionofnobody
5th- @tirturatespawn
Minnie Riperton - Come to My Garden
5 points

Toasterqueen12 - "Simply put, this is the greatest soul album ever made. Minnie's voice is so incredibly powerful and the album keeps building and building, seemingly reaching out towards the cosmos to infinity."

1st- @toasterqueen12
Oskar Sala - Electronic Virtuosity
5 points

1st- @holsgr
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