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The title is self explanatory


Goal is to be finished by 2020

Edit: 2021 (obviously gave up on this project forever ago as it was far too tedious) :)

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Merge / Domino Records

Psychedelic Folk

Easily my favorite album of all time, no album can quite make me feel the way this one does. Everything about it is placed absolutely perfectly. If this isnt at least in everyones top 100 albums, id be shocked.

Track Ranking:

Two Headed Boy 2 (100)
Oh Comely (100)
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (100)
King of Carrot Flowers 1 (100)
Two Headed Boy 1 (100)
Ghost (99)
King of Carrot Flowers 2&3 (98)
Fool (95)
Holland, 1945 (95)
untitled (91)
Communist Daughter (87)

Cumulative Score: 96.82
Given Score: 100
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
Reprise Records

Pop Punk

A perfect concept album dealing with the magnificent throes of death and an antagonists passageway into the afterlife.

Track Ranking

Disenchanted (100)
Famous Last Words (100)
I Don’t Love You (100)
This is How I Disappear (100)
Dead! (100)
Welcome To the Black Parade(100)
Cancer (100)
Teenagers (100)
Mama (98)
House of Wolves (94)
The Sharpest Lives (87)
The End (84)
Sleep (76)

Cumulative Score: 95.31
Actual Score: 100
La Dispute - Wildlife
No Sleep Records


An epic album filled with heart wrenching tales of loss and despair. The most rawly emotional album I’ve ever seen.

Track Ranking

A Broken Jar (100)
Ed Benz, 27 Times (100)
King Park (100)
A Letter (97)
The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit (96)
St Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues (95)
Edit Your Hometown (92)
I See Everything (91)
You and I in Unison (91)
all our bruised bodies and the whole heart (90)
A poem (90)
Harder Harmonies (88)
A Departure (87)
Safer in the Forest / Love Song for Poor Michigan (84)

Cumulative Score: 92.93
Given Score: 100
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - F♯ A♯ ∞
Kranky Records


An epic hour long masterpiece that builds as it progresses. Also some really really cool spoken word bits in this as well. The atmosphere on this thing is insane!

Track Ranking

Providence (100)
Dead Flag Blues (99)
East Hastings (99)

Cumulative Score: 99.33
Actual Score: 100
Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)
Matador Records

Indie Rock

Arguably the best Indie Rock album of all time for me. The guitar driven and anthemic choruses are irresistible. Will Toledo’s poignant lyricism makes this album relatable in ways other albums could only dream to be.

Track Ranking

Bodys (100)
Cute Thing (100)
Stop Smoking (98)
Beach Life in Death (98)
My Boy (96)
Sober to Death (93)
Nervous Young Inhumans (91)
Twin Fantasy (90)
High to Death (88)
Famous Prophets (84)

Cumulative Score: 93.8
Actual Score: 100
Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
Matador Records

Alternative Rock

A consistently amazing alternative rock record from one of the best to ever do it. The visual aesthetics that accompany this album are wonderful. Very hard to choose a favorite song for this one.

Track Ranking

I Sat By the Ocean (100)
I Appear Missing (100)
The Vampyre of Time and Memory (99)
Fair weather Friends (99)
If I Had A Tail (98)
My God is the Sun (98)
Kalopsia (94)
Keep Your Eyes Peeled (93)
..Like Clockwork (90)
Smooth Sailing (81)

Cumulative Score: 95.2
Actual Score:100
Radiohead - Amnesiac
Capitol Records

Experimental Rock

Unpopular opinion, but my personal favorite Radiohead album. Its widely known as being the separately released B-sides to Kid A, which many consider to be the superior body of work, but for me I would say that I prefer the unfinished and unanswered feel that Amnesiac has. I lean more towards lo-fi aesthetics and have just always preferred that album.

Track Ranking

Knives Out (100)
I Might Be Wrong (100)
Packt Like Sardines (100)
You and Whose Army? (100)
Pyramid Song (99)
Life In a Glasshouse (97)
Morning Bell (94)
Revolving Doors (92)
Dollars & Cents (86)
Like Spinning Plates (84)
Hunting Bears (80)

Cumulative Score: 93.82
Given Score: 100
Slint - Spiderland
Touch and Go Records


Quite easily one of the most unnerving musical experiences I have ever had. This album is so damn memorable from start to finish. One of the most interesting backstories behind an album as well, Ill link the documentary below.


Track Ranking

Nosferatu Man (100)
Breadcrumb Trail (100)
Don, Aman (100)
Washer (96)
Good Morning, Captain (95)
For Dinner... (89)

Cumulative Score: 96.7
Given Score: 100
Geffen Records


Without a doubt the most iconic album of the 1990s as far of the mainstream perception of music is concerned. Kurt Cobain has remained one of music history's most transcendent figures. There are hundred of kids my age that I know that are just absolutely obsessed with him and his music, even though his demise came nearly a decade before their inceptions. Every song on this album is very good and energetic and memorable. Truly an amazing remnant of the 90s to be left behind for generations to come.

Track Ranking

Lounge Act (100)
Stay Away (100)
Come As You Are (100)
Breed (100)
In Bloom (100)
Lithium (100)
Drain You (100)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (100)
Territorial Pissings (98)
Poly (97)
Endless, Nameless (88)
On A Plain (87)
Something In the Way (85)

Cumulative Score: 96.5
Given Score: 100
Frank Ocean - Blonde
Self Released


A beautifully crafted rnb records. All of the songs on this record have become anthems for the kids in my generation. His lyrics resonate with me so well and the production is just so beautiful throughout the entirety of this thing. A transcendent record that will still be loved 20 years from now.

Track Rankings

Siegfried (100)
Nights (100)
Nikes (100)
White Ferrari (100)
Solo (98)
Godspeed (96)
Skyline To (92)
Ivy (91)
Pink + White (91)
Be Yourself (90
Futura Free (90)
Good Guy (86)
Self Control (85)
Close To You (84)
Pretty Sweet (82)
Solo (Reprise) (77)
Facebook Story (68)

Cumulative Score: 90
Given Score: 100
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