Jan 18, 2019
G-Wagen, G-Wagen, G-Wagen, G-Wagen
Jan 18, 2019
This has some of the coolest moments I have ever seen on a Synthpop record. Like there were a couple moments where I was just taken aback and was like "Wow, this is really great". The rest of the album was still good but it was not consistently incredible but still solid through and through.

Favs: Comeback Kid, Seventeen, Hands
Jan 18, 2019
Parts of this were so cool or interesting but for the most part it just felt pretty boring. The production was great. Freelance and Who Am I were great tracks but the rest just kind of felt rather uninspired, while still being well put together and cohesive. This album just failed to stand out from the pack in any way shape or form for me.
Jan 18, 2019
The beat on this thing is INSANE

Jan 18, 2019
This release marks the end of yet another dreary chapter in a book about me being continually underwhelmed by the musical endeavors of the band Deerhhnter.

With their latest release, DH dont really bring anything new to the table, other than actually having some pretty solid track transitions and lyrics. This just feels to me like regular run-of-the-mill Neo-Pyschedelic Indie Rock.

Though the band do lean more towards the experimental side of the musical spectrum by adding in elements of ... read more
Jan 15, 2019*
Good God this thing is absolutely stunning!!

Blake's vocal range is insane as always and blends seamlessly with top teir production and songwriting to make and epic and dreamy collection of ballads about love, heartbreak and just life in general.

The features on this thing are incredible as well. Travis Scott sounds better to me on this album then he did on pretty much all of Astroworld and that's saying a lot because he sounded really really good on Astroworld.

Metro Boomin absolutely kicks ... read more
Jan 12, 2019
Hoooooly shiiiiiit

Those fucking pipe instrumentals at the end tho 😍😍😍
Jan 12, 2019
Horrendously boring with a couple of oustanding guitar riffs thrown into the mix on occasion
Jan 9, 2019
A towering onslaught of ambient soundscapes. It sounds like these guys put a ton of effort into the mastering on this.

An absolute bandcamp gem
Jan 8, 2019
It makes sense that the best show would have the best theme music
Jan 8, 2019
Why does this band never come up when talking about great music from the 80s??
Jan 8, 2019
This is why you must broaden your horizons past music that is relevant to your own language/culture
Jan 7, 2019
Fuck, i kinda enjoyed this.

Help, i dont understand
Jan 7, 2019
If you haven't listened to this you need to get your shit together.

Jan 6, 2019
Solange attempts to bring the listener into a trance with her soulful message, and silky smooth vocal delivery as she takes,you on an over 20 track journey through the rich feelings of pride about being black to her oen personal securities/insecurities. This is just a really beautifully arranged and nearly flawless album from Solange. The jazzy, luminous production on this thing is absolutely unreal and the fact that she makes it all see so effortless only serves as an amplifier for my feelings ... read more
Jan 6, 2019

Jan 6, 2019
This record is so damn cute and sincere honestly!

My heart felt warm the whole time, made me want to curl up with a signifcant other by the hearthfire
Jan 6, 2019*
The psychedelic groove on this song is just so fucking unfair
Jan 6, 2019

Rest easy Wolf
Jan 5, 2019
Fucking Atrocious
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