Dec 28, 2018
maga!! woo
Dec 25, 2018
frank ocean ft. frank ocean and his pals frank ocean and frank ocean executive produced by frank ocean
Dec 25, 2018
this is actually really good shut up,
Dec 24, 2018
What is with this, Cardi's album and so many publications? Why the hell does this get praise at all?? The lyrics range from being forgettable to pause the album and struggle to muster the strength to continue levels of shitty, the vocals are either really annoying or just dead dry, and the production is incredibly boring. Had a hard time listening through this one.
Dec 23, 2018
come on guys it's entertaining at least
Dec 22, 2018
This pretty much serves as an example of everything the Black Panther soundtrack could have done wrong.
Nov 30, 2018
My already high expectations have been surpassed. It's super unique as I hoped for, combining the very beautiful things that are abstract hip-hop and avant-garde jazz. It's also very watertight and consistent, delivering quality damn near every second of the 25-minute runtime on both the instrumentals and Earl's rapping.. and it plays in a way that makes me want to just listen through it again every time I finish it. Thank you Earl :))
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