Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
Mar 2, 2021
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Oh man where, do I begin. I don’t need to introduce Daft Punk to anyone reading this review. Long before the release of Random Access Memories, they had already proved to be one of the greatest musical duos of all time. In their earlier releases, I have always been able to appreciate the sheer quality and creativity of their minimalist production and sampling, but Random Access Memories is something much more than that. Something I didn’t know I needed.

This LP is by far the duo’s most ambitious project. They take a very big step forward in how much care they give for the song-writing, the lyrics on this album being more than just a side-dish like on Homework and Discovery. Some might say the lack of lyrics on those albums is what made them so special. No deeper meanings, no B.S., just a pure escape from the world’s worries through the power of music and dance. And yeah, I actually would with that statement. But like I said earlier, RAM is something different

If Daft Punk only continued to do what they had been doing for the past twenty years or so, I feel that there would not be any sense of change or progression. So they did the best thing possible in my opinion, which is taking the themes of the limited lyrics on their previous projects, but they explore sooo many areas of those topics they had never touched before. And it’s not particularly “deep” or have any incredibly profound meanings either, the lyrics are just beautiful, well written with obviously lots of thought put into them, which I think is a pretty nice direction Daft Punk were taking.

The production is of course very different as well, Daft Punk pretty much just abandoning the repetitive house style that they had been known for for so long. The album contains a very large usage of live instrumentation, using elements of soft-rock and 70s and 80s funk, while still maintaining the use of synths on multiple tracks. The mixture of the funk instrumentals with the synths I think is very interesting in that they somehow fit together so well that it was even sort of hard to notice this during my first listen.

Giorgio Moroder even stated in a monologue on track 3, “Giorgio by Moroder”, that he wanted to mix the sounds of the 50s, 60s, and 70s with the sounds of the future, the sounds of the future being synths of course. And the fusion of two different types of sounds on this album is more effortless than any other album I have ever listened to. The vocals also still have a vocoder on top of them like on previous projects, but they sound so human and filled with emotion on this album.
Lastly, I’d like to talk about how Random Access Memories is one of the examples of why I love art so much. And I mean art in general, not just music. Whether it’s movies, literature, visual art, or whatever, when creating art, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to be sincere and passionate towards what you are doing. In an age of tons (but not all) art being produced just to make as much money as possible with no real passion, Random Access Memories reminds me to love what I do and to always be sincere. Random Access memories is one of the most authentic works of art of the decade, every song being filled to the brim with passion and authenticity. It inspires me to have an impact on the world and to be something more, every single listen. I need more albums like these. I think the entire world does. And that’s why I love art. It can motivate so many people to do what they love and to find their real passion.

So yeah, this album has weak points, but I wouldn’t say it actually has any “flaws” that immediately come to mind, and literally everything about this album that is more than just okay completely outshines those aspects. I hate to join the recent trend of Daft Punk love just because of their sudden split, but I already love this album too much and I think they completely deserve the appreciation they have been receiving.

I wish you best of luck, you absolute legends!
Mar 2, 2021
Mar 2, 2021
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