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Kanye West - ye
Kanye West
Sep 22

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Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me
I don't know how to rate this album. It's a 90 because well that's my rating system, I thought this album was stunning, but honestly I don't believe I can rate this album. It's too personal for something like that.
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
I'm not sure I have enough to say about this album, or enough understood to properly flesh my thoughts out on this album. But I'd like @Tristan to introduce me to this album because this has become an album I very regularly return to. A very interesting listen, and I really do think my rating on this album will change heavily as time passes. But for now, I'll settle for just saying this is a very cool listen, and I enjoy this album very much.
Quadeca - Born Yesterday
Very good. He's not disappointing me, with the fact that I had to listen to this track multiple times to fully grasp everything going on instrumentally. I'm impressed.
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Rap is an art. I believe most people who will read this review or are active on this page will agree. It's an art I have learnt to appreciate heavily, and I believe I have just experienced a gold standard of this art, a legendary piece, a high which very few artists or groups ever reach in their careers.

Hip-Hop is a very unique genre of music for me. I never heard it in my younger years, because literally all the music I heard would only be in public parties, and I was a kid back in the RnB ... read more

Prince & The Revolution - Purple Rain
So I've been obsessed with this album for the last 2 weeks, thinking of how on god's earth I should rate this album, because my score in question changes a lot depending on the day.
To begin with, this album is GORGEOUS instrumentally, Amazing synth and guitar leads, and some sounds that are way ahead of their times, not to mention Prince going absolutely ballistic vocally on some tracks(THE SECOND HALF OF THE BEAUTIFUL ONES), and just this super neon vintage poppy sound that goes so ... read more


Thank you legend, I appreciate that, also YES I majorly appreciate any TKOL love <3
I wouldn’t get too worried about rating. If you like it, you like it. I’ve had albums I couldn’t possibly rate on a first listen. Plus 7 hours is a lot, so it’s no biggy if that becomes too much.
Totally give it a listen! Just make sure not to go into it as a “challenge”. I think it’s best heard in one sitting, but whatever works for you to make it digestible.
Thanks lol. I just add and add
thank you! and thanks for the follow, love your taste
oh wow 25 followers lets go
omg thanku <3
Thanks for the follow.
Definitely check out more jazz and focus when you can, but don’t force yourself too much, take it naturally :). And about the lineup, once you hear more jazz albums, you will eventually understand why those particular musicians are so important. Eventually you will be able to hear the audible relationship between each musician and how they communicate through their instrument!
In regards to my ratings: I see why that would be interesting. For me, as I said, it’s all about enjoyment. The main genres of music I tend to enjoy revolve around jazz, classical, and experimental work. I just don’t get too much from anything else (with a few exceptions of course). It’s just personal preference. What I enjoy most in music can often only be found in these styles.
I hope you are doing well!
Just something additional:
One of the main factors that makes acclaimed jazz records acclaimed is the dynamic and relationship between the musicians. This is why many of the most important records in the genre have incredible lineups (for instance Kind of Blue's monstrous lineup I discussed in my review).


NOTE: Ratings are a work in progress. Still working on a rating system that actually suits me.
100: Utterly flawless
95/97: Phenomenal/Almost flawless
90+: Stunning
80+: Very good
70+: Good
60+: Above average
50+: Average
40+: Below average
30+: Bad
20+: Very bad
10+: This is terrible
00 : 😧

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