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¥$ - Vultures
Nov 23

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Swans - Soundtracks For The Blind
I...quite honestly don't know where to begin with this album. This is gonna be the longest review I've ever had. I'm probably gonna take days to finish this. I'm starting this review on 4th March, 2023. I have no idea when I'm finishing it. But let's begin reviewing Swans' "Soundtracks For The Blind", the most disturbing, unsettling and honestly terrifying album I've ever heard.

How do you (the reader of this review) interact with music? What does music do for you? Why do you deep ... read more

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山岡晃 [Akira Yamaoka] - Silent Hill 2
>Letter from Mary


”In my restless dreams,
I see that town.
Silent Hill.

You promised me you’d take me there again,
But you never did.

Well, I’m alone there now…
In our ‘special place’…
Waiting for ... read more

Kanye West - Saint Pablo
I...might have finally gotten a favorite Kanye song.
I've been on hiatus for decently long now, but I just had to get out of dormancy for this track, because after listening to an insane amount of Kanye, I've finally got what's probably the single best Kanye song. I genuinely have zero idea how I overlooked this track so badly when I was listening to TLOP on repeat last year. Everything I feel like Kanye has been missing since MBDTF all comes back on in this track. From the piano at the start ... read more
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II
In the recent months, I've been struggling to listen to music. I have found myself exploring through lesser and lesser releases, but simultaneously getting a little sick of listening to the same albums I already know. This dichotomy has kind of confused me, because I have this lack of energy on both fronts - not wanting to listen to new music, but not wanting to listen to the same records I've already heard tens of times. With albums like The Beggar, I found myself exerting my willpower to ... read more
LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
About damn time I review this
LCD Soundsystem's "Sound of Silver" is one of the most energetic and enjoyable listens I've had in a long, long time. The entire band is just on fire for all 56 minutes. To begin with, James Murphy's voice is incredible. The range of emotion this man has is wild, from the quivering and sort of snarky mood with which he sings on "Time to Get Away" to the pain and nostalgic longing on "All My Friends", my man does not let down one bit on ... read more
Souza & M27 - Before The Beginning
Good EP!
Listening to this EP was satisfying, because from the singles, I never felt like I got enough from Souza and M27. Just felt like a quick in and out, and I never felt like I got a proper fleshed out experience, or any proper sound or ideas from them. These 5 tracks were pretty much what I was waiting to hear for a bit.
Now, Souza has always been a solid rapper, so I don't have many problems with the lyricism on this album. I do think that the samples are a little too much. I don't have ... read more


Hey Ziggy! Since you participated in last year's user list aggregate, I'm giving you a heads up that I'm doing it again when the new year starts. It would be fun to have you on there again!
hi ziggy how are you doing omg there's like a long time I havent heard from you
I love both of those tracks! Thank you for your two inductions to the banger hall of fame:
hello ziggycyanide!
[The community list is UP!]

Likes/comments/positive/negative😈/constructive feedback will all be much appreciated!!!:V
There's also a link to the spotify playlist made in tandem with the list

If you participated and have any problems or corrections you want to mention, you are free to do so!:0
If you want to participate but don't have the timel, that's understandable! the list will be up and updating until there are no submissions left to submit
If you don't want to participate/don't have a song in mind to submit, that's understandable too! You're not obligated to answer:3
that's impressive:00 really good picks too! Ty for participating:)
Hi Ziggy,

At 400 followers, I wanted to end the Imaginable series (a series of community lists that've conducted this year for research purposes) as a trilogy. Instead of song lyrics, I wanted to focus more on production for the last one. With that being said, I wanted to ask you a crucial question: What is the best banger known to man?
Hi ziggycyanide!! A few days ago I saw I hit 500 followers and i've wanted to finally make a community list!:00
I've been a part of a few and it was pretty fun for me to think of answers and so I thought, maybe it's finally the time:)

If so, you can answer with a simple yes, or a fuck yeah!! just whatever message to confirm you're in
If not, no worry! I definitely don't have your IP address

The topic of the list is: ~~ What is your one go-to karaoke song:0 ~~

It may be one where you know all of the lyrics, or one you know you can confidently sing and have fun to while having the lyrics in front of you
and if you like you can even share a word or two on why you picked this song in particular:o

If you do choose to participate, the deadline is about a week from now
but there's no real rush:D
Hey Ziggy!
The list is complete. Thank you for contributing!
Hey Ziggy!
Thank you so much for following! I recently hit 100 followers, and to celebrate I’m making a community list asking people what they think is the most underrated song on a highly praised album. I’ll include up to two picks per user. A brief explanation for each pick would also be appreciated, but it’s not required. Have a nice day!
Adapting oneself to college can be tough, it's very much understandable that you have been checking out less music since you entered college. First semester is the toughest, then you get used to it and you can fall back into a routine! (meaning, sprinkling more music into your schedule)


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Very inactive as of now, but I come online occasionally

♥ = Very close to my heart/have special memories with it

100 : Stellar/Perfect
90+ : Stunning
80+ : Very good
70+ : Good
60+ : Decent
50+ : Average
40+ : Below average
30+ : Bad
20+ : Very bad
10+ : Terrible
00+ : 😧

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