Charlie Puth - CHARLIE
Feb 10, 2023
I used to listen to Charlie Puth a LOT back in 7th or 8th grade, and with almost all of the artists I used to listen to back then aging terribly with my taste over the last couple of years, I was a little concerned going into this album (Mostly because from what I know Charlie Puth is a pretty nice guy and I used to really like his music a while back). That being said, this thankfully wasn't as bad as I was dreading.

What I like about CHARLIE: I like the light synthpop and airy pop inclusions in this album. I've always had a soft spot for that type of production, and while the album does get very stale with the same cliché topics being discussed and very little variation, the instrumentals on multiple tracks are pretty fun. Not to mention, Charlie Puth has a pretty good voice, which makes the album much more likable. Yes, this album is pretty cheesy and absolutely nothing revolutionary, but it's easy on the ear and relaxing, which is way better than what I'd say for an album I'd rate a 30 or so.

What I don't like about CHARLIE: I don't have much to say in this section that other people haven't said already. There's multiple tracks on this album that are just made for Tiktok, and pretty much everything this album explores is already done multiple times by more creative and unique minds. The album can feel stale after just 2 listens or so, and there's very little spearheading the album. It's just formulaic pop tracks from start to end, with some stand-out moments.

Look, is this the best thing ever? No. Is it revolutionary or something I've never heard before? Not at all. But parts of this album are genuinely sweet and enjoyable, and overall, I can't say this was a bad album. I do think some of the hate is a bit much, this album is pretty inoffensive.

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