- Observations Of A Savage The Mixtape
Key Tracks: One Of Us feat. FastLife & Benny The Butcher
Persian Carpets feat. Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol, Supreme Cerebral & Lord Juco
Money In The Bag feat. Elcamino, Juga-Naut & Jamil Honesty
Business Class feat. UFO Fev, Tha God Fahim & Mickey Diamond
Bolivian White feat. SmooVth, M.A.V., Rigz & Codenine
 - Barry White Sings for Someone You Love
Key Tracks: Playing Your Game Baby, You Turned My Whole World Around
 - I've Got So Much to Give
Key tracks: I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More Baby, I've Got So Much to Give, I've Found Someone,
 - The Man
Key Track: It's Only Love Doing Its Thing, Early Years
 - Disco Nights
Basic ass lyrics on dope ass grooves, that's all I want out of my disco anyway.
 - Tarkus
Side a 80, side b 55
 - The Sorcerer
side a 70, side b 82
 - I'm in Love Again
Track "Love, Need and Want You" prod. by Kenneth Gamble is sampled on "Ghettomusick" by Outkast.
 - Gift Of Gab
Key tracks: Numb, What You Do Today, Want From Me ft. Lucki, We Gone Get Thru It (feat. Maxo Kream & Thouxanbanfauni, Whole Thang ft. Maxo Kream & Playboi Carti
 - No More Thotties
Key Tracks: Giuseppe Swag, Plenty (Clout)
 - Van Gundy
Damn I'm glad this wasn't the first shit I heard from him
 - Big $hitter
This is the most interesting dude I've checked out for the first time this year; so this is a mixtape of the year contender for me.
 - Street Dream Team
Key tracks: Turn it Up, Be You / Be Me, Gambling w My Life ft. Boldy James
 - The Last Slimeto
I have literally never bitched about an album being too long, and I'm even a fan of Youngboy, but this is a chore to get through.
Key Tracks: Hold Your Own, Umm Hmm, Swerving, Vette Motors, Slow Down, Don’t Rate Me feat. Quavo, Proof, 4KT Baby, Loner Life, Holy, I Got The Bag, I Hate Youngboy
 - Only Built 4 Fusin’ Drinx
UK based producer, Whiskeyman combines verses from underground up-and-comers with verses from hip-hop legends on each track resulting in one of the most rewarding and memorable producer albums of the year. Mickey Diamond & Killah Priest, Pro Dillinger & KXNG Crooked, Squeegie O & Inspectah Deck, Josiah The Gift & Ras Kass, just to name a few.
 - The Scamily
Key Tracks: Trak 1, No Hook, Wrong Wit Me, Mamas Boy, Silly Rabbit
 - KOD
Gas, gas, gas. Stick with it until the end.
 - You Take the Credit, We’ll Take the Check
These 2 don't miss together. Same score and same feelings as "Eat When You're Hungry Sleep When You're Tired". Great work.
 - Oil On Canvas
AJ Suede returns with project #3 for 2022, and the resulting heady, abstract, sample-driven psychedelic boom bap ranks on par with Metatron's Cube as his best work to date. Even his 2nd project this year, the Small Professor assisted Hundred Year Darkness was one of his strongest, proving he's only begun to reach his peak as a writer and abstract storyteller. Several underground favorites are notably featured, including Zilla Rocca, Astral Trap, Bloodmoney Perez, Rich Jones, and Pink Navel, all ... read more
 - Up Against The Wall; A Degree Of Lunacy
After remaining silent on the album he produced for Obijuan, YUNGMORPHEUS aims to show he's still spitting worthwhile content. For production he teams up with another self-produced rapper, theravada. They merge their styles and come up with an excellent instrumental set, the best production of this quarter, if not the entire year. YUNGMORPHEUS bodies these aided by only 2 features, Starker, and another self-produced rapper, Ahwlee.
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