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TL;DR- I’m making an aoty version of the grammys that’s user voted. More information on how to vote down below.

Everyone on this site should know the Grammys. Even if you hate them and refuse to watch them, you know of their existence. I thought it would be pretty cool to do something similar based on what this website enjoys- that’s why I made the AOTY Grammys (The Album Of The Year Awards as I’m calling it). Nominees were picked based on a myriad of things, though the ... read more
day 2 of arca week.

way to blow my mind alejandra. i knew from the singles alone that this would be my favorite kick by far. and i was definitely correct in thinking that.

my favorite arca songs usually consist of a very abrasive sound design with her literally screaming and shouting absolute nonsense. and that’s what kick iii literally is.

lyrics like “ hissy fit throw it up bitch bounce back get it wet hit it rip it stroke t****y get me hard” & "hear me raw ... read more
despite this album having one of arcas worst songs to date with born yesterday, yet again, arca pulls off another mind fuck of an album.

the second installment of the kick series is manic to say the least. we have a pure pop song in born yesterday than an extremely addictive reggaeton song in tiro.

you never know what to expect from arca but this album really did impress me. is it better than the first installment? no. but does it have to be?

some of her best work to date is on this record ... read more
The History of The Albums – n°377

[I recommend you to go and read my first review on The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out (1966), in order to understand it better]. To summarize, The Mothers Of Invention, led by the legendary Frank Zappa, had just released a first album that was a commercial failure, despite what it would become afterwards, that is to say a classic and pioneering album. The Californian band created their own style, the very opposite of counter-culture, constantly ... read more
I think I should probably make an update as to why I haven't written a real review in awhile. I don't normally like making posts like this, but I feel the need to in this instance.

This year, I have lost 2 of my grandpas, and recently had to put down our cat that we had for a decade. I viewed her like a sister growing up, so it felt like losing a sibling. There has also been a lot of other family tension that I don't feel entirely comfortable sharing, but it's been mentally very ... read more
Mike Patton could foam at the mouth an cum on a microphone and my boyfriend would still give it an 80+
Updated 1d ago11 albumsRanked 6
ah yes, the ultimate giga-chad producer/80s waifu kate bush. honestly, it feels a little disrespectful to even joke about her like that. i feel her influence on pop and music in general seriously ...
Updated 2d ago9 albumsRanked 5
Drunk Drivers / Arcas Avg. Score: 7.9
Updated 3d ago12 albumsRanked 9
Updated 3d ago35 albumsRanked 5

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Pink Floyd - The Wall
I feel like in contrast to many concept albums, The Wall is more than music that happens to tell a story, it's a story first and foremost, in the form of music. You often hear that writers should "write what they know", and I think it's clear this was a very personal project for Roger Waters, it's about a protagonist who lost his father at a young age, struggled to really become themselves in a society that perhaps frowned upon individualism, before rising to fame and finding it ... read more

This album just reminded me why I'm an IDLES fan. Honestly, over the past couple of months, my fanatism for IDLES has decayed, mostly because of a lack of interest and engagement in their music. "Ultra Mono" is one of those albums that I can't ever get a solid opinion on, and "Joy..." is great, hell yeah it is, but, it's not an album I'm constantly coming back to. "Brutalism"... I need to listen to that one again, but, that's not the point. When ... read more
The Smiths - The Smiths
The start of something big

The Smiths begin their legendary discography with an album that could easily go down as one of the greatest debut records of all time, and it excels in almost every aspect, although it gets lost a couple of times during its runtime.

My god, what an album! I don't really know what to say, The Smiths really were amazing from the get-go and this album shows it. I mean, from themes to lyrics to the flamboyant yet thoughtful atmosphere, The Smiths are able to create an ... read more
Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak
Starts off amazing, gets less interesting and more mashed all together towards the end, a little disappointing, but not bad
FAVORITE SONGS: Welcome to Heartbreak / Heartless / Love Lockdown / Paranoid
EDIT: Already like it more, I relistened to the second part of the album and enjoyed it more, Street Lights is a great song
EDIT 2: Keeps growing, I really like a lot more songs now

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