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Sigrid - Raw
Love it, amazing production
Noname - Telefone
What an underrated and fantastic mixtape from Chigaco artist Noname. Her latest 2016 mixtape "Telefone" is like an old childhood friend you used to know and cherish. Noname soft spoken deliver fits right well with these gorgeous neo-soul and jazz rap production. Noname is no slouch either when comes to her rapping abilities, which are presented more in a poetry format such as acts like Milo. Tracks such as Sunny duet and Diddy pop screams out nostalgic rap from the 90s. The themes of ... read more
Pusha-T - Daytona

Pusha raps to a T here. Dude sons rappers for just existing by releasing this project. It's honestly a refreshing reminder that lyricism really is important and a lovely thing in quality rap records. Like most rap records of the year are going to have great themes, or beats, or sounds, but how many can you honestly say have bars like we see here?

fave tracks: all of them, especially The Games We Play & What Would Meek Do?

What's your ... read more
Nas - Nasir
Not to compare to Illmatic, but just in general Nas has sounded way more enthusiastic and energized on most other records for him. Kanye's production is once again 4/4, but Nas doesn't do the best job of ringleading it all together despite interesting topics and songs like Everything and Cops Shot The Kid. Where's the ooomph?

fave tracks: cops shot the kid, everything, adam and eve, white label
Death Grips - Year of the Snitch

edit: Linda’s in Custody shoudn’t bump as much as it does.
Kanye West - ye
Personal experimental and an overall consistent sound.
Death Grips - Year of the Snitch
This might be the most unnerving and creepy Death Grips album to date. It has an incredible flow and a bizarre and dark atmosphere. Not quite AS shocking or mind-blowing as something like The Money Store, but this is still an exciting, varied, and highly enjoyable release from one of the decade's best and most important bands.

Favorite Tracks: Hahaha, Black Paint, Streaky, Little Richard, Dilemma, Death Grips Is Online, Disappointed, The Fear

Least Favorite Track: Linda's in Custody
Beach House - Teen Dream
Fantastic album. Simple, yet emotional and captivating. Beach House's most consistent record, and definitely their best. Zebra is the best, but Used to Be is the most underrated.
Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
Beautiful and heartbreaking. One of the saddest albums I've ever heard.
Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth
2 hours and 24 minutes of delectable jazz. Kamasi Washington is as ambitious as ever on this record and he hardly ever falters.
Bebe Rexha - Expectations
Depois de vários EPs, Bebe Rexha traz seu primeiro álbum. O álbum é normal e contém boas músicas pops, a voz diferenciada de Bebe dá um tom no álbum e as colaborações deram certo. Em certo momento, vemos algumas músicas fortes.
Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial
If I had to take away one thing from Teens of Denial, it’s this: Will Toledo is a brilliant songwriter. His ability to be so raw and honest in his lyrics is refreshing and admirable. Musically, this is a fun modern rock record. Not much more can be said than that. As amazing as Will’s lyrics are, his instrumentals leave something to be desired. They’re fun as hell, but they don’t venture out of the box too often, and that’s something I value a ton in music. ... read more
Frank Ocean - Blonde
When Blonde hits, it HITS. Holy hell. Frank’s voice is full of pure emotion. On every track, his vocals are powerful and captivating, and I love the way he manipulates and distorts them. Sometimes I got a lil bored, but tracks like Skyline To and Self Control blew my away. This album got better and better as the tracklist got deeper.
Lorde - Melodrama
I want to like this album so badly. I've tried over and over, but I just can't do it. Instrumentally, it's so painfully boring. None of the backing tracks captured my attention. Her lyrics are solid, but that's not enough for me.
Perfume Genius - No Shape
A perfectly fine alt/pop album. Nice harmonies, cool arrangements and instrumentation. Vocals are solid and convey genuine emotion. Production is immaculate. Just not my genre, overall. A bit too poppy to really capture me.
SZA - Ctrl
Fantastic production and performances. SZA's voice is killer, and her emotion rings out in every song. The problem I have with this album is mostly personal preference. I can't stand trap, so when I hear the frequent trap influenced beats, I tend to roll my eyes and tune out a little. The songwriting isn't very spectacular, and the lyrics are super over-sexualized and sometimes borderline obnoxious. Songs like Doves in the Wind, The Weekend, Garden were hard to listen to for me.

Prom, Drew ... read more
The Vaccines - Come of Age
Top 5 Tracks
- No Hope
- I Wish I Was a Girl
- Bad Mood
- Runaway
- Weirdo

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