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TL;DR- I’m making an aoty version of the grammys that’s user voted. More information on how to vote down below.

Everyone on this site should know the Grammys. Even if you hate them and refuse to watch them, you know of their existence. I thought it would be pretty cool to do something similar based on what this website enjoys- that’s why I made the AOTY Grammys (The Album Of The Year Awards as I’m calling it). Nominees were picked based on a myriad of things, though the ... read more
Hey AOTY, I'm very happy to present you today my overall review on Arca that I wrote for Spectrum Culture! For those of you who are used to follow me, this is my first very important topic, so I hope you will enjoy it! I don't usually post this kind of message too, but I needed to share this with you ! (The rating applies to all new KIcks for the moment, according to the different ratio of my rating of AOTY) Here is the link: ... read more
day 2 of arca week.

way to blow my mind alejandra. i knew from the singles alone that this would be my favorite kick by far. and i was definitely correct in thinking that.

my favorite arca songs usually consist of a very abrasive sound design with her literally screaming and shouting absolute nonsense. and that’s what kick iii literally is.

lyrics like “ hissy fit throw it up bitch bounce back get it wet hit it rip it stroke t****y get me hard” & "hear me raw ... read more
Desde que foi anunciado seu lançamento, já imaginava que ele seria um dos meus Kicks preferidos, pelos melhores singles que Arca lançou esse ano, terem sidos da terceira parte do projeto. E parece que estava certo sobre isso, já que "Kick iii" não é só um álbum esplêndido como também é um dos melhores, se não for o melhor, disco de Arca.

O disco conta com 12 canções deconstructed club ... read more
After listening to this, laying in grass kinda sounds nice to me right now. Is that weird?

I FINALLY got around to listening to this. To be fair, I haven’t really taken the time to fully get myself into electronic music like synthpop, so maybe that’s why I waited till now. Either way, I’m really glad I did listen to this because I want to get into those genres and be open to anything. I’m honestly impressed with how much I liked this. Specifically certain tracks. The ... read more
The best projects I've heard in the whole year. Some might please you, some might make you angry... The criteria is based on score+longevity throughout the year. (I'm not including re-recordings ...
Updated 1d ago100 albumsRanked 29
The tunes I've bopped the most and blew me the fuck away.
Updated 1d ago15 albumsRanked 22
First time doing a list for the EPs, and this year there was a LOT of good ones.
Updated 1d ago20 albumsRanked 17
"The Greatest and Dearest (At Least in My Opinion) Albums Released in 2021!", condizendo com seu nome, é a minha lista de melhores/mais queridos álbuns lançados no ano de 2021. Feito e ...
Updated 1d ago30 albumsRanked 8
Mike Patton could foam at the mouth an cum on a microphone and my boyfriend would still give it an 80+
Updated 3d ago11 albumsRanked 7

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Beach House - Once Twice Melody: Chapter 1
Beach House returns...

4 years after the duos last project 7, they have returned with an 18 track double album! They're releasing it in 4 chapters, and this is the first!

Honestly love every track here, the ethereal and classic feeling of the groups music is still here, with the addition of string arrangements and their own mixing. It feels like their older sound and the sound of 7 coming together in perfect harmony.

Incredibly excited to hear the other chapters and the full release!
Linkin Park - Meteora
Bom álbum de rock, ele é bem nostálgico, tem o clássico "Numb" que marcou a década de 2000. Ele começa muito bem, mas no final tem umas faixas bem desinteressantes.
Destaque para "Numb", "Figure 09" e "Somewhere I Belong".

* Foreword (NA)
* Don't Stay (8/10)
* Somewhere I Belong (8.5/10)
* Lying From You (8/10)
* Hit The Floor (7.5/10)
* Easier To Run (8/10)
* Faint (8.5/10)
* Figure 09 (9/10)
* Breaking The ... read more
Frank Ocean - Blonde
I don't know if this album makes me want to cry , or to fuck or to do both.
Björk - Hidden Place
A melhor música dela. Fight Me!
Adele - 30
Well well well... here it is, my full review of Adele's new album titled "30". And I finally have a reason to make this review.

150 Followers!!! And it's been almost a year since I made this AOTY account! So thank you for actually liking and (apparently) reading my reviews!

So, what do I think about this album, you may ask... I honestly think that it's not her best (which is still "21", by the way) but it's surely better than "25".

This is not an album for the ... read more
William Shatner - Shatner Claus
Exactly what you would expect from a Shatner based LP. It's funny on its own but after so many tracks, it becomes very tiresome!

Essential track - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
aespa - Savage
This EP is great, very enjoyable to listen to and has a high replay value. All songs delivered, the highlights are "Savage", "YEPPI YEPPI" and "Lucid Dream".
Spiritbox - Eternal Blue
Such a refreshing album for such a derivative genre of metal, this sounds and feels great it has its heavy moments but knows when to calm it down a bit which makes this a great listen from start to finish.

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