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Steely Dan - Countdown to Ecstasy
Better stuff out there
Vanessa Zamora - Tornaluna
El album en si tiene sonidos y letras genericas indie pero en muchas partes de las instruméntales supieron aplicarlos de buena manera ademas que las vocales le dan un ambiente mas digerible a las canciones. No es malo pero tampoco es algo inovador para el mundo Indie en español.
Lista de puntaje (sobre ... read more
John Martyn - Solid Air
Fairly Uninspiring
Hawkwind - Space Ritual
Better stuff out there
Billy Bragg & Wilco - Mermaid Avenue
Bragg's contributions are pretty good
Henry Cow - Legend
worth a listen
Ash Ra Tempel - Join Inn
worth a listen
Dr. John - In the Right Place
Fairly Uninspiring
Incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock
Better stuff out there
Conrad Schnitzler - Rot
Worth a listen
Billy Cobham - Spectrum
Worth a listen
Muse - Simulation Theory
I don't think my prediction will be too far off

Final edit: You know who need to stop? Matt Bellamy and the person who removed my rating.
Quavo - Quavo Huncho
Some corny ass songs on here but there is definitely some heat too, ppl just love to hate
Bas - Milky Way
Even though its no 'Too High To Riot", I still prefer it to most other records from the Dreamville roster. Bas delivers catchy hooks & the production is solid, he isn't trying to sound like someone he isn't for a fleeting hit; but while the lyrics are fine, Its just not impressive.
+ 5 points for sampling dialogue from A Bronx Tale (look that film up)
Inspectah Deck has always been a low-key favorite of Wu-Tang, and while I initially liked this record a lot in 2013, I've since sold my copy and become tired of the underwhelming beats and bars.
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
bona fide classic. Flawless tracklisting in my opinion, not really any slip-ups besides the long Chris rock bit. Who will survive in america? Kanye West apparently.
The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
a bit disorganized, but still is good enough to make you have an existential crisis.
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
Boy, I really dig this change in direction by the beatles, they tackle the folk-rock sound and make one of the best albums of the entire genre. I wish a few tracks were left off, namely wait and run for your life but still a superb album by the beatles.
Chord progression in general(but especially on michelle and if I needed someone)
Harmonies on nowhere man and you won't see me
Lowlights: the last two tracks are derivative Help leftovers
Kurt Vile - Bottle It In
Stop over-analyzing it. What were you looking for? Father John Misty, Radiohead? This is a Kurt Vile record, and a damn good one.
Selling - On Reflection
I like the heavily Gold Panda sounding tracks best; but, overall its mediocre work from two greats of EDM, whom I expected more from going into it.
Matthew Dear - Bunny
Its good production for sure, just a step in the wrong direction thematically, its not where anyone wanted to hear his sound go right now.
I get the hate, comparing it to Still Brazy (I guess people skipped Red Friday) but its actually a solid 3rd LP for him, he maintains the balance between the hard west-coast sound thats garnered his fanbase and the goofy effervescent personality that makes it so infectious. I like that the over all production and content is abstract enough to set it apart from his other body of work, which is usually more focused on one concept and sound.
Usher & Zaytoven -
Zaytoven's production sounds more diverse than ever, & I've enjoyed his signature keys since the mid 2000's. A more uniform production works much better for Usher also. He sounds better than he has in at least 5-7 years, as he's not stretching the limits of his voice into falsetto or trying to ride the wave of shitty edm R&B or funk
Romain Virgo - Lovesick
His songwriting and vocals are good; but he's consistently given overly poppy, heavily orchestrated production, sounding too studio-touched, even complete with some artificial sounding fake midi instruments.
Kanye West - ye
These critics are tripping.
I've always been a huge fan of every Kanye album, excluding Yeezus, and I can say this is one of his best.
I hear elements from almost every album on here, with the beginning track having a background beat that reminded me of Life of Pablo. Suddenly, Ye starts spitting over some more hard hitting beats that remind me of something off of Yeezus. Here Ye addresses his thoughts of depression and suicide, and using the word 'you' as his fans, meaning he's though ... read more
Blood Orange - Negro Swan
I'm still in shock.

This album, is amazing. It's a lot to digest, so it is really difficult to find where to get started.

I think everything about this album is artistically and sylisticaly amazing. The singing is so so so beautiful and soothing. The production brings everything to the table. This is what alternative r&b should sound like. It brought sounds of all sorts of genres to many different songs, all the while being executed to near perfection.

Orlando paints the perfect picture ... read more
Lingua Nada - Snuff
Easily one of the best indie releases of the year.

Going into this I had no idea what to expect. Lingua Nada is a German rock/indie band that has been around for a short time now. I've never listened to any of their previous work but this album was recommended to me by some friends of mine so I decided to check it out.

And yeah I'm pretty happy I did. Often in the mainstream indie music scene not much diversity can be seen & it's a shame. This album takes the foundations of a modern indie ... read more
Don Omar - iDon
Soy el unico que aprecia este estilo futurista? o soy el unico esta inovacion tan grande para el genero?

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