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Rico Nasty - Nightmare Vacation
this bitch scares me, daddy, help...
Enter Shikari - Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible
Late? Never heard of her.

Enter Shikari is one of, if not my personal favorite band. I know they aren't the best, the weirdest, the wildest or even at times good, but they continue to inspire, excite and make me on the edge of my seat with every realese they have. Nearly every record they've made has improved and innovated on their sound to the point where it's almost impossible to disappoint me, unless they pull a 1975 and made a feature length album filled with electronica songs (No, the ... read more
Lil Squeaky - God Mode
My friend said Thru These Walls was going in the playlist, that's when you know this shit is legit
Shawn Mendes - Wonder
his best album purr
Shawn Mendes - Wonder
Nothing in here sounds original at all. I got major Harry Styles / Halsey ("Manic" mainly) vibes from most of this. Also, I don't know why he insists on the stripped down, boring ballads so much. He's released dozens of those already, none of which are among his bigger hits, and all of them probably better than the ones he included here. Overall, even though the aesthetics for the era hinted at some kind of artistic growth (let me not get started on his terrible choices artwork-wise ... read more
Boulevard Depo - OLD BLOOD
Ну что, моё первое русскоязычное ревью про самый расхайпленный родной альбом 2020. Бда, бда, бда, Олд Блад или в переводе на русский - Старая Кровь.

Артём Кулик возвращается уже не андерграундным исполнителем, а как уважаемый популярный представитель хита Кащенко. ... read more
вайт калор бойз - Тот, кто тебя наебёт (и не раз)
Потоп ненастный в поисках баланса
Porter Robinson - Worlds
The originality of "Worlds" lies in a pile of nothing. If there's innovation to be found here, they aren't anything special. Mixing in the sonic wave reflectors of large, maximalistic electropop and the thrumming wash of synthetic EDM drops (but never succumbing to its greats), Porter Robinson's left-field debut drums away in an euphoric sea of poppy rushes and nostalgic sinewave catharsis. Cheesy, lacking a lot in development of a topic besides otherworldly romanticist fantasia and ... read more
Rico Nasty - OHFR?
MARINA - Man's World
Respect the message but it sounds really boring
Shawn Mendes - Wonder
his best project yet. he truly writes with his heart and it can be seen throughout the album
Aminé - Limbo (Deluxe)
*Just a rating of the deluxe tracks...... :)
Skyzoo - Milestones
Good EP from Skyzoo. What he essentially does on this project is reminisce about his childhood, parents and his younger days. All of those things he ends up connecting with the present day of him becoming a father, and the result is quite good.
Fredo Bang - In The Name Of Gee
I'd say this is his best mixtape yet. I figured it would be a bigger impact and more accessible to mainstream play when I heard No Security ft. Kevin Gates and Second Line a couple weeks ago.
Ichiko Aoba - アダンの風
Nie znam japońskiego. Nie musze go jednak znać, żeby usłyszeć, że Ichiko jest ABSOLUTNIE WYJĄTKOWĄ ARTYSTKĄ. Ten album jest dziełem sztuki w pełnym tego słowa znaczeniu. Dodatkowo gratuluję frajerom, którzy zrobili już swoje listy na 2020.
Shawn Mendes - Wonder
I really love this album
Kero Kero Bonito - Intro Bonito
this is too much for my feeble mind to comprehend.

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