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Lost my girlfriend after showing her this but all I needed was Danny Brown and Pegging to be satisfied

Edit: guys it was autocorrect i swear 😭😭😭

Hoes are temporary, if you don’t like this album? You’re scaring the bros.

It is an understatement that a rap duo of this magnitude was a great idea. The idea of a JPEGMAFIA x Danny Brown record transcends an idea, it was almost destined to be, and was undoubtedly going to be great. With glimpses of their chemistry being ... read more
Not what I expected

It's a mess. The mixing is ass (intentionally I think for a lot of parts). There is barely a balance between the work Danny puts in and Peggy puts in...

but also I really enjoy the full experience. It is a great overall listen that comes off way more like an experimental experience more than anything. It is wild and creative. The good heavily outweighs the bad. It certainly could have been done with more clarity, but as is, it feels like a dusty old tape you'd find at the ... read more
This shit's Watch the Throne except instead of for rich people it's for broke mfs who are scared to talk to the goth girl cashier at GameStop, my typa album.

It’s Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA. Of fucking course it was destined to be good. On one side, you have one of the most consistently creative, forward-thinking, multifaceted, jack-of-all-trades artists ever to touch a mic; on the other, you have the dude who rapped “I’d die for this shit like Elvis.” These dudes are ... read more
We're definitely Scaring The Hoes away with this one!!!

JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown... sounds like a dream Hip-Hop duo made in heaven. We were all hoping in the back our minds at one point that something like this would happen. And guess what? It did, and it fuckin' delivers!

Proceeding with the singles Lean Beef Patty and the title track over the last week, I just knew that we were in for a wild, hard-hitting treat! The singles both delivered that voltage-level punch that I was predicting to ... read more
No Lana, I didn't know there's a tunnel under ocean blvd. Also I thought it was 16 minutes long, interesting choice to make it an hour and a minute longer

It's trying so hard to be artistic and self-realized but ultimately clouds itself and sacrifices a lot of important elements that make a great album.

With long boring songs, generic instrumentals, unnecessary lyrics that kinda make my eyes roll at times and sleepy vocals. And the whole thing drags to an hour and 17 minutes.

I feel like ... read more
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