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I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to save me😔
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy🤪
I need somebody to heal😷
Somebody to know😪
Somebody to have🧑‍🤝‍🧑
Somebody to hold🤝
It's easy to say🗣️
But it's never the same🔙
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain🤕
Now the day bleeds🩸
Into nightfall🌜
And you're not here👇
To get me through it all🤧
I let my guard down💂
And then you pulled the rug🏉
I ... read more
Rereviewing getgetgetgetgotgotgotgot (Another 10!🎉🎉)

I finally get! It only took like 8 months, So I guess you can say I'm late to the party, But it finally fully clicked with me, This shit is a 10! I listened to the album before plenty of times but never fully dived into it with the lyrics, And recently when I tried to explore it all over again with the lyrics I saw the bigger picture, And it tied everything up for me.

The Money Store was the first album I listened from Death Grips, ... read more
A true talent filled with emotion and grandeur!

Well, it's took me a long time to get round to hearing this because I've heard how emotional this album can get and its legendary status is something I've held high hopes for, but I've made a promise to my friend @Silver that I'd listen to this album. Hope you enjoy this review:

Grace is the only album by American singer amd guitarist Jeff Buckley, released in August 1994. It was recorded in late 1993-1994 at Bearsville Studios, based in ... read more
The beats on this album are great. They sound certified fresh. That isn’t the issue.

I’ve been impressed by Amine’s ability to evolve and avoid becoming a one hit wonder despite how gimmicky his hit song was. The guy has amassed a strong cult fan base. I’ve even enjoyed a handful of the stuff he has come out with

I’ll keep it simple. He should have given this album his all. The hooks suck. The rhymes are boring. The project is boring. Amine gives so many moments ... read more
This hit like a ton of bricks!

Sunbather is the sophomore album from American metal band Deafheaven, released in June 2013. It was recorded in January that year at Atomic Garden Studios, based in California.

The band, initially a duo consisting of George Clarke & Kerry McCoy, began working on the album over the course of several days in Jan 2013. Over time, the process brought a third member, drummer Dan Tracy, who became a permanent part of the band since then.

Deafheaven's music drew ... read more
self-titled albums, which actually aren't
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A list of songs that fuck you up so much on first listen that you never want to listen to them again. Comment if you know any that aren't yet on the list.
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(Inspired by DoubleZ's fantastic "The history of the albums") Trying to catalogue all the albums AOTY users love. Rules: 1. Every album on here is listed in chronological order to the ...
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Want to listen to a project, but you're in a hurry? Well I got you covered with this list. TheTourist90 made a similar list a while ago, but it hasn't been updated in 2 years, so I have decided to ...
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We all know of the famous book of certified classics that everyone should hear at least once in their life. Taking the idea, I have decided on a community list idea... If you're looking at this ...
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