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Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
I've never been a Gorillaz fan, but this album is a different animal. Sure it's fun, but it has a consistent concept and spacious sound that keeps it within its own mini-epic world.
Charli XCX - Charli
I LOT better than the other project I listened to. A good blend of pop and experimenting. Might grow on me more

EDIT: Earned a spot on my Top 10. I love this

Favorites: Next Level Charli, 1999, Blame it on your Love, White Mercedes, Silver cross, I don't Wanna know, Offical, 2099
Meh: Click, Warm
Least favorite: Shake it
RL Grime - NOVA
A gorgeous attempt at bringing the most pop side of the industry but still a wounderfull piece with quite strong and memorable tracks. This album is also focused on stage performance not a home headphone listening.
SEVENTEEN - ; [Semicolon]
melhores: ah! love, hey buddy, home;run.
5 Seconds of Summer - CALM
5 Seconds Of Summer have solidified themselves as being an elite pop band with their latest record. No longer are they writing cheesy, teen pop-punk tunes, but taking a more mature route sonically and lyrically. This is the best production on any 5SOS record yet, cuts above anything else on the radio at the moment; with tracks like Wildflower, Thin White Lies and Easier blending elements of hip-hop, art pop, prog-rock and synth-pop to make a very well-structured, aesthetically pleasing record. ... read more
M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
Fantano reviews like this one are the main reason so many people hate him
My only problem with this album is that intro is the best song and everything else doesn't live up to it.
Volant - One
Soo... I accidentally deleted my review...
I Hate Myself
Half Alive - Now, Not Yet
Breakfast and creature are some of the best songs of the decade. WOW.
Blue Öyster Cult - Cultösaurus Erectus
Sigur Rós - ()
Wallows - Remote
Virtual Aerobics - 70
Dig What You Dug - 100
Nobody Gets Me (Like You) - 100
Coastlines - 100
Talk Like That - 100
Wish Me Luck - 100
Silverstein - A Beautiful Place To Drown
How does a good band release a mediocre album? Unfortunately, like this. There are moments of greatness (i.e. "Burn it Down"), but it gets stale very quickly.
Ariana Grande - positions
Delivering a totally basic album, Ariana Grande forgets the way she was progressing into til “Sweetener” and visibly lost herself on an album full of extended interludes with any independence.

If we talk about the popstar’s past projects like “Dangerous Woman” and “Sweetener”, we can not just hear but see Ariana Grande’s talent and identity on them, something that is definitely missing on “positions”. Maybe the sonority of it can be ... read more
Black Thought - Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane And Abel
It's clear that while Thought still shows flawless lyrical ability that he's going for a bit of a more generally enjoyable style as opposed to his previous projects. Good Morning is by far the best song on this project as it's very well produced and Thought and the features absolutely kill it. Thought's flows are still as fine tuned as ever, his bars are still incredibly thematic and powerful, and his chosen features continue to put on amazing performances. Thought hasn't missed and this ... read more
KSI - Really Love
Craig has wonderful voice and KSI flow gets better with every song but aaAAaaAa no, the whole structure and concept of song is so mediocore. I hope he doesn't continue with EDM x Rap style because in the end it's pretty stale.
Gupi - None
I'm super nostalgic towards Geometry Dash and Newgrounds music. That was my original exposure towards EDM and looking back I think it's what really shaped my love for electronic music.
(It's an embarrassing fact but Geometry Dash is my most played game ever)

But anyway, this is the perfect combination of that and PC music artists. Especially 100 gecs, and other bubblegum bass artists like six Impala. It takes what I love about geometry dash music, what I find nostalgic about it, and mashes it ... read more
K.A.A.N. - Blissful Awareness

Best tracks: The Escape, Show'd Up
Worst tracks: Play
I'll probably write a full review tomorrow but for now, here are some quick thoughts:
- Jason Aalon really wants to be a rapper
- generic
- unfinished
- some tracks could be RATM parodies
- preachy lyrics and all that shit
Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust?
so.. this sucks init
Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue
This is ART. From start to finish, every aspect of it.
Brightest Blue should be everyone's pick to be the album they would take to a desert island. Goulding brings everything that's good in an album and transforms into this. It's classic.
A$AP Mob - Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not coming
bitches not fucking not ... read more
Darko - On Drugs.
i really don't care about this.
Papa Roach - Crooked Teeth
I mean it's not that bad...
NF - The Search
owoowowiowiewoowie look at me I'm so sad
Oliver Tree - Ugly is Beautiful
I hate this guy I hate him so much and the music's so boring omfg
Hollywood Undead - Five
It's not even a five
AK - On Me
AK begins his long awaited and many times delayed first project by saying "Yeah you suck everybody else that does this sucks" and then proceeds to start the song by counting to 10 now that's some lyrical genius shit right there ngl.

When I first heard Austin back in 2017 on one of his remixes I thought he really had some potential, but surprisingly enough for me he didn't try to make any real solo projects and just pumped out a remix after remix probably thinking that he ... read more
KSI - Keep Up
vroom vroom
Travis - 10 Songs
It was nice, but I don't think I am gonna listen to it again, like ever. I tried to like it for a while but it always fell short.

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