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Suspended Memories - Earth Island
Our world is layered with memory... And, many of us tap into that memory without fully understanding how it came to be... Or, where it came from. The Tribal Ambient trio comprising Suspended Memories is Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes and Suso Sáiz who assembled again to create this '94 release, 'Earth Island.' Nuanced electronic coloring, ancient tribal instruments, found sound and the undeniable transcendent quality of all this combined makes for an incredible musical journey. Essential for ... read more
Ariana Grande - No Tears Left to Cry
Simple, nada interesante.
Black Milk - FEVER
favs: but i can be, could it be,true lies, foe frriend, will remain
least fav: DiVE
J. Cole - KOD
favs: ATM, motiv8, Kevins heart
Least fav: brackets
Liz Phair - Exile in Guyville
Hey! Thanks, MarkCooper for recommending this to me!

I like the monotone delivery a lot but some of the ostentatious lyrics are a bit of a turn-off, ironically in a lot of cases.

Throughout, the music is generally just good enough to get toe tapping and some head bobbing out of me. (Which is fine, don't get me wrong!)
You could say it's consistently a slow jam, that's for sure.
Liz herself is the star of the show, much more than the music itself.

Fuck and Run is an awesome song-- the stand ... read more
J. Cole - KOD
Cole comes with a much more straightforward approach, while also cutting down on corny punch lines that tainted his music for me in the past. But, musically, the album left a lot to be desired. Cole’s singing voice being a huge attributor to this. He should’ve cut the pretentious no features shtick and had actual vocalists perform some of these messy hooks. Which would’ve led to a smoother/catchier sound.

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