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St Vincent has the art and the way to offer an absolutely touching and very personal work but she invites you to be fully part of it, as if you were in flesh and blood propelled in deeply buried memories.

There are those who have only written a few pages or a few chapters without ever managing to keep that spark alive, and then there are those who can be counted on the fingers of one hand who go on and on without losing a grain of favour. We can for example refer to St Vincent, one of the ... read more
edit - been out for less than 15 minutes and there’s already so many bombs i hope you all slip on a banana peel
edit 2 - unlike y’all i actually listened to this album lmao
edit 3 - currently in the hospital just fucking jamming to this. masterpiece.
edit 4 - longer review coming once i get out of the hospital in a week
edit 5 - this guy is old enough to be my dad i’m too old for this shit

so, as many know j cole is definitely in the running for one of my favorite rappers of ... read more
There’s never a dull moment in the world of Annie Clark.

The antithesis of anything predictable, St. Vincent is an artist with an eye always focused on renovation. Between the dance-floor-ready synthesized mazes of ‘MassEducation’ to the low-fidelity guitar-studded indie-pop of her self-titled record, St. Vincent’s motivation and inspiration never appears to peter out, refusing to fall into one singular classifiable niche, and she shows no sign of running arid on ideas ... read more
Always being one to reinvent herself with each album cycle, it makes sense that Annie Clark, known by most as St. Vincent, would follow up her most hyperkinetic, futuristic, and tightest record with something looser and dirtier that reflects on the past. While it’s probably the biggest step away from her older work characterized by noisy, alien production and guitar work, “Daddy’s Home” is some of her finest collection of songs to date and still manages to embody the ... read more
While this certainly isn’t bad and has some fun moments, The Off-Season just feels like it’s trying too hard to sound like everything else for it to really reach its full potential.

My relationship with J. Cole’s music has changed a lot throughout the years. For a while he was one of my favorite rappers, as 2014 FHD was one of my favorite albums ever. I still love that album and a lot of his other music, but as time went on and I grew up and was exposed to different and ... read more
A place of pure happiness (or not), the rainbowland of AOTY.
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community list ~ The surrounding buildings, in ruins. The last survivors, scrambling to find anything that remains. Fire flickers in the pitch-black, creating just a sliver of radiance. ...
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Ranking the series where I go through my old nostalgic favorites and linking the reviews. Hopefully y'all are enjoying the series as much as I am.
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“gorillaz be like featuring elton john, 21 savage, and the national youth orchestra of Jamaica” I mean-pretty spot on description actually Edit: the real mvp here is empire ants tho
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