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The Heart Part 5 set extremely high expectations, but once you get settled into this project, it's a great continuation of Kendrick's growth as an artist, and a Mortal Man.

Edit (85 -> 91): Damn was a strong experience, but I can’t say I really loved any individual moments outside of the record that much. This album however is a display of Kendrick’s most vulnerable sides, as ugly as that can be, and it leaves about as much of an impression as his classics. This album is a ... read more
Favourite: Auntie Diaries
Worst: We Cry Together

1. United in Grief - 10
[Lyrically just fantastic, production so unique and creates this wonderful experience. You can hear the emotion in his voice and the Piano at the end sets up for an insane album]

2. N95 - 9
[Damn this hits really hard, funny chorus sounds kind of like Baby Keem lol. Lyrically though this is great though]

3. Worldwide Steppers. - 10
[Really enjoy the storytelling on this, Kendrick you can hear goes really deep on this. ... read more
So maybe Jack Harlow isn't that good

Kendrick Lamar is back like he never left. The Heart Part 5 is the first punch outside the ring(because it won't be on the record), and I am genuinely lost for words. I haven't gotten a feeling like this for a hip-hop record since Introvert(Little Simz), and we all saw how that album went. He didn't even mention that he won a grammy without dropping a solo track in five years, so he seems to be truly focused on the next chapter like the last ones never ... read more
bruh i don’t care who you are, rating this a 0 based off your FIRST listen has gotta be racist

also comparing this to any of his previous albums is just gonna ruin your experience. Kendrick never repeats himself and that’s including his sound. comparing this to To Pimp A Butterfly or good kid, m.A.A.d. city is stupid cause they’re entirely different albums from this, just sayin… anyways let’s get into the review

i’d argue that Mr. Morale & The Big ... read more

The 34 year old hip-hop legend Kendrick Lamar Duckworth has been a mastermind ever since he touched the mic. Section.80 is inspiring, as it shows how much the author has progressed over time. Don’t get me wrong, the album has some incredible moments, and it manages to stay consistent, but there’s times where I can hear how dated some of the tracks are(No Make-Up in particular). Tracks like F**k Your Ethnicity, Hol’ Up, A.D.H.D., and Rigamortus are ... read more
my first ranking list im so fucking dead
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put an album that you like to experience at your last moments and why?
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Dear God it's done. I'd say it's been fun but it really hasn't. Average score: 3.4/10 Kill me.
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for when album covers are different ... but they're the same i try to keep the list to only include covers that are coincidentally the same - there are plenty of homages to other albums or parodies ...
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Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
Kendrick did it again. Each listen uncovers something new. There aren't many artists as vulnerable and raw as he is on this album.
Various Artists - Eurovision Song Contest Turin 2022
Performances on the night:
1. Sweden (Definitely the best overall song) (Drunk as fuck after her performance)
2. Belgium (Labrinth in disguise)
3. UK (Inspirational hero)
4. Poland (Best Vocals, Best Staging)
5. Estonia (Best Cowboy)
6. Spain (Best Performance)
7. Netherlands (This song is incredible, there was no real performance though :( )
8. Czech Republic (Fucked over by the order)
9. Greece (Some breathtaking vocals, some dodgy)
10. Ukraine (Best Bass) (best song rarely wins anyway)
11. ... read more
Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
Considerado um dos melhores artistas em atividade por admiradores da cultura rap e alternativos cults apreciadores de sonoridades hispters aclamadas pela pitchfork, Kendrick Lamar conseguiu a proeza de transformar cada um dos lançamentos de seus projetos em eventos esperados mundialmente. Apesar de não decepcionar completamente no álbum Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, devido a algumas músicas com produções criativas, o trabalho consegue soar ... read more
Bladee & Ecco2k - Crest
5 star crest has got to be song of the year so far right?
Two Door Cinema Club - False Alarm
Now this album is absolutely bang average, some of the songs of here are so bad and there’s a few decent tunes like once and satellite. I thought nice to see you was decent until the rap part, that absolutely ruined the song and my god think was terrible. Not their best work for sure
Yeat - 2 Alivë
slightly disapointing cuz i was super excited but up 2 me is so much better

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