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Best Youth - Winterlies
Denzel Curry - Imperial
Imperial is Denzel Curry’s 2nd studio album available for streaming. When finding this album, I was intrigued since Curry hadn’t done anything special on his previous album, 32 Zel. Well, I listened to it, and from the day I listened to it up until today I can confidently say this is Denzel Curry’s best album.

I think there are many attributes that make this album stand out from his more recent ones like ZUU and UNLOCKED. Denzel basically bodies almost every track, coming in ... read more
Kid Cudi - Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven
Honestly, this album is so overhated. When i first got into it i thought that it would sound horrible (like the demos) but in the end this was a very bizarre adventure. Cudi's voice on the guitar instrumentals is nothing more than heavenly (when done right). But still this album has so many flaws. I absolutely despise the Beavis and Butthead skits, Cudi sometimes starts screaming and whispering which is so uncomfortable and horrifying, but the album is decent and overhated.
Favourite tracks: ... read more
Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake
Lil Uzi delievered on this album. This is a long awaited project from Lil Uzi Vert that he worked on since 2018. Sure, the album didn't really deliver to the hype but it is overall very good. I like the spacey vibe that Uzi has delivered on this album. There are some misses (like POP) and the best tracks (Prices, Venetia, Celebration Station) arent really that great (Maybe prices) the album is still good.
Favourite tracks: Prices, Venetia, Celebration Station
Least favourite tracks: POP
Jenny Hval & Susanna - Meshes of Voice
probably one of my favorites album covers of all time. very dark tones accompany all the songs with extremely light vocals. very pleasant listening. and after a few years in my mind I still sing the same line: "I'm the house of bones"..
Ryuichi Sakamoto - async
this is a gem. shivers goes through my body. there are only a few lines of speech which grabbed me and didn’t let go like a pure drop of poetry
M. Ostermeier - The Rules of Another Small World
I discovered this through a Jon Hopkins playlist and I am absolutely in love with its atmosphere. Beautiful and minimalistic piano melodies, surrounded by different electronic sounds and beats. Its "simplicity" reminds me of the Zelda Breath Of The Wild soundtrack in some moments.
Swans - To Be Kind
To Be Kind was released in 2014 by the band Swans. Years later down the line, this is one of the most iconic and well known albums of the decade. What’s not to love about To Be Kind?

First things first, the production on this record is incredible, eery, and very enjoyable to hear whilst listening to this long record. As a whole the production on here can make a statement for the best production of the decade honestly. Is that a stretch? Personally I do not think so. There a wide variety ... read more
Lady Gaga - Chromatica
It's certainly not top-tier pop, but hey, I had fun! At the very least it's consistently way better than the rubbish that gets played on the radio where I live.
Robyn - Honey
instant pop classic. some tracks will always have a special place in my heart
Drake - Pain 1993
Listening to the new album I feel the freshness and lightness he has never had before. He may not be outstanding as several of his achievements from years ago, but songs like Pain 1993 show how much more this man has to show
Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - Alfredo
Pray my demons never catch up from my old ways.

The only real problem with "Alfredo" is that anyone who already knows Gangsta Gibbs well won't learn anything new. The project is guilty of being nothing more than what it is, an excellent album of pure gangsta rap made on autopilot. Maybe that's also the major limit of the talented rapper...

But maybe the prowess of the album is also to succeed in being high-quality while being so classic and unsurprising. Gibbs only has his character ... read more
Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
Future Nostalgia is pretty much exactly what the title says. It's futuristic and retro at the same time, it has a splash of 80s in it and we're all living for it. After all the backlash that Dua Lipa got (for all her performances and presence on stage) she showed us that she can do better and that she is willing to learn how to become a great artist. This album is absolutely phenomenal, however, some of the song are swaying on a more boring side. Overall it's an amazing record and I wish only ... read more
Kota the Friend - Everything
Everything is KOTA The Friends most recent album, actually releasing earlier this month. What can be said about this album is that I was surprised over how much better it was than I thought it would be. This whole album is such a vibe.

There are a lot of songs on here that are relaxed and chill, with KOTA dropped great verses. I love the feel of this album because of how relaxed and vibe-y it is. I think the production on here is really good too. There were probably around three tracks that I ... read more
Paisley Parks - Бh○§†
This album gave me a panic attack...

but in a good way.
Muse - The 2nd Law
This album is not as bad as everyone on this site says although it’s a def questionable at times
John Fullbright - From the Ground Up
A spectacular debut from this Oklahoman country-blues songwriter. This reviewer would agree with that of ‘The Independent’ in their description of Fullbright’s voice as a ‘Dustbowl Rufus Wainwright’. This is never more the case than on the beautiful piano-led ballads, ‘Nowhere to Be Found’, this reviewer’s personal favourite, and ‘Song For a Child’, which closes the album. Three other standout tracks highlight the artist’s rugged ... read more
Kanye West - JESUS IS KING
Jesus Is King is Kanye West’s latest studio album, released in the year of 2019. Kanye had a very good year before that, releasing not only ye, but KIDS SEE GHOSTS. After that, he started to become a lot more christian-type and released Jesus Is King. My thoughts on it to stay the least are very, very low.

Now, one positive I can give to this album is that the meaning is there of course. It also could pave a way for christian-hip-hop crossover in a way. That may be a stretch but ... read more

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