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The best boyband since One Direction is finally back.

Watching a band that is as unfaltering in their constant knack for creativity and vision as Brockhampton is in action is a truly mesmerizing sight to behold. I honestly feel bad for anyone who won’t be able to get into Brockhampton’s music before their supposed disbandment at the end of the year as following around the artistic metamorphosis Brockhampton has foregone since the days of the Saturation trilogy has been like ... read more
The light is so goddamn bright.

Me and BROCKHAMPTON I feel have this strange connection. Obviously not a friendship (Reminder that parasocial relationships can be extremely harmful), but rather I've felt, only upon taking a look at my own life, that I live in parallel to BROCKHAMPTONS artistic journey that they have taken across the mere 6 years since their formation. The groups rise to power is stuff of legend, with the idea of a large group of friends trying their hardest to make music they ... read more
What makes an album absolutely awful? No, I mean something so atrocious to the point it is blatantly offensive, about topics that will upset the masses due to its morality, something so bad that it’s pure quality and what it truly represents is the reason for its downfall. If anyone can do it in this music industry, it’s Justin Bieber, arguably the world's most hated artist. I’ve tried my best over the years to defend this man’s career, that his music was genuinely ... read more
RoadRunner is one of the most sincere and singular albums of Brockhampton, as much thematic as in the writing. It's a beautiful adventure as well, but I think the interest is mostly in some individual songs more than in the whole

Formed in Texas in 2015, Brockhampton has quickly become in a few years the favorite Hip Hop group of the listeners, while yet the format "group" in the genre occupies a small place nowadays. It is necessary to realize that apart from a few duo (or even ... read more
I'm not biased....I SWEAR I'm not biased.

Before I start talking about the actual re-recording, I need to express once again my eternal love for Taylor Swift and her masterful music. I have been a swiftie since 2012, and back then I was a completely different person from who I am right now. I pretty much grew up listening to her songs, so to be hearing this album all over again with a Taylor that grew up just as much as me, is so fucking emotional. Lately I have been so sad about growing up ... read more
submissions open!! AOTY doesn’t let me send duplicate messages in shoutboxes so I had to type different things for everyone 😞
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John Coltrane - The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings
To some, the contents of this exhaustive compilation are simply an addendum derived from Coltrane's main Impulse studio releases. Still, to the devout follower of Coltrane's work, these are sacred messages orchestrated by the spiritual jazz prophet delivered on occasion at the very temple of jazz consecration: The Village Vanguard. The framework of the songs presented on Coltrane's studio albums is something everyone is familiar with; however, on this compilation, they appear as mere skeletons ... read more
YOUHA - zzz
OK, Youha. We get it. I get it. You're a promising K-pop soloist, debuted with a solid song 'Island', followed by well-grounded 'Abittipsy', and NOW this? Universal Music Korea is insane for this. Can I borrow their production team to work for my faves because honestly, she hasn't released a single bad song (or is it too early?) since then. I just hope her next work won't ruin this chain of showpieces.
Daft Punk - Homework
Great solid album but omgg why is Da Funk so much better than the rest of the album holy shitt
Melanie Martinez - K-12
Opinion alert!!!
I still haven’t gotten over my melanie phase
By now, I assume this way of producing vocals is a BH producers thing, but I don’t like it. It sounds very muddy, and it’s particularly jarring for groups whose members haven’t had the chance to develop a real vocal identity yet. TXT suffers from this a lot too and it’s really too bad because BH does have an ear for interesting tracks. I’m starting to think BH doesn’t trust the vocal capabilities of these kids. Maybe they’re just hiding the ... read more

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