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Ironomi's "Kotonoha" isn't as flawless as it could've been but that doesn't hinder its strengths as a collection of sharp, crystalline solo piano-led tracks that feature a few moments of incredible beauty.
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Masakatsu Takagi's "Kagayaki" (lit. 'Shine') is a record that distills the happiest moments of your life into fractions of memories in the form of sound; worked with color and beauty.

There's an ethereal quality to this record that brings you into its world again and again, no matter the times you've listened to it. Maybe it's because it's new or maybe it's because it's that good. Or maybe you're addicted to serotonin. But in all honesty, maybe it's because it reminds you of when you ... read more
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Migraine-inducing music isn't a new thing to be slapped on with the tag "Revolutionary" or "Experimental". In the case of Playboi Carti's sophomore effort "Whole Lotta Red", repetition follows in that same vein of style where the artist is doing things that are out of the normal order for the sake of it: the conversations/headlines it will make being a big factor in it.

There's a lot of things that have been said about this album from its release. All of them make ... read more
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WONHO's first EP as a solo act, "Love Synonym #1: Right For Me" has a tacky name like most of other K-Pop acts (solo or not), but surprisingly delivers a vision that makes for an incredibly enjoyable EP, despite having only 6 original tracks and two awkwardly placed versions of the earlier tracks.

For all the lack of imagination it has in its sound and product, WONHO makes the ride a fast and smooth journey, backed with slick production and clean, strong vocals. The lyrics aren't ... read more
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There's this funny nature that pores off of listening to "Haiji", Yokosowa Shunichiro's indie-pop debut. It bathes in that silliness without any care for its audience. Despite this, "Haiji" is fun and (sometimes) gives a fresh look into Japanese Indie culture, backed by messy but rich production and Shunichiro's carefree voice behind the wheels. It's kind-of grating to the ears while being an absolute romp of catchy tracks. Hobo indie-pop at its most stupidly entertaining ... read more
Jan 5, 2021
The final song of an album is one of the most important things to it. To make you feel satisfied, an album closer has to look at everything an album has done and say, "Hey, how am I going to make a satisfying ending to this story?" Album closers are incredibly hard to execute and many don't feel how they should. It takes a lot of talent for an artist to wrap up their own piece of work effectively and make a listener feel satisfied.

Which leads me to my question: what is your favorite album closer/finale of all time and why?
Dec 9, 2020
You've got some nice reviews! Keep it up!
Nov 2, 2020
Some 16 year old trying something out.

Listens to literally anything and everything.

Don't mind that my reviews/ratings are a bit bare on the popular side of things. I've heard and lived with a lot of music but it'll take time for me to re-add ratings with reviews for everything I've listened to.

Score system is based as +2 points (on a scale of 1-100) to have consistency. (So no odd-numbered ratings).
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