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Wormrot - Hiss
Jul 11

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 - House Of The Magician

I was 10 years old when I found out about this record, perfectly randomly. Even though the impact it had on me was immediate, I was oblivious to the fact that I had just found the album that might mean the most to me.

This record is very important to me as some of the songs contained on this LP I found about at a young age and they marked me and my musical journey. I’m not sure but I believe that "The Mirror" is the first song that I could truly tell entranced ... read more

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 - Good Morning Good Night
"How do we call a spiritual awakening of the musical kind?"

I have once been told that this album sounds like "a garden with computer flowers", and since then, a whole new dimension of peacefulness was added to this album. Just imagine some computer flowers, slowly and peacefully waddling left and right with the wind. The computer flowers make sound, one of them is not enough to hear all that much, but with an entire garden of them, you can hear distinctive sounds. It is ... read more

 - Cult of Ruins
Well… that was quite the ride.

Menace Ruine is a band that I didn’t know existed before I was presented this album by a fellow member of The Citadel server for their album-swap event. In reading a little bit on it, I found out that the band is from my area, and that was quite a shock. Quebec’s repertoire in black metal artists isn’t as massive as, say, our neighbors from the south or even the rest of Canada, but it’s always nice to see people enjoying stuff from ... read more

 - حراس قبر حمزة مطرب المقدس
This tape... I tell you; it's cursed. Proceed at your own risk.

If you came here by chance, you might have wondered what this mysterious-looking cover was. Unsurprising, this is a peculiar-looking image. Maybe the mysterious aura of such an image got the better of you and you felt like you needed to listen to what it is that it represents. A word of warning first though.

‘’Dark’’, ‘’evil’’, ‘’brutal’’, ... read more

 - it's hard to see color [When You're So Impossibly Far Away*]
If Robinson is the holder of the glitch-pop crown for 2021, I have a feeling that I know who took hold of that crown for 2022.

To compare with an obvious influence here, if "Nurture" excelled through its mastery of equilibrium and balance; never making anything last longer than is necessary and switching before the listener’s focus begins to lose grip, Jaron’s début excels through its scope and productional daringness.

"It’s hard to see ... read more

 - Ants From Up There
Which word do you use to define a band whose debut album is critically-acclaimed and considered one of the best debuts, yet, somehow, manages to defy all possible odds and releases a sophomore album that improves on the first one from all fronts?

Legends. That's the word.

''Ants From Up There'' is the mature older brother of ''For the first time''. It's its emotional counterpart, its baggage of wisdom, its quintessential catharsis; the very marrow of the artistic heart as it longs to be. ... read more


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