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Apr 21

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blarch -
Leaner, meaner and harder than the mixtape from last year, while still honing its 'vulgar techno-pop' sound. Vocals this bluntly erotic will make everyone involved in the WAP discourse writhe like a worm, but the beats still pound, and besides, it makes these tracks stand out in a genre so usually po-faced. Dude continues to be the techno diva we need but probably don't deserve.
blarch -
Anyone who needs their dance music to show some semblance of 'warmth' or 'humanity' need not apply. The cassette tape says it was "recorded live at home", but René Bakker's home might as well have been located in the fiery pits of Hell if this album is any indication. Too freaky for the acid kids to swallow (although this captures the claustrophobic warehouse mania of early Phuture in a way the Hacienda types never could), too minimal and subliminal to be full-out industrial ... read more
blarch -
ZULI takes elements of jungle, footwork, grime and trap, grinds them into a thick paste and smears the remnants across the wall. "Tany" and "Where Did You Go" have the Amen breaks and synth pads commonplace in the hardcore revival scene, but any semblance of a straight throwback is thrown out the window when the former starts sputtering like a car with a clogged fuel filter, or when the latter ditches the pads for bass-fuckery that'd make your average jump-up producer wince. ... read more
blarch -
The head honcho of PC Music dons a new alias and drops a 20-minute mix mostly comprised of sped up tracks - mostly of R&B hits, but also a smattering of trance and other bubblegum bass tracks. Cameo's Back & Forth is sped up to sound like Sonic background music, Bell Biv Devoe's Poison is sped up to sound vaguely hardcore-ish, etcetera. The transition from a MGS2 soundtrack piece (mislabelled as a Burial tune) to Warlord Loves You is real ugly and ruins the vibe - otherwise it's as ... read more
blarch -
'Kowloon' is the ominous, airy slow-burner that introduced the Keysound affiliate's new sound to the world. 'Error 808', meanwhile, is more fidgety, adding vocal cut-ups and pizzicatto violin plucks into the mix. 'Kingmob VIP' layers a sinister square wave bassline over congas, but the drumtrack itself is a bit too antiseptic - closer to Pearson Sound than Ruff Sqwad, if you catch my drift.

The real highlight is 'Atlanta 96', which consists of a lilting melody accompanied only by sparse clicks ... read more


Mar 18, 2021
Doing alright, hbu?
Oct 25, 2020
hello friend
Oct 12, 2020
No worries, the more the better. Thanks a lot!
Oct 11, 2020
Not right now per se, but if you have any recommendations, I'll gladly listen to them.
Sep 25, 2020
Sep 3, 2020
Hi! Your work on this website is great. Giving attention to these 90s jungle records and mixes. That said, whats your favourite jungle mix?
Apr 30, 2020
Heeeey thank you so much! ♥
Dec 27, 2019
some jungle would be absolutely killer rn!
Dec 27, 2019
i think you're the right guy to go to for this but do ya got any cool dj mixes i could possibly check out? shoot me some recs on my rym when u can (i sent u a friend request if you're wondering who its from--i accidentally stumbled across your page lol)!! ty !
Dec 18, 2018
you forgot to give deathconsciousness an 100 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


insecure and temperamental

discord: blarch#1854

stay safe

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