Mar 21, 2017*
"Blond Is"

Poetic to exhaustion.
Rebelliously virtuous.
Progressive but not obnoxiously ambitious.
Naked with a warm tone of soulfulness.
Euphorically sinister of nostalgia.
Tastefully sour like an onion.
The Sistine Chapel of R&B.
Mar 21, 2017*
More Life is a culmination of the sound that has made Drake so successful. Boasting his versatility, it's a playlist that of a sonic synopsis of what the OVO aesthetic has personified. From his witty introspective talk-rap & somber mood of lustful R&B to refreshing melodies on dancehall riddims & sprinkles of 40s magical stardust of production, it's a very Drake project that many October born will worship for the upcoming months & the common anti-Drake will scorn with the ... read more
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