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folerpa -
English summary: Bad Gyal's third effort comes in the form of an EP that could be defined as hit or miss. A few good tracks, many unfinished songs and a feeling that this work was just a test for Interscope to see how to manage the Bad Gyal brand.

Por fin, tras tres largos años de espera, Bad Gyal ha parido al sucesor de “Worldwide Angel”, que a su vez fue una mixtape más que digna y que consolidaba el sonido con el que había empezado. Desde entonces, han ... read more

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folerpa -
“Sintiéndolo Mucho” is an excellent introduction for María Escarmiento. Since her participation in the talent show “Operación Triunfo” she has portrayed a different profile from the rest of her peers, embracing Spanish trap scene as well as the reggaeton genre.

The result of a year and a half of recording is this EP consisting of seven tracks. Its length is what makes the project shine, as adding more songs would make the progression stale and end ... read more
folerpa -
This EP is a bit of a hit or miss. “Un Extraño” is the best track, and possibly the best collaboration between Recycled J and Selecta, and “Superpoderes” is very charismatic and upbeat, making it easy to listen to it twice in a row because only one is sometimes not enough.

However, “Culpable” and “Boomerang” don't stand out. They're not bad, but they aren't the type of songs that I would like to listen to repeatedly.
folerpa -
Some albums don't need a concept that ties up all its songs together. Sometimes the lyrics aren't fundamental to understand the energy and the message of the songs. “Lo Que Te Falta” is one of those records. While I'm not familiar with flamenco, I've enjoyed some of Soleá's material until now, and this album is one that will come to my mind when thinking about the best music 2020 has offered. At 37 minutes long, this project is a short ride, even shorter than it looks because ... read more
folerpa -
A great record that brings Galician to a new generation through modern beats, influenced by trap and hip-hop culture. It's also worth noting the humble tone of the lyrics, which speak about love and gratitude. This help Verto differentiate from the current Spanish scene, where bragging about possessions and money is normal. However, I haven't revisited it since I heard it for the first time, it didn't have that replay value to me. Nevertheless, it's still a nice EP, inspirational and ... read more
folerpa -
Algora is a very experienced musician. After dedicating more than fifteen years of his life to perfect his craft, he has released his best album yet.

“Un Extraño Entre las Rosas” follows the route that Algora opened in his debut with songs like “Techno Triste” and “Sorda DJ” and explored in “Breve historia de la luna” (under the alias of La Evolución del Hombre al Pájaro). This means that the ten songs that the album includes ... read more


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Hi there! :))

The ratings here are only illustrative, as I believe music can't be really rated. My favourite part is writing the reviews, although it's just a hobby, so please don't expect something out of an official magazine. I'm fluent in Spanish, but I can also write in English quite correctly.

I'm inspired to write about a song or album that I like, that's why I don't think there will be many low ratings here. Have a nice day, and enjoy music!!

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