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Various Artists - Minions: The Rise of Gru (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I’m not a Christian Okay The second prayer check the box yes (200) is 99 $ 99
This is a Jeep , a connection, a car Maker of Mason I am
Wiz Khalifa - See You Again
Weezer - OK Human
This is a TRUE scary story that has happened to me very recently.

Growing up I was very into alternative rock music. I have always been a fan of Green Day, Nirvana and Weezer. I own a couple of their albums on vinyl, Dookie, American Idiot, Bleach, Nevermind, Pinkerton and the Blue album, just to name a couple. With Nirvana broken up and Green Day silent as a mouse, I usually seek nostalgia and comfort in Weezer's music. They have strayed quite a bit from the sound I loved but I welcomed it. ... read more


Hey FunnyGuy! To celebrate 500 followers I decided to put together my first community list from all of those who supported me along the way!

I wasn't sure what to do as pretty much everything has already been done, so I decided on this:

Imagine you're in an apocalypse, the whole world has gone to peril and you can only play one special song before everything perishes, what song are you picking and why? It doesn't need to be just one song, it can be a variety of songs if you can't choose just one.

I’ll compile everyone’s results over the next few days and I’ll let you know once the list is ready!

Thank you for your time!
FunnyGuy! Februarys monthly recap is out now, feel free to go check it out :)
Yooo, thank you for the follow! Based pfp 👍
Thanks for the follow! Earned a follow back!
Sorry, but I am not sure it counts. It is on the charts. I was looking for <50 ratings pretty much.
Hey Dake.

I made a list containing records that don't have enough or a lot of ratings or stuff I've legitimately added alone and is the only reviewer/rater on those records.

If you have very obscure record (say not enough to register for the charts), then comment a recommendation. I would like to put more obscure things on that list.
oh em gee DAKE!!!!!!
Drak, thanks for following. :)

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