AOTY 2023
And since I'm in the mood to review stuff, the next project that I wanted to review is the sophomore project from ARIETE titled "LA NOTTE"! Since the last album titled "SPECCHIO", the only thing that changed is just how big she is as an artist: after a successfull Sanremo festival and other singles, I don't think that there's anything else new except that now she is even more popular than ever! Actually, last october I went to her concert in Rome and I pretty much enjoyed ... read more
Taxi B - ZOLFO
Hello! I think that this is going to be a bit of an unusual review! Why? Because today, I'm taking a deep dive into the debut project from rapper Taxi B titled "ZOLFO"! In itself, a review about the latest project from a rapper is the norm, but Taxi B isn't just like your typical lyrical rapper, in my opinion. Starting off with Sapobully and Chiello as the FSK Satellite, a trap and hardcore hip-hop group that ended in 2021, Taxi B brought something different to the table when it comes ... read more
Oneohtrix Point Never - Again
Haven't talked about this project in my period of absence and it is interesting in some aspects. There's a lot of stuff going on in this new project by Oneohtrix Point Never, with almost every song or "composition" lasting more than 4 minutes, arriving to 6 as well. The album is very long and probably too convoluted. Probably it's because I haven't been there for the start, probably there's something else going on that I haven't understood, but while I like it overall, I don't think ... read more
Ho99o9 - Ho99o9 presents Territory : Turf Talk, Vol. II
Never been the biggest fan of Ho99o9, but this mixtape is peculiar and even more versatile than what the duo was already making in the past in the very saturated genre of trap metal! The collaborators are pretty varied, like imagine having JPEGMAFIA, Armand Hammer, HEALTH and ZelooperZ on the same project! There are some duds here, but I was at least interested for a great amount of tracks in this project!
Westside Gunn - And Then You Pray For Me
Pretty interesting project from Westside Gunn! The weirder trap cuts are something new that the rapper has to dabble more into to become great at rapping over those beats. It's a peculiar and very long album with loads of features which aren't all perfect unfortunately. I think that he just needs to practice more to become even more versatile as a rapper! Well I don't think that we'll need a lot of time to wait, because this guy basically drops an album per year, so yeah see you next year!
Coez & Frah Quintale - Lovebars
Here we go with another review of a quick italian project! And this is the collaborative effort between two of italian indie's most famous artists who have broken into the mainstream, Coez and Frah Quintale, and the project is titled "Lovebars"! When it comes to this genre of music, I feel like it's been in a phase of "hit and miss": some songs sound generic, as if there was a formula to copy and paste into very mid tracks. Take for example guys like Carl Brave and Gazzelle. ... read more
Sfera Ebbasta - X2VR
So, here we are, talking about another project! And today, I'll talk about the latest full lenght album from one of italian rap's most famous and successful artists, Sfera Ebbasta, titled "X2VR"! I've already talked about this artist on this site by giving a fat 0 on his EP with producer Rvssian titled "Italiano", a project which was a mess from every point of view: from production to lyrics, from flows to features, everything was off and done in an overall bad way. However, ... read more
Colapesce - Lux Eterna Beach
Here we go with another one! Probably only one today but I don't think that there's a lot of stuff that I've got to do this weekend so I'll probably talk about some other projects. But today, we're taking a look at this newest project as a duo from singers and songwriters Colapesce & Dimartino titled "Lux Eterna Beach"! I'd say that their journey so far has been one of the most weird in current times! Starting out as solo artists in the early 2010s, it's only with their team up ... read more
Måneskin - RUSH! (Are U Coming?)
Hello! Tomorrow I'll post some other reviews, but since I've covered basically every single step that Maneskin have made since winning the Eurovision song contest, I think that it's also time for me to review on this deluxe edition of "RUSH!" that includes 5 new tracks! The first one is the single of the reissue titled "HONEY (ARE U COMING?)" which I've already talked about on this site! And honestly my thoughts about this haven't really changed: the instrumental goes ... read more
Noyz Narcos & Salmo - CVLT
Since I'm feeling a bit generous today, I'll also review one of the most talked about albums of the whole year! This is "CVLT", the collab project between two of Italy's most popular rappers, the roman Noyz Narcos and the sardinian Salmo! The two rappers have been around for quite some time in the italian scene, with the first being around since the 2000s, starting out with the roman collective TruceKlan, and the second since the early 2010s, making in the process 6 studio projects, ... read more
Next project in my list comes from an artist who already released another project this year! This is "Red Light" by pop and superstar Elodie! She already released a project this year with "Ok. Respira", which I'd say is her best project so far, so what has happened between the release of that project and this one? To keep it short, the idea comes from all of the touring that she's done this year and her past experiences working at clubs! And so the first ... read more
Øjne - Sogno #3
Next is my list is a little bit of an element of surprise at least for me, because I didn't think that I'd review this project before other ones! This the latest EP of material from Øjne titled "Sogno #3"! This is band coming directly from Milan and the genre is really surprising because it's a screamo one! These guys have been around since 2011 but their first EP was only released in 2013! They then released a well received project in 2017 titled "Prima che tutto ... read more
Annalisa - E poi siamo finiti nel vortice
Next in line is the 8th project by an italian pop veteran! This is "E poi siamo finiti nel vortice" by Annalisa, a pop star who has been around for quite some time! Starting way back in the early 2000s as leader of some alternative rock groups, she started to get some recognition only in the early 2010s by partecipating at the TV talent show "Amici" and arriving at the final! From that moment she started getting more and more recognition, becoming one of the most ... read more
Calcutta - Relax
And to start things off with a bang, we're getting right back into reviews of italian projects with one of the most anticipated projects of the year! This is "Relax" by indie pop veteran Calcutta! This guy is a very particular artist who has been around since the late 2000s, with dropping his first album titled "Forse..." in 2012 and basically starting a nice change when it comes to pop tracks, being one of the main artists to carry the torch of the "indie italian ... read more
Ed Sheeran - Autumn Variations
Hello everyone! I'm here, finally, after more than a month of actual absence from AOTY. This is very difficult to write but I'll try my best to give some sort of explanation of what has happened throughout this period and what I plan for the future.

The TL;DR here is that my computer basically became an attack helicopter: the cooling fan basically made so much noise that it deformed and there was also so much dust in there. I didn't have my computer for weeks because it took a lot for the fan ... read more

Vipra - Musica dal Morto
So, after that huge failure that was the Tony 2Milli review, it's time to bounce back with something that I absolutely wanted to listen to and that is the sophomore project by Vipra titled "Musica dal Morto"! Vipra is a very eclectic artist that has had an interesting career so far: starting out as a singer, rapper and frontman for the band Sxrrxwland, after the end of the band's existance in 2020 he decided to go for a solo career by releasing "Simpatico, solare, in cerca di ... read more
Tony 2Milli - Così Rallentato Tony
Another one! Today we have another review but it's not what you may expect: even though I already covered this artist this year, I wasn't really expecting to be covering him yet again this year! This is a new project by rapper Tony 2Milli titled "Così Rallentato Tony"! So this year the rapper has released a mixtape titled "Così Ghiacciato Tony" that I reviewed positively! That was one of the wildest listens that I had this year as I've said before, with many ... read more
Carbeau - Madrugada
New little review! Today I'll be talking about this debut project by italo-french artist based in Paris carbeau titled "Madrugada"! This guy hasn't been around for that much: however, his electronic sounds inspired by brazilian music have caught the attention of some, leading to tours in the US with The Lemon Twigs and being an opener for Arctic Monkeys! I discovered this artist only through one of the singles which has become one of my favourite tracks of the year! But I'll talk ... read more
Måneskin - HONEY (ARE U COMING?)
New Maneskin track! Since I've reviewed a lot of their catalogue so far I wanted to cover "HONEY (ARE YOU COMING?)" as well! Some people were saying before the track dropped that this was going to be produced by Martin Garrix and I was expecting the worst because of it. However I have to say that overall this track is... good! Just good though, not at the same levels as some other stuff that they've done so far, as there are some elements that I'm not really fond of, but still ... read more
Hello! Here I am! Took a little time to go to see Oppenheimer, as in Italy it was only released on the 23rd but now here I am yet again for a little review! And today I'll be talking about this sophomore project from singer and content creator Simone Panetti titled "TITOLO PROVVISORIO"! Yes, today I'm talking about a project made by a guy that is famous because of his content on Twitch! I do not know a lot about how he started his music career, but along with many other creators he ... read more
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On Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
"Honestly, looking back at the candidates right now, after some music experiences, I think that the only album that could have challenged "Golden Hour" was probably "Dirty Computer" by Janelle Monae, but out of those candidates it should have won AOTY. I think that at the time it was more of a problem that there were some obvious snubs though, I don't really remember that much what happened that year."
On Chiello - MELA MARCIA
"Ah non sapevo fosse una vera e propria ghost track. Grazie dell'informazione! Comunque sì mi è piaciuta anche "Chilometri"!"
On Ricter22's review of Dreamville - D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape
"Hey Ricter non so se lo hai visto giusto per dirtelo anche qua ho risposto al messaggio che mi avevi lasciato sotto la recensione dell'album degli Algiers! Grazie di nuovo per il commento e per le belle parole! ;)"
On Algiers - Shook
"3) Un altro modo per restare aggiornati e direi anche il modo con cui riesco a ottenere più album da ascoltare è attraverso siti e pubblicazioni online. In particolare: Rockit con il loro "Bollettino del venerdì"; DLSO con le loro uscite della settimana e le uscite da ascoltare del mese successivo; gli articoli di Rolling Stone riguardo le uscite del mese successivo che, di solito, escono all'inizio di quel mese (come gli articoli di DLSO); infine, resto aggiornato con notizie di Billboard Italia e Rockol. Un applicazione necessaria che aiuta in questo è assolutamente Flipboard, utilissima per restare aggiornato con tutte le uscite. Grazie di nuovo per avermi scritto e per avervi fatto conoscere album che vi sono piaciuti molto! Spero che queste informazioni siano state utili per le vostre recensioni! ;)"
On Algiers - Shook
"Hey Ric grazie per il tuo commento! È veramente bellissimo scoprire molte persone che si stanno avvicinando sempre di più al mondo della musica e al mondo delle recensioni su siti come AOTY! Personalmente, per rimanere aggiornato provo a fare un po' di step particolari: 1) Se avete un iPhone, utilizzate l'app della musica (non iTunes), andate su "Cerca" e andate sulle categorie come Rap e Pop italiano oppure cercate "New Music Daily" per i singoli e la categoria "Nuova Musica". 2) Se non ce l'avete e avete Spotify c'è sempre la categoria "New Music Friday" per i singoli e sperate che aggiornino la categoria nuove uscite, visto che spesso non l'aggiornano."
On my bloody valentine - m b v
"Literally a perfect album! Totally deserves a 100!"
On Black Country, New Road - Live at Bush Hall
"First of all, thank you for the messages! Second, yes I have considered creating a channel but the thing is that I just have a laptop to post these reviews on the site that has had multiple problems in the past. I don’t really have the necessary equipment and I also don’t have the necessary funds to buy stuff that I could use to make videos on YouTube."
On ReMark - Embrace the Failure
"No worries man!"
On Souza & DJ Slug - One More Chance
"Thank you too! Can't wait for the EP!"
On Shadow the Hedgehog's review of Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
"Hey there! Congrats for hitting this milestone! With this rate you’ll hit the 2K milestone in a short amount of time! And you totally deserve this success! Again, congrats on 1K!"
On Swans - Soundtracks For The Blind
"Oh yeah I did listen to it more and more, I just forgot to change the rating."
On Sethu & Jiz - Cause Perse
"Hey there! I will listen to more stuff from him!"
On Ultimo - Alba
"Top commento lmao"
On doommit (メ𝙾 era)'s review of Ultimo - Alba
"This guy made an account just to say that this song is great and to comment non-sense to people that dislike the song. Wow."
On Gianluca Grignani - Quando Ti Manca Il Fiato
"L'ho dovuto fare, per forza bruh."
On Souza & M27 - GLOOM 2
"Hey thank you so much! Happy valentines day to you too!"
On VER0's review of Linkin Park - In the End
"The clock ticks life away, it's so unreal"
"Oh I didn’t know that! Thank you for telling me!"
On Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
"Oh yeah, "should i be?" is an highlight for me as well! Not my absolute favourite from the project, but it is a good track overall!"
On Weezer - SZNZ: Winter
"Not my favourite from the EP, but still not bad!"
On The Microphones - The Glow, Pt. 2
"Thank you @caleb for the recommendations! Plus, to answer your question, I have to say that I do not really know what to do when I get to 1k, but I think I have some time to think about it!"
On The Microphones - The Glow, Pt. 2
"Grazie mille @Nautalcrtzsm64 per gli album!"

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