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Jun 18, 2020
Music_Observer -
Creating a work of music that is both fun on its surface and thought-provoking at its core is quite the task, and one that seems to elude many musicians who attempt it outright. For this hip-hop duo, though, the task seems to come rather naturally, as evidenced by RTJ4. They exhibit their strengths well to create an album that satisfies a listener’s desire to jam to a nice beat, as well as provide powerful perspectives on their personal lives as present day Americans. Every layer ... read more
Jun 9, 2020
Music_Observer -
Hayley Williams’s first venture into solo work is quite a successful one, combining her expertise in finding hooks to engage the listener with an expansive, modern sonic palette that provides complete life and direction from start to finish. On the surface, this is just an outright fun listen. It exudes charm from its attention to detail in timbral combinations and catchy melodic rhythms, being a real treat for any modern listener who wants to groove for a bit. But it can also really ... read more
Jun 6, 2020
Music_Observer -
On one side, this is an interesting, thoughtful, introspective work highlighted by a vibrant synthetic sound that keeps you on your toes. From this perspective, the album seems like a rather unique force of nature in today’s world that demands attention. On the other side, though, this work falls into several bad songwriting traps that are all too familiar to the modern pop listener, and it doesn’t actually end up highlighting the aspects that were meant to be the alluring ... read more
Jun 3, 2020
Music_Observer -
Apple is a true singer-songwriter veteran, and she fully showcases her breadth of experience, both musical and worldly, in this one-of-a-kind work. Not only did experimental songwriting prowess reign supreme, but it began from a place of real personal authenticity. This wasn’t innovation for the sake of innovation; rather, it was a truly genuine and understandable display of emotion that carried with it a very unique sound. Pair that with a factory of continuous interesting musical ... read more
May 31, 2020
Music_Observer -
Everyone has their own ideas of what modern pop is and sounds like. Truth be told, there’s no succinct answer, because even if there are obvious tropes that big pop musicians today use and overuse to the point of annoyance, there’s always ways to be different at every turn. Music always gives room to those who are talented, no matter what the style. Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” is a reminder that big name pop music still has many different faces, and if done with ... read more
Aug 2, 2019
May 9, 2019
Ah thank you for replying, that definitely does make sense, I understand what you mean and I think a lot of people think the same way on this site about the here and now. Me myself am trying to go back to older music (like DeBarge - I Like it) now and then, but mostly I listen to new music.
Apr 16, 2019
Interesting how you have no albums that you rated 90+, is there a reason this is the case? Is there not an album you think comes at least close to perfect?
Feb 10, 2019
Also, I really like your channel. Really underated ! I like that you don't rely on meme, a loud voice or unecessary transitions. It's kind of exausted to see that in english youtube channels. In France we have very few channels and any are specialized to indie music (or when it's the case, it's largely biased by the trandy piece of music of the week)
Dec 18, 2018
Definitely one of the more underrated reviewers on the site
Nov 29, 2018
Don't always agree with your opinions but I definitely respect your views and how you convey them.
Sep 7, 2018
let's beef vro!
Jul 3, 2018
Some of the most interesting reviews of the site ! I suggest you to do paragraphs because it's pretty challenging to read
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