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i have anxiety
follow my ig: @fjallfjalla
Just a lil bug girl navigating this strange ethereal world of sound and feeling Changing up the rating system — everything will be in increments of 5, with 90-100 albums rated in 10ths. 100 - Perfect and Legendary 90-95 - Masterpiece 80-85 - Excellent 70-75 - Very Good 60-65 - Good 50-55 - Pleasant 40-45 - Average 30-35 - Deceiving 20-25 - Nope 10-15 - Big Nope
90/100 = Excelente|Obra Prima 80/89 = Ótimo |Muito Bom 70/79 = Bom|Decente 60/69 = Ruim|Salvo pouco coisa 50/59 = Horrível|Descartável 49/00 = Porcaria BR~
I love shoegaze
finishing some long overdue discographies
Rohan Agrawal, 16 years old, he/they. Virgin. Pansexual. Dumbass who really loves rock and metal (and even other genres as well o(^▽^)o) Library = Collection RYM: Shit channel: Letterbox: Rating System Tierlist: 100: All-time favorite 90s: Beautiful 80s: Great 70s: Good 60s: Decent 50s: Okay 40s: Mediocre 30s: Bad 20s: Terrible 10s and below: Shit
in a cloud
a music enthusiast - don't usually write way too long reviews just overall quick opinions
(she/her) 100 - cannot be improved upon. albums you use to measure other albums. 90 - 95 - masterpiece. some of the best of what music has to offer 80 - 85 - really, really good 60 - 75 - decent listening. might have a few amazing tracks anything below - forgettable, dull and/or clumsy. often has good ideas reviews get deleted often because i never like what i write
Listened to 1,200+ 2020 albums and did a Top 100 this past year (follow selfhatinghipster on Instagram for the photographic countdown). I plan to do the same for 2021...
I can twist my tongue
sometimes I really put a good effort on my reviews, the rest of the time are just my first impressions I don't believe in perfect scores
Professional Overrater Updated rating jawn (mainly enjoyment): 100: Perfect / All-time favorites (A+/S-tier) 90-99: Masterpiece (A) 86-89: Excellent (A-) 80-85: Great (B+) 75-79: Very good (B) 70-74: Good (B-) 69: Nice 65-68: Pretty good (C+) 60-64: Decent (C) 56-59: Passable (C-) 40-55: It exists I guess (D) 30-39: Poopoo+ (F) 29 and lower: Poopoo (F-) NR: Generally an uncomfortable listen I can't properly rate
music liker. "vibe magic" on spotify
I will only rate albums that I can review.I originally signed up here to keep track of new releases so 90% of my reviews will be new albums, give me a shout if you like 10: Quite Literally A Perfect Album 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 9.5-9.9: Absolutely Incredible 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 9.0-9.4: An Amazing Album 🔥🔥🔥🔥 8.5-8.9: A Fantastic Album 💥💥💥💥 8.0-8.4: A Great Album 💥💥💥💥 7.5-7.9: A Solid Album 👊👊👊 7.0-7.4: Really Good 👊👊👊 6.0-6.9: Good 👊👊 5.0-6.0: Average 4.0-4.9: Meh 3.0-3.9: Bad 2.0-2.9: 🤷‍♀️ 1.0-1.9 👎 0.0-0.9: 💩
I love listening to cool music. Mostly listen to recommendations of my brother and father.
reviewing is my hobby :) classical/jazz musician I compare everything I review to Sibelius 2 finale 100: perfection/special to me 99-90: timeless 89-80: outstanding 79-70: above avg 69-60: mostly good/mid 59-50: too inconsistent/mixed 49-40: little substance/more bad than good 39-00: not worth it at all *scores start at 50 and decrease or increase from there*
doin' your mom
| 18 | He/him | Catholic | Film and music enthusiast | I don't review/rate often because I'm tired of everything lately. Idk if I'll ever make any full-fledged reviews again. Singles Account: Backloggd: Letterboxd: Pfp & oc is art by my good friend, @bambam.747 on Instagram. Follow them there! I also don't check my feed.
Its been a boring fucking year 100: My favorites (do not have to be perfect) 90+ Pretty much flawless 80+ Great, a little filler 70+ Very solid, has filler 60+ Good but has flaws 50+ Alright but just pick out the best songs 40+ Mediocre 0-30+ No point in listening to ever again
100 - Masterpieces 90-99 - must-haves 80-89 - excellent 70-79 - good - very good 60-69 - satisfying - interesting 50-59 - decent or interesting enough 40-49 - insufficient / disappointing 40-30 - Terrible 30-10 - Disgusting, Unbearable 10-0 - Unlistanable or and Offensive *inspired a little bit by Doublez*
Cathony Liltano
why do I have so many followers
Soon to be the only AOTY user who’s listened to Gucci Mane’s whole discography RIP Dolph
just having fun
Hello! I write music reviews when I have free time and just rate music when I'm busy. I'm more likely to write positive reviews as I'm more passionate about music I like 100: Perfection 90: Love it! 80: Great 70: Good 60: Better Than Average / Mixed, but more positive 50: Literally Average / Mixed 40: Mediocre 30: Bad 20: Awful 10: Awful, I mean really Awful 0: Fitz and The Tantrums Self Titled
somewhere over the rainbow
Favorite music genres: Pop, R&B, trap (Music is art, and art is subjective) Rating Scores: 100 - 90: Masterpiece / Songs that I love 89 - 80: Amazing / Songs that I really enjoy 79 - 70: Very Good 69 - 60: Good 59 - 50: Okay / Would be better 49 - 40: Meh 39 - 30: Bad / Ed Sheeran 29 - 20: Really Bad / Camilo 19 - 0: Shitcore
Dragonsreach, Whiterun
"Never should have come here!" True Leader of Skyrim Baller of Whiterun
Chelsea hotel
they/them reviews? what's that hippie propaganda? 😠🤨 in this house we only believe in God 😤🙏🏼
i am 16 and i like music ONLY RATING ALBUMS FROM 2021 ONWARD
New York
Just a guy discussing his opinions on music for personal enjoyment and whatnot I'll probably be reviewing artists I want to listen to, probably mostly hip hop/r&b but I'll definitely go into other genres down the road. Ranking System 0-9- Unlistenable 10-19- Horrendous 20-29- Really Bad 30-39- Bad 40-49-Not good 50-59- Average/Mid 60-69- Decent/Okay 70-79- Good 80-89- Great 90-99- Excellent, near flawless 100- Perfect in every aspect Liked Albums:My favorite albums ever made.
Remember my name. I won’t tell you that i love music bcz it’s logic ? idk what to say so have a good day and I send love to u and ur family. goodbye see u soon.
I hate big blocks of text which is why my reviews are the way they are :)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
my IQ around 151-161 -------------------- 100 - GOD! 90 - very good sex 80 - Love 70 - Relationships 60 - First Date 50 - Friend Zone 40 - Your Ex:) 30 - Abusive Relationships 20 - PTSD 10 - Death of Brain 00 - Billie Eilish
Inhabited Land
HUGE THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING💜💜💜 I don't reply to comments (only sometimes). Write whatever you want 👍 If music can be compared to architecture, then I'm closer to High-Tech. That's all...
New Zealand

I'm just bored sometimes, so i do reviews on old albums I had listened too.
New Zealand
she/her always looking for that next song to play on repeat until i get sick of it. i dont do reviews and i dont rate very seriously and the Library is my To Listen list
guys are gay people real?
he/it hi im cooper i like music and do reviews when i'm not married to the grind 🔥💯🙏 also im the person who did that 23 tweet long thread about how dream's song is really bad
Russia, Moscow
If You Think I'm A Bastard, You Should Meet Max
any pronouns I love movies but I’m branching out into music too! Apologies if I’m not the greatest at reviewing, I’m still finding my footing in how I would critique music. The albums in my library are ones I own on vinyl.
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