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Apr 16, 2019
I really loved it. Another recommendation by a member of AOTY. I was pleasantly surprised to find that James Blake is someone who’s songs fit my cup of tea. The ambient sounds and use of soft pop just brought me to such a relaxing place. I especially loved listening to a lullaby for insomniacs which, I learned, was for his girlfriend who has insomnia. I have insomnia so it was honestly quite soothing for me. I’ll definitely be listening to more of him and saving this album to my ... read more
Apr 16, 2019
I was recommended this by someone on the website. I knew what to expect when I saw the title. It’s honestly not bad, but it isn’t my cup of tea. Although, I really love how the two artists were able to have me immersed in the first track with just the title of it. A Quick One before the Eternal Worm devours Connecticut is the name I believe. It’s quite interesting, I loved how they slowly brought in more and more sounds as the song carried on. By the time 4 minutes had passed ... read more
Apr 16, 2019
Hi, this is an extremely long review. It will be divided in sections. Please read this in its entirety, I spent a lot of time carefully reading reviews, yes it seems like a little extra, but, excuse my language, ya bitches got me really fucking twisted. So I’d like to respectfully give you my honest opinions and review. Also, yes I’m aware I’m violating the review guidelines.

1. Slightly professional rant.
2. Album deduction and review.
3. Final thoughts.

1 - Excuse me ... read more
Apr 16, 2019
Dropping a follow on your account, as this is the kind of behavior we welcome on the site and you write very detailed reviews. Thank you for being a great example! If every BTS fan that entered this site that they had never been on before behaved the way you’re presenting yourself, we never would have had a problem with any of the newcomers and would’ve welcomed them gratefully. Have a nice day and you’re welcome to give the albums scores too!
Is this suppose to be anonymous? Well, if it is then oops, but I’m fine with revealing my identity. Hi, my name is Snow and I like to listen to and review new music.
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