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Oct 27, 2019
This is on a par with Lateralus for me. I like that there isn't much screaming which I can only take in small doses (like in The Grudge). I prefer the warmer more laid back vocals on here. It's a mature and accessible listen. All the proper songs are great. I don't care much for the interludes but then I don't care much for tracks like Hooker With a Penis and most tracks towards the end of 10,000. This for me will have more replay value than possibly even Lateralus. The musicianship is ... read more
Oct 25, 2019
Best band in the world at the moment, simple as that.
Oct 24, 2019
Damn this is catchy as hell. It's got that mid 90's Hole influenced grit coupled with ear candy melodies. Definitely a great album to put on for a drive. Opening track Keep On is a blistering start. This is a highly enjoyable slab of pacific coast rock.
Oct 22, 2019
Their best album since Futures. Very catchy and infectious. Solid from beginning to end. I don't understand the hate that 555 is getting, it's melodic, catchy and quite frankly not offensive in any way shape or form. If that's the worst thing here this is definitely not a bad album. Highlights for me are Delivery and Recommit. I think Integrity Blues was slightly overrated so this is a welcome addition to the post 2004 era of Jimmy.
Oct 4, 2019
Their best album since Sainthood. This is a good balance between their new synth pop sound and earlier indie folk rock sound. This should please fans of both styles and especially those like me who like both. We Don't Have Fun sounds like it could be a hit Madonna song in the 80's and I'll Be Back sounds like a theme song from a 90's tv show. My only complaint is the songs seem to play it safe staying in the 3 minute marker, I would like to hear the music breakdowns go on for longer which it ... read more
Aug 19, 2019
Nah, i just disliked the song, plus, i dislike tool, also i didnt know i was rating on the album.
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