- The Overload
More of a 37 minute sarcastic rant than an actual album but still very enjoyable.
 - The Monitor
The mixing is surprisingly bad, but everything else is great.
 - Kidney Disaster 2
This is the worst thing I've ever heard and I love it
 - Storm Queen
......h-h-h-h-h-hi. Hi i have...a crush on u......stink queen.....i luv u........so crush on u......
Ignore that! Just joking! You are the ugliest woman I've ever seen! You literally have tits so small that they are smaller than my balls! Very small! So small!
 - Fat
I like it! It has good sound! I am a sissy femboy! Looking for a big sibby daddy! Anyone up to the par? Anyone here for me?
 - Painted Ruins
This is so boring.
 - Shields
Took a very, very long time to grow on me. But god damn, did it grow on me.
 - Veckatimest
Two Weeks is really, really overrated. Easily the most basic track on this album.

Other than that...I think this might be the perfect album? Not my favorite of all time, but it does just about everything right. It's goddamn fantastic.

 - Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)
This was my favorite album back in 2020, and I still very much appreciate it. However, it's kind of lost its magic over time for me. I'm seeing the cracks in what I once thought was an impeccable album. Once you get through the many months of teen ecstasy that this album provides on your first 12 or 13 listens, you see how rather shallow many of the middle-album songs actually are.

I still really, really appreciate this album, even if I don't particularly enjoy it that much anymore.

 - The Talkies
The fuck do I even say? It's Girl Band.
 - Brutalism
Feel the same way here as I do with Ultra Mono. Not enough variation; every song kind of has the same tone. I still enjoy it, but I see more potential here than what was given.
 - Joy as an Act of Resistance
This is just really good punk. Sure it might not have the dynamics that I asked for in the Ultra Mono review, but every song is so damn good that I can forgive it here.
 - Ultra Mono
All of the songs are badass, but that's kind of the issue. Every song hits stupidly hard, with the exception of the second to last one. When every song fucks, it gets stale. You need a wide set of dynamics to create a good album, which is where CRAWLER succeeds where this album fails.

Still a good anger album.

Some really creative tracks here. I think IDLES is at their best when they take things slower.
 - Visiter
May very well be one of my favorite albums of all time.
 - All Delighted People
I don't get why critics didn't like this. It's fantastic.
 - Offerings
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