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abigail87 -
What you would expect from a Post Malone album.
It has some really fun moments, Post's voice is appealing, his lines are catchy and the instrumentals are great, but the album is kind of messy in some parts of it, and it really doesn't try everything new, it stays on the road he already knows will make good, fun music and that's ok.
I think some tracks here have a more darker tone, which i appreciate, as it matches more the really cool album art.
But some lyrics are really bad and (sigh) ... read more
abigail87 -
Micropop is Jack Stauber's newest release, which compiles his musical work with more similarities with his animations on youtube and Adult Swim into a densely packed one hour of music, distributed on 99 tracks.
As his animations, this is very weird. it has some moments where Jack's vocals do strange loops and hit some strange notes, but this isn't obnoxious in any moment of the record. The instrumentals are as weird, mostly made by strange synths and drums, it being always short is part of the ... read more
abigail87 -
What ONEPOINTFIVE could've been.
ONEPOINTFIVE's greatest quality was the simple bangers, and this is full of it. IDK's personality is great, fun and charismatic, the album has a radiant, great mood. There isn't one not fun moment in this thing. It's great, i'll hear it a lot, but it isn't as progressive as the greatest pop rap records are. not bad tho.
abigail87 -
Great lyrics that will leava a mark on you, but will the instrumentals do the same thing ?
The message on here is great, and the lyrics from Dave paint a great, crushing image. The wordplay is great, and it feels very authentic and emotional. But some of his flows are meh and not inovative and emotional as everything in the rest of the album.
Some beats are great and emotional, almost angelical, but some others of them are plain, boring and very painful to listen on their entirety, to the ... read more
abigail87 -
Mach impressed me a lot when i heard him the first time. The music was versatile, beautiful and soulful. These are also some of the qualities in this record.
Muggs production is solid and beautiful, but i have a bone to pick with the sometimes repetitive instrumentals that make the tracks where they appear the most tiring and not as smooth as other projects from both member of Kill Em All. But, there's some tracks here that have a different, fresh new instrumentals, preventing the type of ... read more
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