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Jul 3

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thomasny18 -
Though aware of S. Maharba for months, especially in the past month or so this has been my go to album. Mostly because it's very easy-listening, with these cascading sample loops becoming throughly addicting. Especially at night, this sets the atmosphere perfectly, walking down the city. Each track reinforces eachother well, which is what's necessary for a great instrumental hip hop tape, so it flows smoothly and you'd want to go back to it again and again. Though, that's not to say there isn't ... read more
thomasny18 -
In this new single, it takes what is a new, unexpected approach to Rina's sound. Here, she's still collaborating with Clarence Clarity, who does the production for a heavy amount of her music, but instead of singing over this very glitzy, bright production, as what she usually does, the instrumental right from the start makes it known that this will be more aggressive, with this guitar riff reminiscent of early 2000's nu-metal. Not necessarily an idea that would automatically make a song bad, ... read more
thomasny18 -
I get a whole lot more entertainment reading their pretentious Spotify artist description, than hearing this album. What I get the most out of these 9 tracks is that they just didn't try. They got the dreamy sound they wanted, but didn't do anything to develop it any further into something that would be either catchy, emotive, or even engaging. All that I think of while listening is counting how many times I've yawned (7 I believe it is). Idk, maybe I'll play this again when I'm having a ... read more
thomasny18 -
An album where it feels as if every track is viciously competing against eachother for the award of worst song. The thing I can give this album credit for is that it's entertaining, but only in the sense that for 47 minutes I get to laugh at the cheap alternative rock production, with guitar noises and hi hats, which honestly wouldn't surprise me if they were made off an iPad. Additionally, this singing from Kid Cudi? Ok, yeah, he has never been notorious for being a gifted vocalist, but I feel ... read more
thomasny18 -
Yeah fine, this isn't as great as the three next albums to follow it, but My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky still makes for an album that definitely shouldn't be ignored in the Swans discography, especially for ones that are just getting into their music. Their latter albums feel closer to one whole experience, where if they don't stick the landing, it can all crumble down into an unpleasant and time wasted disappointment. However, this record feels a lot closer to a traditional ... read more
Jun 23, 2020
It's great to hear from you again. I'm doing fine myself, though admittedly fatigued. Been trying to find a balance after everything got messed up cause of quarantine. Think I'm finding my sense of direction again. Watching films and listening to music helps with some of the stress. For me, I'm equally interested in both film and music, hence why I finally started up a Letterboxd. (If you were wondering: I know you're still on Twitter, but I don't check anymore so I originally felt inclined to leave a shout here).
Jun 19, 2020
Hiya! I'm new to the site and wanted to know, what's your favorite album to cook to? Not for a list, just for my own curiosity! :3
May 27, 2020
i finally found a Popol Vuh album i enjoy thomas!!! are you proud of me 😊
May 4, 2020
it shocked me too don't worry
May 3, 2020
are you just done with twitter
May 3, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, please give it a listen. This is a collaboration between my friend Martin and me. It would be nice if you give it a review or rating. I would love to read what you think.

"Spleen & Lockdown" is OUT NOW on soundcloud:
Apr 26, 2020
i am VERY late but congrats on 500 followers omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 19, 2020
Hey, I've just posted another review and if you want to, I'd like to you to provide some constructive criticism of it.
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