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SAULT - Nine
Jun 25

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Hesam Inanlou, Hooshyar Khayam & Navid Afghah - Amid
In the last decades, many fascinating Iranian composers have been representing, with remarkable abilities, the modern traditions of Persian classical music such as: Salar Aghili, Kayhan Kalhor, Peyman Yazdanian, Hossein Alizadeh, Alireza Ghorbani, Negin Zomorodi, Dastan Ensemble, Alireza Mortazavi, Ahmadreza Nouri, Golfam Khayam or Mona Matbou Riahi (whose releases are usually distributed by Hermes Records, a ECM-inspired label that has many worthy gems ranging from Jazz to Classical or a ... read more
Makoto Kawabata, Richard Pinhas, Manongo Mujica, Juan Luis Pereira & Hiroshi Higashi - Alturas
An interesting collaboration between Acid Mothers Temple members, French composer Richard Pinhas, and members of Peru's The Mad's and El Polen, creating an improvised psychedelic world with tinges of Andean folk and noise space rock.
Sergio Zevallos - Atem: Piezas para acciones e instalaciones (1999​-​2019)
A complex collection of sound poetry/collage, field recordings, compositions playing with language, noise, breath, and sound, which create an unnerving experience once its context is understood.

Through these tools, Peruvian artist and composer, Sergio Zevallos, uses a form of political sound fragmentation as a confronting response to his country's violence, racial and sexual discrimination, and nationalism.

I recommend you to read the text in the link below, in which Zevallos himself ... read more

Benedict Taylor - Swarm
Honoring its name, British violist performs a microtonal piece on a hundred layers of strings, creating a hypnotic polyphonic composition reminiscent of insects.
Anakronos - The Red Book of Ossory
14th-century bishop Ledrede was a controversial figure who accused Alice Kyteler of witchcraft and listed nightmarish charges against her, which ended up in the burning of her servant Petronilla de Meath, making her the first person burned at the stake. Ledrede, despite his deeds, also wrote beautiful poetry which was collected in the medieval manuscript, The Red Book of Ossory.

With this alluring background, the innovative Irish ensemble Anakronos (which features the voice of Catriona ... read more


Hey Mr. Owlman! :) I was wondering, what are your favorite graphic novels? I love visual storytelling, and I've been wanting to check out more graphic novels. Also, I just want to say that you're super fuckin cool and you have a really interesting taste in media. With love, from TheTourist90
…Y debo decir que el tiempo que he invertido en ello me ha resultado muy provechoso y me ha ayudado a recobrar mucho de mi interés en la musica luego de haberme estancado por un tiempo con lo que escuchaba, escuchar un buen album se siente mil veces mejor cuando llegas a el por tu exploración y curiosidad

De nuevo gracias por tomarte el tiempo de responderme y matar mi curiosidad, ten buen día :)
Wow, primero que todo gracias por responder!, segundo pues debo decir que me gusta mucho esa forma de la que ves la musica, me llego en especial todo lo que mencionaste sobre como buscas que lo que escuchas te de otras perspectivas, como un vistazo a la historia del pais por ejemplo, porque aunque mi forma de escuchar musica difiera algo de la tuya si comparto ese encanto por ver la musica mas alla de lo que esta sonando y que esta me haga conectar con la historia y con una cultura que no conozco, despues de todo la musica tal y como la conocemos hoy dia no se ha desarrollado en una caja aislada, si no que ha sido influenciada por muchos eventos en la historia, de ser diferente la historia probablemente la musica hubiera ido por otra ruta, es algo increible de pensar de verdad.

En cuanto a tu consejo final lo tendre muy en cuenta!, ultimamente no he tenido tanto tiempo como me gustaria para escuchar musica pero el poco que tengo lo he invertido en salir de mi zona de comfort...
No es por parecer lamebotas ni nada pero realmente tienes uno de los perfiles mas fascinantes de todo el sitio, ver tus calificaciones es casi como abrir un libro de historia. Si no es mucha molestia ¿podria preguntarte de donde viene ese gusto y como te introduciste en ese mundillo de la musica clasica?
Thank you very much for recommendations. I really appreciate that you took your time :)
It will take me some time to listen to all, but i will let you know what suited me the most.
As I am planning on making a list from AOTY users, I would like to ask this question: What is an album that you and your parents like? Please elaborate if you'd like :)
I'd just like to say that I've got utmost respect for how dedicated you are to music. I think your 100's look incredibly interesting, and I will likely go through them one day. I can see your knowledge carries over into films as well, as you have a wonderful letterbox. Thank you for the time you've spent here.
I would be very grateful if you could shorten it
I'm looking for great Jazz albums
Any reccomendations?


Traditional and classical music lover, jazz-collector, experimental music fan...

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