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Jul 16, 2020
AdrianOst07 -
An album to get the inner Swede out of you, even if you're not Swedish. The album had strong point but for the most part, it was good. I loved the use of Latin in songs such as The Lion from the North, it was a really cool idea to have a Latin choir as backing vocals. Overall, the album is good and has its strong points at the beginning and towards the end.

TOP 3:
1. The Lion from the North (87/100)
2. Long Live the King (82/100)
3. Ruina Imperii (81/100)

Honourable Mention: A Lifetime of ... read more
Jul 15, 2020
AdrianOst07 -
I'll be honest, I had high expectations for this album after hearing "Attack of the Dead Men" and "Red Baron". It was a rollercoaster of "Damn this is a good song" to "eh, this one was ok". Joakim would pull off amazing vocals in songs such as "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" and "Attack of the Dead Men" backed with backing vocals, great guitar riffs and other instrumentals. This is the first Sabaton album I listened to and I feel like there ... read more
Jul 14, 2020
AdrianOst07 -
If you're new to the band, I recommend starting here. I wasn't too keen on this band at first and found them somewhat cringe but after hearing Bismarck, I decided to give the band a chance and listened to Attack of the Dead Men since it was in my recommended. There are better Sabaton songs out there in my opinion, but Bismarck is an iconic song by the band in my opinion. It's worth a listen and a song that I will come back to and listen on a time to time basis.
May 1, 2020
AdrianOst07 -
54 - Meh

This is gonna get a lot of hate. It's got quite a bit of hype and praise and Spotify wanted for me to check it out so I did.
It just doesn't click with my musical taste, the stuff from the first LP is cool but this is eh for me. Sorry, please don't hate ._.
Apr 18, 2020
AdrianOst07 -
82 - Great

Olympic Airways (82/100)
Unthink This (81/100)
Glaciers (85/100)
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