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Jan 11, 2019
'Paper Crowns' is a textbook example of generic. Everything this EP has to offer has been done before by countless others, and done much better, might I add. Each track just sort of exists without much to offer up to the listener. Even Tove Styrke couldn't save it on "Stuck." The lyrics are so generic that it makes me wonder why they're even here. They don't tell any story, at least none that hasn't been done to death. The production is so lackluster as well. This whole EP sounds as ... read more
Jan 11, 2019
'Fugitives, Vol. 2' is a wildly inconsistent cheap pop EP from Strange Music's new pop band, Above Waves. While none of the four tracks here are inherently bad, there's very little here to return back to after a first listen. "Right Back to You" is a bit of a mess, especially in the first half where it's hard to even discern the beat, but the back half is decent. "Sober" is the best new track of the EP, though it's not exactly a high bar. It's mostly just "fine." ... read more
Jan 5, 2019
'Dermot Kennedy' is an interesting album to say the least. First off, the vast majority of the album is just a collection of previously released material from earlier EPs or over two-year-old songs. Indeed, if you're counting the lead single "Power Over Me," the 12-track album only has three new songs not previously released commercially. So that itself may be disappointing towards the fans, but for the purpose of reviewing this album, I approached it as if I was a first time listener ... read more
Dec 28, 2018
'Go DeJ Go' is a bit of a letdown of an EP. DeJ Loaf used to be an up and coming rap star with the potential to really bring something fresh and new to the rap scene, yet this EP suggests that those ideas of a budding rap icon are pipe dreams. There really isn't anything here and none of her contemporaries aren't already doing and already doing better. DeJ does manage to breathe some personality into the tracks, which does help the overall vibe of the EP, and the production on most of the ... read more
Dec 18, 2018
Neighborhood Tennis Club delivered a pretty decent debut album. While the substance itself isn't anything to write home about or ingenious, the album does offer a stellar vibe that makes for perfect background or mood music. There's a few tracks here that offer a bit more than that: "Daytona," "Dry Bones," "Impressions, Pt. 2," and "5513," and these tracks definitely help bolster the album by giving some form of substance to the chill vibes the rest of ... read more
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