Adele - 21
Oct 19, 2021
Favourite: Set Fire To The Rain
Worst: Lovesong

1. Rolling In The Deep - 10
2. Rumour Has It - 7.5
3. Turning Tables - 8.5
4. Don't You Remember - 7.5
5. Set Fire To The Rain - 10
6. He Won't Go - 8
7. Take It All - 7
8. I'll Be Waiting - 7
9. One And Only - 8
10. Lovesong - 7
11. Someone Like You - 10

Average: 7.54
Quick Comment: Not surprisingly this a pretty good listen. I thought I would give listen to another Adele album due to her big return and just makes sense to do it now. Let's get the obvious stuff out of the road. Good vocals, great piano, quite beautiful blah blah blah. Anyway, I thought the production on this was decent most of the time. I felt towards the end it was a little weak but for the majority of the time I enjoyed that aspect. Lyrically I liked this a lot. There was a decent amount of variety in that aspect if that was the differing perspectives she explained or just the different structures in terms of her lyrics. The chorus was also mainly enjoyable with them not being too repetitive or anything which was good and I know I said I wouldn't blabber on about the obvious but the VOCALS!

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and I may have been a little harsh with the overall rating but there are so many classics on this that no one can hat :)

Oct 20, 2021
Good job on the review!
Oct 20, 2021
You are one nice bear! Thank you mr Bear :)
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