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ebambirra -
It's definitely in 3rd place out of the 3 she's released so far, but that doesn't make it a bad record.
Although it's not immediate like the Melodrama, the vocals here are much better, and the lyrics are more poetry style. And definitely, some SP tracks are true career highlights for me.

What I missed the most was a further exploration of instruments beyond the acoustic guitar.

Speaking individually about the tracks, my biggest problems were with the terrible 'Dominoes' (probably her worst ... read more

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ebambirra -
It does sound like a major synthpop act. The production is way bolder than I expected, I almost didn't believe in the instrumental of tracks such as 'Open Your Heart'. They are able to mix sounds I thought I would never hear in the same song. As I didn't find Phil Oakey's voice that impressive, I think it was smart to let the synths shine more than anything in the songs. Lyrically, few moments were that interesting.

The highlights for me were the first two tracks and, of course, the smash hit ... read more
ebambirra -
Since the beginning I could feel how drastically this record differs from ‘Nada!’ - that coldwave with dark dance influences is now gone. The predominant element in every song of ‘But, What When the Symbols Shatter?’ is the strong presence of acoustic guitar, which characterizes their neofolk music. 

In ‘Death Is The Martyr of Beauty’, any expectation of a great chorus or a more solid melody was frustrated. At first, I was slightly disappointed, but it ... read more
ebambirra -
Finally, we have a Lil Nas X album after years of singles and the ok EP '7'. It feels incredible to hear true gay music from a pop star, in all aspects. This already would make it worth the listen, but it's also a good record. Honestly, however, I thought I would have loved it more. Most songs were not better than some previous material that I like from him (Holiday, Kick It), which wouldn't be the desired for a debut album. I liked it, but I think there's space for more.

Even though I liked ... read more
ebambirra -
I was conflicted, at first, to listen to Di6. However, it was impossible to resist the phenomenal production of ‘The Calling (Mk II)’. The very first seconds set this mysterious, dark ambiance that sounds like gothic glam at its best. I had recently read Dracula and this seemed a perfect soundtrack theme to it. It also reminded me of the beginning of ‘Running Up That Hill’ (for me one of the greatest songs of all time). Then his echoed phantasmagorical voice starts, and ... read more
ebambirra -
I have had some problems with Nicki Minaj, but I need to be fair in acknowledging that I really enjoyed four tracks of this album: Majesty (saved by Labrinth's great chorus), Barbie Dreams, Rich Sex, and Chun Li - by the time it was released. From all the other tracks, the only one I would save perhaps is Good Form. I think some songs here are unquestionably fillers, with repetitive and uninspired lyrics and nothing new regarding the production.
In a desperate move to increase the numbers of ... read more


Sep 8, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!


Just a regular music fan. Pop music has followed me as I grew up so it's the main thing you'll see here. Also, I'm Brazilian (I'm starting to write the reviews in English as an exercise). Nice to meet you :)

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