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Oct 4

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Houdanny -
I absolutely adore the production that Axel Willner puts forward on his “The Field” project. The looped samples and minimalist nature combined with the luscious layering and accentuated pulses that throb throughout his albums is just sublime to me. It’s what I imagine clubs sound like in heaven.

Standout: It’s up there
Favs: Looping state of mind, Is this power, Burned out, Sweet slow baby
Least fav: Then it’s White

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Houdanny -
So this is my first intro to musique concrete as a genre, and well I can’t say I’m disappointed! This is a very haunting and tense album, where the sounds used seem built around causing as much tension and nervous energy as possible. It’s a tough, yet invigorating listen once you dig into the flesh a little bit.

Standout: Violostries
Favs: La Roue Ferris, Capture éphémère
Least fav: n/a
Houdanny -
Charming little classical project that’s very light on the ears, but still packs an emotional weight nonetheless. Sometimes it borders on being a bit too inoffensive, but it’s still a worthwhile easy going listen.

Standout: Stranger on the lake
Favs: Black Sarabande, Painted serpent, Ghosts of Blacker Dyke, Arc of Crows
Least fav: Progressive Music
Houdanny -
I guess it’s not bad, but there’s nothing truly innovative here. It feels very standard in the field of metal as a whole, despite having some impressive instrumentation and luscious production at points overall. Idk I guess I just want more from metal considering how wide the scope is.

Standout: Behold
Favs: Nensha, Day of the Cloud
Least fav: Mirrorslave
Houdanny -
Why of all girl groups in the K-Pop scene Blackpink are the ones to hit it big is beyond me. 90% of their songs consist of the same formula with hardly anything changed about it. Stan Loona and TWICE instead.

Standout: Lovesick Girls
Favs: uhhh…. Ice Cream has some interesting characteristics???
Least fav: Crazy over you
Houdanny -
Um it’s got some cool rhythms, especially on the tail end, but it sounds pretty dated and uninspired as far as a lot of electronica goes to me.

Standout: Princess Highway
Favs: Frosti, Professor Moriarty, Flashback Warm Nights

Least fav: Stars without Makeup
Oct 12, 2020
Hello, I have just released my second single this week called "Panacea" and I would be happy if you would give it a chance and tell me what you think about it, it might be just a simple rating.
If you haven't listened to my previous single Exosphere, you can do it sooner or later if you want:) They probably sound best on headphones but it is your decision how you will listen to them. Thanks^.^

Link to tracks: https://soundcloud.com/hubert-dobrych-op

Have a nice day
Oct 7, 2020
Thank you very much for this comment, it's kind of you! Continue to treat us as well (:
Oct 4, 2020
Apologies for the late reply. I am doing fairly well, thanks <3. Hope you are as well. The whole thing about EAI is that it's a very specific, unconventionally hard-to-define style of Electroacoustic music (which in it of itself is a specific form of Experimental Electronic) that puts especial focus on technical textures involving the manipulation of acoustic sounds, often coming out as protean or abrasive. The process is tedious, both in composition and during a listening session.
I'd maybe recommend ErstLive 005, or for an "easier" time, Voice Crack - Earflash (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufIjUmbO-Cg&ab_channel=NurryGoren).
With EAI though, the best entry point is through the more broad scope of Electroacoustic and Improvisational Music. AMM is the preferred starting point chronologically.
AMM - The Crypt: 12th June 1968
Nuno Canavarro - Plux Quba
David Tudor - Rainforest
Roland Kayn - Tektra
Sep 12, 2020
Congrats on 100 followers!
Sep 7, 2020
C'est kind, thank you very much Houdanny, it makes me very happy! I like your work as well and the tastes you have, keep it up!
Jul 25, 2020
Since no one on Twitter seemed happy with the Mercury Music Prize, I thought it would interesting to see what people on here thought were the best! Not in any order so scroll through options to find your favourites. Write your choices in other if they don't appear in list! https://forms.gle/wMEd9cQD74RtzwtQ7
Jul 10, 2020
Hello there, Im Malneezy I have a new album out if you have time to check it out, thanks! <3 Message me back if your interested or not

Here is the album link: https://soundcloud.com/user-883091816/sets/bipolar
Album Rate/Review: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/239984-malneezy-bipolar.php
Jul 8, 2020
Thanks for the follow🙂🙂
Jul 7, 2020
Nice reviews! Keep up the good work🙂🙂
Jun 30, 2020
My new song is released on Soundcloud:D
You can listen to it if you want
Here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/hubert-dobrych-op/bumblebee-dubstep
hi im dan i like music
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