Weezer - Hurley
Apr 7, 2021 (updated Jan 9, 2023)

Ah, so here we are. The beard man album, my favorite of that series of albums. Anyways, does Weezer rebound back from the awful Raditude? Definitely. Like in almost every single way an improvement. But is Hurley a standout amongst every Weezer record so far? No, absolutely not. It’s certainly not a generic Weezer album, and has a fairly unique raw vibe, but the record is kinda just plain boring. Don’t get me wrong it has some great tracks with heartbeats like “Memories” and “Where’s My Sex?” but it kinda is just boring to me in a lot of my listens. Like, it doesn’t really pop in the grand scheme of things like Blue, Pinkerton, and Red.

It’s kind of just like another album by Weezer, and it even has the pop tendencies albums like Make Believe and Raditude made me wish never returned in any form on any Weezer album. I will say that while this album can be a little stupid, it’s pretty heartfelt and even feels like Red, an album I love by them, sometimes.

I should also mention that while the raw aspect is new, it can get really annoying on repeated listens. Like the last song clips so damn hard and is kinda hard to listen to. At least the standouts don’t make this seem like filler.

But anyways, this album is fine, but watch me get into their next two albums, some of their most celebrated releases since their first two records.

Favorite Tracks: Memories, Ruling Me, Trainwrecks, Where’s My Sex?, Hang On, Brave New World

Okay Tracks: Unspoken, Run Away, Smart Girls

Least Favorite Tracks: Time Flies

(66 —> 81
A really fun and catchy pop rock record. Very different competed to their other records, and maybe that’s why I wasn’t huge on it at first. Memories is also one of their best songs.

Favorite Tracks: Memories, Ruling Me, Trainwrecks, Unspoken, Wheres My Sex?, Hang On, Smart Girls, Brave New World, Time Flies

Okay Tracks: Run Away

Least Favorite Tracks: None)

Track Ratings
1Memories / 100
2Ruling Me / 80
3Trainwrecks / 95
4Unspoken / 89
5Where's My Sex? / 84
6Run Away / 79
7Hang On / 90
8Smart Girls / 79
9Brave New World / 84
10Time Flies / 100
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