Blink-182 - Cheshire Cat

To break the monotony of listening to forty-something albums by one singular artist, I figured I’d start another dive to concurrently go with that one. I picked this band because they’re one of the more unique bands of their genre and are a load of fun. Anyways, enough babble. Review time.

Blink (later renamed to what we’d know them as today), the three piece SoCal skate punk band, would sign with independent punk label Cargo Records after the ... read more

Ropes Inside A Hole - A Man And His Nature
Is post metal what the mailman listens to?
The Gentle Men - Filthy
I normally love the gentle men and Penguinz0 but this is fucking unbearably unfunny corpse mimickry. Please stick to the fun rock music, bearded one.
Big Baller B - No More Half Measures
Brad sounds awkward when he tries to rap genuinely and it’s about as funny as a root canal…

Fantastic release!

Jakey - ROMCOM
So I’m currently very tired at midnight, on the cusp of being sick, and I decided that I’d give this album another go. Im late, I know. I’ve had some other things going on like moving so I couldn’t really get to this album like I wanted to, but here we are. ROMCOM is the culmination of five years in the making, and I’m not really sure what happened with those five years. I mean, the original incarnation of this project entitled Dead Friends was announced back then ... read more
Mr. Bungle - California

Ten years after he entered the mainstream with Faith No More’s The Real Thing, and two after breaking up with said band, creative powerhouse and jack of all trades, master of all trades vocalist Mike Patton sees himself taking his career in another bizarre and fresh direction. Mr Bungle, up to this point, had been a band that maybe your friends played for you in their shitty tape deck in some crappy midwestern home in the middle of nowhere and it scared the shit ... read more

RiskR - girl talk!
It’s fine. It sounds like it would play at a Dave N Busters and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Pantera - Cemetery Gates
A swarm of angelic guitars greets you, as does Phil Anselmo’s gorgeous clean vocals, before the punch in the face that is Dimebag Darrel brings you into another heavy dimension.

I don’t think there’s a single flaw with this song. At over seven minutes I don’t think it ever overstays it’s welcome. Anselmo’s beautiful clean vocals and emotional, screamed vocals hit like a train, showing as much soul as Darrel’s squeaky fluid guitar tone.

Speaking of ... read more

Golf Girl - Gnash
While at times a little shakey and (in the grand scheme of music as a whole) not being anything we haven’t heard before in this acoustic indie style, it is a breath of fresh air in the aoty scene and shows that clearly a ton of work was put into it. It sounds crisp. I’ll gladly take another outside of the box aoty record like this over another bland and generic electronic album from this scene, I’ll tell ya what.

Vocals even work really well with this style (vocals being ... read more

Yello - Oh Yeah
This song is so uncomfortable and weird but it’s also so funky and fun. The awkward sound effects and vocal effects mixed with the strange and cryptic lyrics combine for a very jarring but danceable track. Its starts to sound almost hell-ish by the time you finish the short three minutes. The 80’s were quite the time, man.
Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
An album titled I Didn’t Mean To Haunt You is unironically one of the more hauntingly beautiful things I’ve heard in a bit.

I enjoyed this a pretty good margin. If you’d told me a year ago that I was gonna like this album as much as I like it, well..I’d probably seriously think you are mental. Quadeca has seriously been taking drastic steps to mature his sound and songwriting and it’s so clear. This is a thousand steps above his last record in all facets. ... read more

Panic! at the Disco - House of Memories
I don’t mind Brendon Urie and the hired gun, but you’d have to be brain dead to make a move like this.
Steve Lacy - Bad Habit (Sped Up)
0 for starting one of the worst and most pointless trends in the music industry.
This is underbaked and boring as all hell. It’s like Joji’s taking a step backwards rather than progressing like he was on Nectar. It’s either boring as shit balladry with his gratingly vanilla voice or it’s generic sadboy lo fi beats to cry to radio. Neither are appealing in the slightest.

It’s about as boring and plain and insignificant as the album cover. I haven’t lost faith in George, but man this unfinished fucking twenty minute album isn’t ... read more

Limp Bizkit - STILL SUCKS
Fred Durst Has A Curse - The Bizkit Binge #6

Newest Bizkit album. Last Bizkit album. Finally, my soul can rest.

This is fine. Most of these songs sound like your generic Bizkit affair minus the offensively bad parts. There’s nothing really wrong with them aside from the fact that they’re not very diverse. There is still some of that Fred Durst balladry that I dislike, like on Don’t Change and Empty Hole and there’s also the fair share of more diverse tracks like Dad ... read more

Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra
Durst Got Wurst - The Bizkit Binge #6

This is so unexpectedly bad. Like I’d assumed after their last record they’d be focused and realize what works best for them, but nope. Over 6 years later, this shitstain was dropped into the public’s lap.

This has some of the corniest and cringiest Fred Durst-isms run rampant, and ten years before their unexpected hit song Dad Vibes, Frederick displays some actual dad energy on this album. Like the auto tune shit made me cringe so ... read more

Limp Bizkit - The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)
Durst Is Getting Less Durst - The Bizkit Binge #5

With the aid of acclaimed record producer Ross Robinson, who produced their first and best record, Bizkit sound somewhat focused on here.

This is technically an EP, but I’ll just count it as an album as every website detailing it seems to. This is essentially Limp Bizkit’s first album mixed with them ripping off Rage Against The Machine and it makes for a solid, focused and fun LB record with little filler. It doesn’t quite ... read more

Limp Bizkit - Results May Vary
Durst Can’t Get Much Worse - The Bizkit Binge #4

Guys, I must confess…I let you all down. I was supposed to listen to every Bizkit album in one night and I fell asleep. I’ll repent for my sins everyday now.

This is miserable. This is dreadful music. Not even in a good way. This album just has no life and no enjoyment in it. There is literally NOTHING to enjoy on here. I don’t even think I finished it. I think I was half asleep the last two songs. My memory’s ... read more

Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Durst Makes It Worster - The Bizkit Binge #3

I’m too tired to even want to make the Fred Durst friday jokes. I’m drained. Anywho…

How do things keep getting worse?

This is absolutely awful. I mean, sure it’s got more good songs than the last record but the bad is mountains and pyramids and piles larger on here. So many tasteless and awful experiments on here. So many boring filler nu metal tracks. The lyrics more blunt and boneheaded than ever. How the fuck did the ... read more

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