Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
The Faith No Nu Peppers.

Mike Patton meets RHCP-esque funk rock put through the lense of nu metal sounds like a catastrophe in the making, but it actually uses its influence to its benefit and crafts something wholly original. The oddball experimentalist vocal acrobatics clearly indebted to Patton gel really well with the funk laden groove of the chili peppers and the heavy bounciness of nu metal, and it’s clear that they have a lot of their own ideas of which all turn out to be ... read more

Yeah, I think I can proudly say I’m a Quadeca fan and not live to regret that statement.

Benjamin Lasky is someone who I’ve had an interesting history with. Despite never meeting the guy once or ever interacting with him, I’ve found myself hating him at one point. I think it was because I saw him as the corniness and tack and posturing of YouTube rap accentuated and brought to the forefront. 2022’s I Didn’t Mean To Haunt You, to me, was an instant knock out of ... read more

Temporary Jesus - Temporary Jesus
You may be wondering why I’m so late to responding to this whole situation and it’s because, frankly, I found the whole thing to be silly. I’m being “cancelled” again and being called a groomer and a pedophile and Yada Yada because of stuff from four years ago that’s severely misshapen, taken out of context and worded particularly. Well, after waiting this thing out a little to see just how far it can be taken I’m ready to say my piece and use the ... read more
Eminem - Eminem x Fortnite Radio
Greatest shits
AJR - The Maybe Man
This arrested development ass, Unkle Adams on production ass, Pillow Pilots “on crack compilation” ass, diarrhea ass, shitcore ass music will never EVER appeal to me. The lack of development in any field and repetitious use of amateur and stale early 2010’s production tactics is astounding, especially for a group doing this since they were pretty young.

There is little difference between this and Cocomelon music in my mind.

Dustcutter (95)
Under My Skin (88)
I Make It Look Effortless (85)

Quadruplet keeps dropping cutting edge and emotionally-charged glitchy Art Pop and I keep eating it up. Quad did, indeed.

My Chemical Romance - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Whiles there’s honestly not much here, what is here is a promising band that delivers that promise from the jumpstart. The New Jersey vampire punk outfit would form directly from the ashes (literally) of the September 2001 terrorist attacks, as a young Gerard Way was heading to his internship job at Cartoon Network Studios. Prior to this point he was shopping around a cartoon he’d been working on called Breakfast Monkey, but as soon as he saw the ... read more

blink-182 - ONE MORE TIME...

If you were any of the many who had to sit through the tumultuous and exhausting cycle of this record, (going nearly an entire year to release a second single, not announcing even a track list or album name until last minute, the album not even being done months and months after Edging released, no communication with fans, tons of hyping with nothing to show for it) than you’d know just how disappointing and not worth the wait this was.

Tom Delonge said ... read more

blink-182 - NINE
blink-182 | Chapter Eleven

As positive as I am about their previous material (pre-California, obviously), this is a depressive shit-heap of an album and there’s nothing to like about it.

Matt Skibidi and Mark Hopeless just do what they did on their last album but with annoying trap beats, groan-worthy forced vocals, even shittier and more dumbed down lyrics and no original ideas. It’s slightly (slightly) more creative than California in areas, but it is a good good chunk worse ... read more

blink-182 - California

After Tom’s unexpected exit of the group Matt Skiba, singer of punk band Alkaline Trio and an idol to all three members, would fill in for touring duties, ultimately leading into his permanent stay in the band on co-vocals and guitar and the recording of this record. And wow…

Yeah, it’s very that after Tom leaving yet again, Mark really has no idea what to do. In seeking a producer, they didn’t reach out to the guy who produced some of their ... read more

blink-182 - Dogs Eating Dogs

Not a ton to say about this one. First track is great, some pretty good ones, Yelawolf verse is pretty funny and jarring. Boxing Day is a cute little folk-inspired tune.

This is essentially just more neighborhoods. Not bad at all.

What is bad is that Tom decided to repeat history again and up and left the band in 2015. Now he can go chase aliens, at least.

How in the world will Mark & Tom find their footing ten years after going through the same exact thing ... read more

blink-182 - Neighborhoods

(Using the deluxe tracklist, as it feels like a more complete experience to me.)

Taking a little bit of every project they’d done up to this point, Neighborhoods feels like a happy medium to be at this late into their career. Has some of the pop of Enema & Take Off, has some of the experimental edge of Untitled, has songs that are both reminiscent of +44 and of Angels & Airwaves. First thing I notice about this record is that the writing has excelled ... read more

+44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating

In the wake of Tom Delonge’s departure from Blink it was very clear something had shattered within Mark. His closest friend and brother of nearly fifteen years had abandoned him coldly and sharply, not to mention after a year or two of constant in-band arguing and disagreements. In press and the very few interviews Mark gave in the period of beginning of Blink’s “hiatus” to even after the record’s release it was very clear he was ... read more

blink-182 - blink-182

After a relatively successful world tour with Green Day and a year-long album recording process (documented on MTV’s Album Launch program), the trio’s fifth studio album would be delivered. Only, this time it was made up of more nuanced gloom and experience rather than sophomoric emotion and raw passion. The three were (or were becoming) fathers and had a new perspective on life. That, as well as the critical success of Delonge’s adventurous one-off ... read more

A La Carte (95)
U Don’t Know Me Like That (62)

It’s nice to hear him expand on his sound with these b sides. It’s even nicer to hear his sound outside of the context of the narrative of IDMTHY. I think the first track is another beautifully composed, heartfelt and creative tune with a great Brakence feature (rare w), but thought the latter was kind of grating on the ears with it’s annoying pitched up vocals (in spite of its wonderful instrumental). Maybe it’s a ... read more

Box Car Racer - Box Car Racer

Amidst a back injury-led break in touring, and the shockwaves of 9/11 still resounding, Tom would take the pain of both and write a slightly heavier and more serious-in-tone album. These sessions were comprised of songs and ideas DeLonge deemed too idiosyncratic for his main band, and you can absolutely see why. A song as tricky and somewhat out of left-field as Cat Like Thief or a song as punk and as raw and as aggressive as the aptly titled My First Punk Song could ... read more

blink-182 - DANCE WITH ME
What the fuck? Best single yet (their best song since 2011) and even Travis' horrible production can't ruin it.

(85 - 81

No longer my favorite single, but still remarkably good)

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
This album sounds like neon signs and vibrant cityscapes. Great job, conductor Yachty.

Bringing every member of Pink Floyd back from the dead to be your backing band was a nice touch.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
Despite it's repetitiveness at points, this is a very haunting and icy record that oozes color with it's breathey atmosphere and glitched up samples. Excellent all around and scratches that specific itch.
Fantรดmas - The Director's Cut

I have never started and never finished an album so many times in my life, and after seven months I finally have. And yeah, I've never much cared for this band's anti-song approach to music, and soaking their structureless and brief tunes with homages to movies and themes I've never seen and heard does even less for me.

It's musical mush. It's too weird and dissonant to be enjoyable. There's some sick ideas here and there, but there's really no 'songs' to come ... read more

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