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100 gecs - Snake Eyes
100 Gecs: Snake Eyes Review

1. Hey Big Man - 8
- Some crazy energy on this one and produced really well.
2. Torture Me ft Skrillex - 9
- So catchy as Laura's voice and Skrillex's production is a cheat code in this genre of music.
3. Runaway - 10
- The best song they have ever made. The production, the emotion, Laura Fucking Les. Please make a song this good again guys!

Overall Thoughts: Again had to prove I'm not a gec hater. This ep completely solos the album. Serious 100 gecs music is way ... read more

100 gecs - 1000 gecs
100 Gecs: 1000 Gecs Album Review

1. 745 sticky - 7
- It's catchy and not too complicated, not their best track but there is much worse (looking at you The Most Wanted Person In The United States), I also like the outro on here a lot.
2. money machine -9
- HEY YOU LITTLE PISS BABY!!! For as funny as this track is it's still a banger. Tracks like this where they are in their bag, melodic and catchy while still funny and quirky. Very well produced and just a great track.
3. 800db cloud - 7
- Just ... read more

100 gecs - 10,000 gecs
100 Gecs: 10000 Gecs Album Review

1. Dumbest Girl Alive - 7.5
- OKAYYYYYYYYYYYY, some rock influence like Hey Big Man from Snake Eyes and Laura is flowing on this, I'm excited to see where this album goes because this one is pretty good.
2. 757 - 8
- Some hyperpop on a gecs album is always appreciated. Feels like a 1000 gecs track and I like that. Overly auto-tuned gecs doesn't ever miss. That switch production wise is also crazy.
3. Hollywood Baby - 9
- The single which made me really ... read more

Porter Robinson - Nurture
Porter Robinson Nurture Album Review
(trying to branch out musically wish me luck)

1. Lifelike - 9
- Really pretty sounding introduction to the album really sets the musical pallet of what to expect sonically on the record, some beautiful strings and just a nice vibe. Nice introduction to an album vibe wise.
2. Look at the Sky - 10
- Well this is a way to introduce yourself to Porter's music. Production on point as always as Porter lyrically is impressive showing how he's not just an ... read more

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
Lil Yatchy: Let's Start Here

1. the BLACK seminole. - 10
- WHAT IN THE FUCK IS THIS AND WHY IS AMAZING. Lil Yatchy's artistic development has been insane, from One Night to this is honestly incredible. The guitar the synths the production this is the first song in a minute to leave me speechless. The instrumental transition to the end is crazy. 10 This feels like a special project. (Lil Pink Floyd goes hard)
2. the ride- - 10
- Yatchy is a limited vocalist but him and Teezo made something ... read more


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