Mac Miller - Circles
fuck dude
Eminem - Tone Deaf
caught my dad listening to this the other day after calling Denzel curry a mumble rapper
Lewis Capaldi - Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent
Broken By Desire To Go to Bed
NLE Choppa - Cottonwood 2
Vastly Overrated and NLES Best Record by a MILE.

Maybe my standards are too low but this album was banger after banger for me. Smart production, great flows, decent lyrics and a really standout performance from NLE Choppa.

Surprised the User Score is so low. There's some seriously good songs on here. I guess the project was a little one dimensional for some but when the sound works, it fucking works.

Best: Aint Gonna Answer, In The UK, Dope, Champions, Mo Up Front, Disability Checks, Do It ... read more

Lil Durk - All My Life
could have really used some more time in making this song but overall its a pretty moving song
Lil Baby - Go Hard
2023 year of the comebacks what the fuck
Jack Harlow - Jackman.
Absolute Mindfuck.

Let me give you a little backstory.

Jack Harlow was easily one of my favorite up and coming rappers in his mixtape days. Though he wasnt all that special, there was a certain charm about his music that really appealed to me. I enjoyed his first record and though it was a mixed bag for me, showed much of the same potential that his mixtapes did.

However, like everyone else i wrote Harlow off after his last record. Come Home The Kids Miss You was a complete miss and an ... read more

Drake - Search & Rescue
this is not funny anymore i think drake is actually gay
Lil Pump - Lil Pump 2
Lil pump the genuis

The truth about lil pump

Lil Pump is a child prodigy. At a mere three years of age, he was able to fully master the English language. When he turned five, he enrolled at Hamburger State University. There, he earned his bachelors degree in Lyrical Composition with a concentration in pump rap.

By six, he had mastered calculus and started writing PhD level academic papers. While he struggled a bit with integral calculus, he figured it out through dedication and hard work ... read more

nle choppa pisses the fuck outta me

mid ass mixtapes and albums but amazing singles

Travis Scott - Rodeo
greatest trap album oat
DaBaby - Sneaky Link Anthem
This shit needs to go in DaTrash 🔥🔥🔥
DaBaby - Yea Come On
oh my god this is fucking terrible
Pinkpantheress & Ice Spice - Boy's a liar Pt. 2
i have stage 5 testicular cancer
Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
this is an entire review written by chatbot ai

Lil Yachty's latest album, "Let's Start Here," is an impressive and refreshing work from the versatile artist. With each song, Lil Yachty helps to convey a strong message of optimism and positivity without trying too hard. It's packed full of bouncy beats, catchy hooks, and great vocal performances that keep the pace moving and engaging. From the upbeat opener, "Lightly Tuned Out," to the more soulful "Signal," Lil ... read more

Midwxst & Denzel Curry - Tally
Holy that beat bro this shit is 100x better than the amari white song dont really know too much about midwxst but damn hes crazy on here gonna check out some of his other stuff
Trippie Redd - MANSION MUSIK
who tagged this as comedy 💀
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