Lu0z -
Im just trying to picture whoever the hells idea it was to put "FACK" on here laughing his ass off after it was actually put on here.
Lu0z -
Cant believe I gave this a fucking 80.
Lu0z -
This might be the worst song i have heard in my life. EVER.
Lu0z -
The Kid Laroi is officially over-hated.

The Kid Laroi has really improved since FL1 and 2. You can hear the maturity of his vocals as well as his production choices. Though generic, the lyrics are still enjoyable.

I think this is an example of people hating on an artist just to hate on the artist and not really listen to the music. We get that alot on this site but thats okay. There were several flaws in this album but it still has its very good moments.

Melody is good also. The Kid Laroi ... read more
Lu0z -
Give it a chance atleast. It hasnt even fucking come out yet. The leaks may or may not even be real. Yall some clout chasing headasses
Lu0z -
Kanye Wests "Ye" is often regarded as his most personal and deep dive into his life of an album by him. With stellar lyrics and impressive production, Ye is a great record.

With "Donda" dropping ive decided to really imerserse myself with the full Kanye experience. Ive heard only a few of his albums because i just revcentley became a fan of his music after joining this site.

Ye is good. I liked the songwritting. It is really deep and personal and tackles alot of mental ... read more
Lu0z -
"All Over The Place" is KSIs most ambitious effort in the music industry to date as we see him improve on everything he did on dissimulation, but it still falls short of being a standalone effort and great album despite its moments.

KSI is a youtuber who I've watched basically as long as I can remember. I've seen him grown as a person and mature as a content creator. Seeing his success in the music industry is such a great and wholesome thing for me and his many fans.

I think I ... read more
Lu0z -
Pop smokes second posthumous release is a complete mess of an album. Pops delivery here was horrible. Where the hell did they find these verses? The lyrics were basic as hell. At least SFTSAFTM had some good lyrics, I don't think I can find one redeemable lyric on here. Features were just flat out stupid and a cash grab at some times. Dua Lupa on a pop smoke album? Apart from some better production, there's nothing new or outstanding on "Faith" and its extremely mediocre and ... read more
Lu0z -
fuck it
Lu0z -
Vince Staples really plays it safe on his self titled project "Vince Staples"

Vince Staples new project is like family trip to Hawaii with a dysfunctional family. On one hand, you appreciate the great stuff there but on the other hand, hate that your family had to come with you.

The album tries to paint a picture into Vinces life. His storytelling is done very well here and his ability to paint a picture is still evident but more faded on this project.

What distracted me from the ... read more
Lu0z -
“Stay” is The Kid Larois highly anticipated single featuring none other then Justin Bieber.

It’s good. The Kid Laroi sounds great on this track. I feel like he goes very well with JB here.

The beat and instrumental also was good.

Having heard the “remix” with Juice WRLD months before this came out, i was genuinely curious to see what they would do here. I am happy it paid off.
Lu0z -

By all means, Music to Be Murdered By- Side B is an extremley okay album. However, I feel Eminem should have took more risks, and really cut the filler tracks.

The production here is good. Eminem has been on a hotstreak with some of his beats recentley. I really enjoy the fusion of Eminem on trap beats and I am happy that he is experimenting more, I really feel like he should take more risks on the production side, but its great.

Once again, the main complain is some of the ... read more
Lu0z -

Idiot moment. I fucking deleted my previous review on accident. Since then, ive come to realize this album is good.
Here is a condensed version of the original review

This is the Eminem album know for its bangers. "Love The Way you Lie" "Not Afraid" "Cold WInd Blows" "No Love" "Cinderella Man" "Space Bound".

This album raised me.

The lyrical content on here is great. "No Love" has Eminems best ... read more
Lu0z -

We Dont Talk about Revival.

Eminem has had his fair share of shit thrown at him these last handfull of years. Some of that is unjust but unfortunatley the good majority of it is valid. It hurts because Eminem is still to this day, my favorite artist. Enter "Revival"

The main theme going into "Revival" is that Eminem has still got it. Hes still number one, hes still at his peak. He asks the audience if they still "Believe" on the track of ... read more
Lu0z -
"The Lost Boy" by "YBN" or now just Cordae, is an emotional rollercoaster that takes us on a hell of a ride through Cordaes life and is an remarkable outlook on some important topics as well as a great album musically.

There is almost no misses. Apart from the second last track, I enjoyed every track on "The Lost Boy".

The lyrical content and wordplay was amazing and that doesnt even begin to describe it. Cordae is so damn clever with words and really is able to ... read more
Lu0z -
Not surprisingly, “Bad Habits” is one of the worst singles of the year so far.

What the fuck Ed. What is this heap of garbage. Why does his voice sound like he went into the studio with the intent to create a shitty tik tok song. Why is the instrumental so out of place and bland? What the fuck is this aesthetic hes trying to appeal to here and why???? Why are the lyrics so horrible?

Oh yeah,

jesus fucking christ. My ears hurt. Hes evolving. But backwards.
Lu0z -
Lumberjack was a disappointment imo so when Tyler, The Creator put out one of the best singles after one of the most disappointing tracks of the year, I was fucking shocked.

This track is phenomenal.
Lu0z -
Honestly RDR2 Was the greatest game ive ever played. Unshaken complimented it perfectly.
Lu0z -
If "Meh, its not exactly trash" was an album, It would be "The Life Of Pi'erre 5"
Lu0z -
love this linkin park track
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