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marcopive -
this is such a good jam from start to finish... so chill and non-pretenisious. Very very good stuff.
marcopive -
holy shit this fucking SUCKS lol this dude is a clown... i commend his complete lack of shame or self-awareness, because this is cringe levels of bad.
marcopive -
right between Dean Blunt's or Organ Tapes' urban meditations and Mac Demarco's stoner nostalgia, Lean wears his inspirations on his sleeve on this one. An hypnagogic take on folk-pop, yet remains surprisingly ecclectic throughout, going from chamber (colours of tomorrow) to synth-pop that get pretty progressive (my city, som du). A very interesting batch of tracks, all tied together by almost flawless production.

Favs: var sang, snake ice, colours of tomorrow, machines, epiphany
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marcopive -
how can this go so under the radar? So few people gave it a shot. it's an amazingly lush jazz record with a pop sensitibity that definitely doesn't detract from the experience. More like it makes it even better. very very good.
marcopive -
Dont let this crap prevent u from checking out other mechatok stuff, he has some great tunes. Dunno whats going on, hes been dropping the ball this year.
Apr 1, 2020
I just noticed after sending the last message to you that you don't have any albums from previous decades rated here. This also explains a lot why you don't have any albums rated at 100 at the moment. Interesting profile idea, you're doing with albums quite like Fantano, so you only rate new albums and not everything.
Overall 2010's weren't as interesting as the 90's for example, but there really was a lot of great music coming out at that time.
Looking at it as a whole, this year unfortunately doesn't really impress.
But it's only April so I hope we still have a lot of good things ahead of us.
Apr 1, 2020
Is it your all time favourite album? (i mean this PUP one)
Apr 1, 2020
I've just noticed that this year no album is able to keep the score above 80. All the time it seems to me that it's the fault of those who put out unnecessarily 0's, but I don't know really... Maybe it's the case of music, you're right. Anyway, i hope this will change. I noticed that you didn't like new Yves Tumor's singles, but it just seems to me that his album can change that streak of number 79. I think the singles are amazing.

As for PUP, I already listened to their one album (morbid stuff) and it was okay. I've never came back to it tho. But still I'd like to listen to their previous one.
Apr 1, 2020
Okay, I understand. We need to have a completely different approach to the final score. It could be that you like an album that you rate at 80 the same way as an album that I would rate at 100. I'm having a little bit of a problem giving low scores i guess...
Anyway, you have an interesting taste.
Should i check out this PUP record that you loved?

Mar 31, 2020
How do you rate music? I noticed that you rarely rate an album 80+ but I in the other hand actually have most of albums that i've listened to in the 80/90 range. Either you're extremely critical or you don't like music that much huh?
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