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Depeche Mode - Memento Mori
This year I had many "first-ies" and "Memento Mori" is one of them. And what a powerful "first-ie" that is. I knew Depeche Mode from many great songs, but never got around to listen to a full project and I'm not regretting for diving into this one.
Dark Synth Pop Sound is just something else, I love it. And they still sound very 80s to me, considering it's a 2023 album.
Many beautiful and intelligent lyrics on this one.
"Violator" is going to be my next ... read more
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
One of the most nostalgic albums I've ever heard so far. It's like you meet a person and you think you knew them your whole life.
The songs are in a great order and sound like little memories, that I can't access. But I know that they're in my mind.
The transitions are unbelievably good.
The vibe is there and the lyrics are great.
The album is kinda weird, but also unique, interesting, unpredictable and "warm", if you know what I mean.
Madonna - MDNA (Deluxe Edition)
The world was not ready for Artpop in 2013.
The world was not ready for Reputation in 2017.
And the world was not ready for MDNA in 2012.

"MDNA" is a dance pop, electropop and also dubstep party in a New Yorker club.

For me, this album is the sister of "Confessions On The Dance Floor". You would hear both albums being played in New Yorker clubs, just in two different parts of the town. You just want to dance to this party.

Yes, this album is not perfect, flawless or ... read more

George Clanton - Ooh Rap I Ya
Wow, I don't know what it was, but damn, the production was absolutely mesmerizing. So much 90s/2000s influence on this one, that I appreciate a lot.
This is the kind of album you'd listen to while driving alone in your car at sleepless nights.
Dolly Parton - Rockstar
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the "Dolly Parton and Friends - MTV Unplugged Special".

You can't deny how iconic Miss Parton is. It's an honor to have her still around.
Rockstar and World on Fire are great new songs by her and don't sound corny or "Oh, she's trying so hard to represent the style of the album", no. She does it good.

Maybe a little bit too long, but there are still some fantastic renditions and interpretations of the well-known songs.
These ... read more

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