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mrmerle -
200th rating !

For this special rating, I wanted to review an album for which I had high expectations : Janet Jackson's "The Velvet Rope".
Released in 1997, this album is considered by many critics and fans as her best & most personal album and I think that lots of albums marketed as such are the best albums in general.

Before listening to this album, I went through Jackson's discography from "Control" to "janet." which includes three albums.

Despite a lot ... read more

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mrmerle -
[#265 - Single : "Lost Cause" by Billie Eilish]

It doesn't push anything musically & lyrically speaking but its really catchy and well sang by Eilish.
It's just a bit hard to get where the album is going to go from here since this single is vastly different from the previous dream folk styled "Your Power".
I already said that some experimentation never hurts but I hope the album can stay cohesive at the same time.
mrmerle -
[#260 - Quickie : "Juvenile" by Louise Marshall]

London Grammar vibes in her voice and inspiration from Lana Del Rey, Radiohead & others : this is Australian singer Louise Marshall.

What I like about this EP is Marshall's voice which is, as I said, very reminiscent of London Grammar's singer Hannah Reid. It unfortunately doesn't seem to me that the EP has its own musical personality as I didn't found it that undistinguishable from any other random indie record. It would still ... read more
mrmerle -
[#258 - Quickie : "Factory Reset" by Hans Hjelm]

My advice to you would be to subscribe to "Underrated Albums", a YouTube channel that is making you discover new artists who aren't that known. It is a pretty good way to discover new artists such as Hans Hjelm.
"Factory Reset" is the Swedish musician's first album and it is nice. It doesn't push any boundaries in terms of progressive rock but it is still pretty chill. "Valley of the Kings" is pretty cool ... read more
mrmerle -
[#257 - Quickie : "Fuck Art" by The Dirty Nil]

Welcome back in 2005 !
"Fuck Art" is a basic album : not risky musically speaking -stationary as well- and the lyrics are meh -"Doo doo doo doo doo doo" okay bro...-.
It could be at least a good nostalgia trip I guess.
mrmerle -
[#253 - Quickie : "Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven" by No Joy]

Not really my style but this is alright.
I liked the dream pop elements and some of the shoegaze as well -even if I'm not a fan of the genre-.
However, "Dream Rats - From Heaven" is kind of too long and I didn't thought that it blended well with the rest of the track list. Too aggressive for me.
The first four songs feel like a fever dream so, in order to appreciate this album more, my advice to you would ... read more


May 18, 2021
just added it, thank you so much for your submission, I really appreciate it!!
May 17, 2021
Hey there! I’m making a community list for the end of the world, and I would love for you to contribute.


“The surrounding buildings, in ruins. The remaining survivors, scrambling to find anything that remains. Fire flickers in the pitch-black, creating just a sliver of radiance. Miraculously, you find an old device that can play music. You can only play one album as the battery is nearly dead. Knowing that you have little time left, what is the one album that you choose to listen to as you watch the world crumble before your eyes?”

The album topic could discuss a disastrous time, its sound could fit the vibe of a post apocalyptic setting, or it could be one of your favorite albums that you would want to experience for the last time.

Please provide the artist, album, and an explanation as to why you chose that specific album.

Thank you for reading <3

Here’s the list:
Apr 29, 2021
Thank you for introducing me to some cool new artists!
Apr 19, 2021
Awww thank you so much 💚💚💚
Apr 19, 2021
Thanks for following! Really solid reviews!
Mar 5, 2021
Thank you very much so do you!
Mar 5, 2021
Anna B Savage supremacy!
Mar 3, 2021
Personally, I’d say my favorite one so far is the debut by Black Country, New Road, even though the debut from Hello Cosmos also was solid in my books!
Mar 3, 2021
I’ve heard great things about this one, and added it to my list of albums to check out in the near future! 🙏🏼
Feb 28, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁


(Edit 05/06/2021)
Still French, still awkward, still hungry, still passionate about music.
I'm currently working on a 1997 best albums' list because I've heard many great albums from that year so why not.

2021 AOTY so far : "A Common Turn" by Anna B. Savage.

Here are the adjectives for each rating (ratings can change) :

100 - Flawless
90 - Awesome
80 - Great
70 - Pretty Good
60 - Not Bad
50 - Decent
40 - Meh
30 - Not Good
20 - Bad
10 - Terrible
0 - WHY ?!!

(+5 : Would listen again)

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