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不失者 [Fushitsusha] - Secret Black Box
Secret Black Box is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. From the dark feedback to the apocalyptic sound; it is all that you could want in Noise Rock and is an essential if you are to get into Japanese styles of Noise Rock; which in and of itself is a rabbit hole.

I originally wrote my review for this album on March 13, 2023. A day I just couldn't sleep and at a point in my life where I was constantly struggling mentally. My review for it wasn't good at all and seemed to less talk ... read more

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Kamasi Washington - The Epic
The poster-boy album for "Hi I just created an account on this music critic website, hello, oh what is this crazy high average? I’m veeeeery curious, and a bit intimidated ngl lie, *listens*, erm, I don’t get it… what the fuck is thj- Oh Hey! Yeah this Kamasi Washington album? Oh yeah, it’s fantastic, most spiritual and epic album of all time tbh honest"

As Kamasi Washington tries to speak to us through his compositions and surprising improvisations; he lacks ... read more

John Coltrane - Meditations
"Organized chaos" said the firefighter. A welcome approach on how to control the chaotic wildfire of soundscapes.

Meditations is not only its outcome but its downfall. Not in a bad way; no. In the "I don't know how to handle this, but it's going beautifully" way. A spiritual and meditative approach to the exploration of the ever-eluding and misunderstood "free" sound. You say "how is it misunderstood? Maybe you're just a pretentious hipster" and to that, ... read more

C'est La Key - Superflat
My curiosity and interest knows no bounds yet it does not stop me from having regret of starting this album.

So I guess this is an "experience"? I guess I see it, but I also don't. It's interesting nonetheless. I'm gonna try to write about this so stay with me here and be patient.

So, "Superflat" is a story I guess. A story of self-inflicted pain I presume. Told from a point of view that lets the listener escape and reflect on themselves, yet it doesn't do a good job at ... read more

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Aus den sieben Tagen
Stockhausen's magnum opus.

A tortured soul on a river raft to heaven. Play it and hold it till you can't even hold your own being, but the question is have you ever felt like there’s a weight? An endless, chronic weight on your heart that stops and starts; which sounds within itself a contradictory description but understanding and feeling that push and pull is created from the sound. The sound that starts until it doesn’t want to anymore, but not for your benefit; only for your ... read more

Earth - Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version
SPOILER ALERT: I like this record, but there's a LOT of complaining here. Try not to take this review at face value as I think, sound wise, this record is good; just frustrating and a bit of a mixed bag, concept wise.

Earth 2 is without a doubt, at points: a meaningless bore of imitative and repetitive experimentation.

If I'm being honest, this album, to me is an uninteresting bore at points even though I think it's without a doubt a good record, but it has its flaws.. the concept, as ... read more


converted to kobepi rating system 😭😭😭 someone save this girl!
coming in with a jazz rec :)
you should try the works of cecil taylor, esp his live albums, like one too many salty swift and not goodbye, dark to themselves, and live at cafe montmartre
he's one of the free jazz gods
ok but what's funnier: pretentious art pfp with lana del rey and taylor swift in his top albums, or furry pfp w/ ldr/ts in his top albums
Kind of love how increasingly tailored your recent ratings and reviews has been. I don't think I've ever heard of half of your recent/top rated/reviewed albums here so will definitely be checking out!
Awesome new rating scale
hi jade, im working on a community list of aoty users' favorite underground albums! if you'd like to be featured in the list, feel free to leave a response to this message
hyped for the SIKTOL review
Ah, I see. It definitely was nicer then
Oh I guess you did join after its “golden age” if you will…that’s where it was really at imo. Sorry to hear that too btw :(


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No self-promo please.

I block pretty regularly. I am just making my experience here better by doing this, it's not always personal.
Try not to take my ratings too seriously. If I don't like something you like, it's fine.

Genres I'm focusing on: Gothic (anything), Jazz, Classical, Death/Death Doom/Black Metal
(feel free to rec any of these genres)

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