T E L E P A T H テレパシー能力者 - 星間性交
A ray of sunshine goes over your head.. and then the moon.. and the sun.. and all till death is brought upon us. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Telepath has been an artist I've been interested in for awhile. Honestly, Vaporwave in general has caught my interest, but this album in particular is something I've been wanting to check out. Not only does the album cover match the spacious and other-worldly sound, it's an experience that expands far out of just Vaporwave and Ambient, but out of genres ... read more

Black Country, New Road - Live at Bush Hall
God fucking dammit well here I am. Rating this too high. Did you really have to release so early, BCNR?

Of course, they have to come with one of the greatest records we've seen so far this year. Even without their usual lead singer, their build up and usage of diverse instrumentation is impressive and wonderful. Without the charm of Isaac Wood's emotional vocals, BCNR evolves past the need for his genius and create a magically atmospheric story of a better and more nostalgic time.

So what do ... read more

Jimin - Face
can i get some bots too pls

Yeah this is a bit boring. The production is meh at best, weirdly, for an artist with such popularity, but here we are! I've never really listened to K-pop before and I can confirm that this probably isn't the best place to start, but i don't give a shit to be honest.

Before this fully turns into a Remi review, let's start with the tracks! The first track is surprisingly not bad. It's got a nice atmosphere but lacks many interesting qualities. The ... read more

Ecco2k - E
why does he keep talking about jizz?

ANYWAYYYY a good drain album? Surprising! Anyway, yeah this record is honestly pretty appealing. Despite the short length it can get slightly boring at some points, but at other times it feels atmospheric and almost a feeling like you're floating.

This is honestly a really creative project with some calm and collected ambient parts that probably make this the most interesting and unique project and work I've seen come out of the drain scene! I wouldn't ... read more

The Roots - Things Fall Apart
The flawless rap record and my first hip hop 10.

God what a fantastic record. All killer and absolutely no filler despite so many tracks and an hour of length. I've usually thought that rap records could never be flawless and were always destined to never be perfect by tracks that may never live up to the same level as the hits on whatever album, but Things Fall Apart is different; it's flawless.

Now I may eat my words on this some other time, but I honestly think this album is without flaw. ... read more

Yeah, I wasn't the biggest fan of this record.

I've heard a bit of JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown's work and this just seems to fall flat for them as artists. Some of the songs seem unimaginative and rushed. I know the mixing is kind of apart of the charm, but in some places it doesn't hit as much as they wanted it to. I wouldn't say this album is bad whatsoever; in fact there are many good parts of this record, but it's probably some of their weakest sound yet as experimental rap artists.

Another ... read more

Swans - Paradise Is Mine
After hearing the demo for this record and song specifically I am blown away at how impressive this song is in its final form. It's got the groove that I didn't expect and a lot of new inclusions like the "woo ooo" sounds which represent this song so very well. So far this track is a 9.5 for me, but it may increase whenever the album actually comes out.

I find happiness in the fact I can actually enjoy a Swans album along with the fanbase as someone who joined later on.

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
REVIEW REPOST #056. I wepost my owd reviews UwU, which gwot nwo attwention x3, with updwated thoughts. Pwosted wis review a wear agwo bwut I'm pwosting it agwain. *nuzzles your neck*

Hey guys, Remi here and today we're gonna be reviewing one of my favorite albums, The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. As some of you know, I'm a HUGE pop punk fan. It's my favorite genre. I love listening to Machine Gun Kelly on repeat all day, so I just had to go and revisit this classic.

I don't know if ... read more

100 gecs - 10,000 gecs
Going to use this album as a way to kind of promote the fact that I'm starting Merzbox. So... yeah I'm starting Merzbox. A 50 hour goliath of a box set record made by the one and only, Merzbow. I know this is a weird place to promote this, but I haven't made a review in a few days and thought I might as well. I was thinking about it keeping it a secret but fuck it! Anyway.. onto the music!

So starting with this record is a bit surprising for me as someone who's going into this record blind. I ... read more

不失者 [Fushitsusha] - Secret Black Box
Don’t listen to this. DON’T fucking listen to this.

It’s dark, it’s gloomy, it’s fucked, but overall it’s fucking amazing, but for the LOVE of god; do not listen to this. It may be worth it in the end, but the journey is dark and some of the scariest shit to ever exist. The riveting ambience and the powerful electric guitar makes up for the length of this record and is a wonderfully scary time.

It’s difficult to talk about this record despite the 6 ... read more

Weyes Blood - Rough Trade Session
A Lot Has Changed - 8/10
Everyday - 9/10
Something to Believe - 8.5/10
Wild Time - 9/10
Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood - Myths 002
Probably the lowest point for her and her music to be honest. She does kind of carry this EP, but it's still very weak and nothing interesting. It's got some decent instrumentals, but is overall pretty weak!

Tears on Fire - 6.5/10
Daddy, Please Give a Little Time to Me - 5.5/10
Morning After - 7.5/10
On Another Day - 6/10

Weyes Blood - Daytrotter Session
Welcome To Daytrotter - NA
Just Give (Diary) - 7.5/10
Summer - 8.5/10
Some Winters - 9/10
Bad Magic - 8.5/10
Steve Reich / Richard Maxfield / Pauline Oliveros - New Sounds In Electronic Music (Come Out / Night Music / I Of IV)
Back onto the EAI grinding! This record is cool as shit and shows how expansive the genre could be with our first album from the one and only, Steve Reich and two others who may have not had careers as long as Reich, but still helped pioneer the genre for the better.

Richard Maxfield - Night Music - 8.5/10
Steve Reich - Come Out - 7/10
Pauline Oliveros - I of IV - 8/10

Matt Elliott - Drinking Songs
400 Follower Special:

Part 542,213 of why I'll never understand AOTY users -

In my opinion, this record is fantastic, in every way.

The dark gloominess and slow but subtle, slow, and folky feeling is a one that not many can do so well as Matt Elliott in this incredibly depressing masterpiece of a record. For 1 hour and 16 minutes, we get a glimpse into the genius' soul that is Matt Elliott.

For many, "slow" music is not to their speed (pun NOT intended) due to wanting a build up ... read more

My review's up on tiktok!

Ok, but seriously, this sucks. This had potential to be good. YES I just said that, but sadly demondice, and I can't believe I have to say this, has shitty lyrics. She relies on being fast and not actually skillful. There are some interesting moments that don't make this EP a full 0/10, but overall it's shitty.

Demondice, sadly, relies on being a copy of multiple other rappers who do the same thing and ... read more

Weyes Blood - Strange Chalices of Seeing
It's kind of interesting how far she has come as an artist. First starting with this creepy fuck load of an album!

I'm gonna be honest; this record is overhated. It's not my favorite of her work, but the creativity and dark atmosphere of this record stand out. Sadly, a lot of this record suffers from sounding way too samey with a lot of its structure being incredibly off and out of place.

Weyes Blood's debut was different from what we know her music to be know; focusing on a dark ambient ... read more

Swans - Deliquescence
Deliquescence is probably one of Swans' most impressive records to date.

This album was very limited with only a few copies (I had to use a VPN on a youtube playlist). Swans has been known for their lengthy projects, genre switching, and weird, unique post rock sound, but this record just takes the cake in all areas. Even if this is material they've already put out; the performances for this album are impressive and keep my entertained with its atmospheric sound that they've seemed to almost ... read more

Dadawah - Peace and Love
edit: 100 to 97

So this is my first Reggae album.

In many ways, this is probably one of the most impressive records to ever exist, especially for the 70s with so many bands becoming popular. It's groovy as hell and has some gorgeous vocals. Peace and Love is powerful and has a political message that was important for the 70s. The atmospheric instruments and gravitating vocals show Dadawah's talent in full.

Many don't listen much to Reggae, but have probably heard at least a few of the ... read more

Sowell - 2016 - 2023
300 Album Special!

300 albums? Can you believe it? I’ve decided to listen to something from this year actually, but there’s a twist. This record is an 8 hour compilation album full of EAI, Harsh Noise, Musique Concrete, and Field Recordings. Each section is a different genre and each track is different from each other in so many ways. Our first section is 1 hour and 30 minutes long, our second section is 1 hour long, our third section is 2 hours long, and our last section is 4 ... read more

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