Ranking all of Mogwai's releases.
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Albums I'm currently working on rating. A mix of new releases and old things I feel I need to listen to. I also tend to have a few bands whose discographies I am working through. Artist(s) of ...
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Can't wait for these bad boys to drop
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The best post-rock album of each year. Post-Rock has become my favorite genre but there is still so much I haven't heard yet. This list will always be incomplete.
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Ranking every album featuring any member(s) of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. That is: Efrim Menuck Mauro Pezzente Mike Moya Sophie Trudeau Thierry Amar David Bryant Karl Lemieux Aidan Girt Tim ...
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Ranking all Pink Floyd records
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Ranking all of Jenny Hval's solo and collaborative projects.
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Rating everything by of Montreal
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Compiling albums by Radiohead or any of it's members.
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Ranking albums by Death Grips or featuring any of its members.
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nuff said
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Ranking all of Sigur Rós's releases, including related works.
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Rating all Son Lux and related releases
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Ranking all of Kanye's solo and collaborative efforts.
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Rating everything related to Animal Collective, my favorite band.
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Rating everything by the best solo artist out there or any of his collaborative efforts.
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Ranking all of the Beatles' albums.
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