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Kelela - Raven
Feb 9

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Sigur Rós - ÁTTA
Definitely their most peaceful and celestial body of work. Sigur Rós never quite challenged heavenly impressions even though their sound always contained ascending moments of euphoria.
Ten years after their last full length album, this might feel like a safe return. However, this album could not be more different than “Kveikur” (except Klettur maybe) and their last single “Óveður”. Closer to “Valtari”‘s stillness, open landscapes, ... read more

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Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
As an introduction to Mitski’s music, I must say I am pretty amazed. Minimalist folk cuts, very well arranged with strings and a 17 person choir is all I could ask for. What I find really enjoyable is how a few introspective guitar chords simply carry a heartfelt melody. It is truly striking on “Bug Like An Angel”, the riff of “The Frost” and “I’m Your Man”. The last one’s progressive composition and wonderful choir ending are a tender ... read more
Sufjan Stevens - Will Anybody Ever Love Me?
Seven Swans’ folk sounds are definitely back with amazing production. Such a touching song, Sufjan sounds great with hopeful tones
James Blake - Playing Robots into Heaven
Unlike its predecessor, 'Playing Robots into Heaven' is a subdued record with high and lows. While the best songs here might be those graced by James Blake's vocals ("Loading" and "Fire the Editor"), the songs stand out from the rest of his discography thanks to the minimalism of their synth textures. In that regard, "I Want You to Know" manages to build depths on a loop of still chords with samples and amazing choirs. On the few sung tracks, the vocal layering is ... read more
George Clanton - Ooh Rap I Ya
I discovered George Clanton thanks to his amazing remix of “Hey Big Eyes” by Caroline Polachek. Actually I might even prefer this face to the original. Those trip-hop drums and heavy synths pitched up and down.
Without knowing it, this remix was a perfect introduction for this 9-track project. I highly recommend it if you enjoyed this album. I’ll put the link below. The first four tracks are really strong instrumentally. It begins with the strong chords of “Everything I ... read more
James Blake - Loading
The progression from different parts with the same lyrics is amazing. All elements blend surprisingly well together ! I’m getting more anxious for the album release with this one than the last single


Hey Paul! Thank you kindly for submitting your pick - here is the updated list. Thank you so much for participating!: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/ludahmed/list/145237/aotys-personal-revolutions/
Great picks!! I really hope he does a tour as well this time around.
Hey Paul!!!
I just hit 200 followers, thank you all so much!!! To celebrate I'm doing another community list, as my last one seemed to go relatively well...

Ok, here's the scenario:

You're abducted by aliens and they're curious about the human race, and they ask you about the strange assortments of sounds we call 'music'.
What song or album would you pick to show them that encapsulates the reason why humans listen and enjoy music.

Thank you again for your contribution!!
Hi Paullover! To celebrate 300 followers, i am making a community list on the following prompt:

We all have points in our lives that prompts serious or significant change - I like to call these "Personal Revolutions" - you go through a challenging, depressing, angering, uncomfortable point in your life, but you survive it; you come out a better person than before. The question posed are what are some albums that have helped you through this difficult point in your life?

I’d you’d like to participate, feel free to share as much or as little as you’d like. If not, please feel free to disregard this shout!
Hey Paullover! I just posted my 600 follower special, if you wouldn't mind checking it out: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/pieter/album/240704-the-real-me/
(let me know if you want me to shut up and not send these things, I won't do it again then :))
Thank you!
Thanks for following!
Thanks for answering! I'm glad someone finally mentioned Rosalía.


Newborn FrancoPortuguese reviewer - my writing could be flawed. Posso falar português também, beijinhos !

Only rating what I consider to be highlights. We can disagree but plz don’t be hating. You still could put your money where your mouth is, no ?

@paullovezinho 📸
LUV <3

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