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Clairo - Sling
Jul 22

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Ruimtewezel -
Indie music seems to become a more increasingly cutthroat place with every passing year. Better production, better songwriters, better ideas, and with that, a higher bar to reach.

At the very least, Dispirited Spirits reaches the bar.

This is my first time listening to an AOTY user’s project (not incl. Brad Taste in Music, whom I count as YT’ber first and foremost), and I am not at all disappointed.
You can hear the touches of a true music nerd throughout the project, understands ... read more
Ruimtewezel -
2018’s Time ‘N’ Place was an upgrade to the KKB sound in every way. It seemed like they had milked their previous pop sound dry, and they needed change, and change they brought.

However, on Civilisation II, Sarah and company prove that they haven’t milked anything dry just yet. With a massive increase in production quality and songwriting ability, this throwback to their earlier work is more pleasant than any previous project ever was.

Kero Kero Bonito have ... read more
Ruimtewezel -
My Bloody Valentine mixed with 2000s alternative rock is a type of music that theoretically cannot be bad, and so far, the theory holds up.

What an absolute trip this album is. Everytime a song ends, you’re going from one mind-boggling, overwhelmingly amazing track to another.

The most difficult aspect of shoegaze music is probably getting the mixing and production right, but Parannoul leaves nothing behind in the blending of sounds. Everything that’s supposed to shine and pop, ... read more
Ruimtewezel -
This review has been a long time coming. I took my time with it because I felt like I had only scratched the surface of what this album contains after the first two listens. So, I kept occasionally revisiting until I felt comfortable writing this review.

Sometimes, music achieves that attitude where everything just feels very rich. No matter the brand of RnB Japanese Breakfast tackles, her music on “Jubilee” sounds continuously rich, in many-a way as well.

Perhaps what caught me ... read more
Ruimtewezel -
Improved listening experience for the entire Viva La Vida album (if you have a bit more patience for slower tracks at the end). This is for big fans of the original album and want more if the experience. Some of the tracks of this EP can really add to the album, padding it out a bit. "Postcards from Far Away" is a sweet piano interlude, and "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground" has that dreamy, sleepy feel of some other Coldplay songs from their early discography.

Life in ... read more


Jul 25, 2021
I love something ambient, atmospheric, especially if that has some kind of groove in it. I love Hiphop in general if the overall quality is good, but I don't have any hate for other genres. Also I prefer some experimental touches, but not too distractive to keep the structure of the track. I love clear, and imaginable, creative lyrics too.
Jul 22, 2021
Gotta be OK Computer, such a classic. One of my favorite 90’s records
Jul 22, 2021
Thanks for the follow! Nice vinyl collection!
Jul 22, 2021
Thanks for follow! 😄
Jul 22, 2021
Thank you for following! By the way, what's your favorite genre?
Jul 18, 2021
i’ll have to check that one out thank you!!
i dont see it in your 2021 ratings so i will have to recommend nurture by porter robinson. i dont think it’s underrated as a lot of people do love it a lot but i think it’s under appreciated! it’s an amazing listen!
Jul 16, 2021
no problem! what do you think the most underrated album is this year? :)
Jul 13, 2021
ooh welke bedoel je? er zijn er meerdere namelijk, ik denk dat je de aoty discord bedoelt waar rob in zit? anders had ik je vast wel opgemerkt, dit is een andere waar ik het over heb, is onofficieel van aoty en zitten ongeveer 200 leden in
Jul 13, 2021
lijkt het je leuk om de aoty community discord te joinen? ik ben moderator daar :)


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