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Nov 7, 2019
One of the year's most enchanting releases, Vagabon shows an artist on the rise, on the cusp of acclaim. There is a lot of music that falls into relaxing or "chill" genres these days, but Vagabon's more mellow moments are uniquely soothing, a trait not shared with much other music. It has officially been worked into my regular listening rotation, and Iook forward to keeping this album in my pocket as a balm against the world. Bring on the next album!
Best Track: Full Moon in Gemini
Nov 7, 2019
Half Moon Run aims high on tracks like Then Again and Razorblade. He perhaps aims a little too high, landing in a place that sounds more or less like Vampire Weekend wannabe. Tracks like Jello on My Mind undercut the ambitions of the rest of the album. The line is toed between passion and pretension but is nonetheless enjoyable.
Best Track: Razorblade
Favorite Track: Black Diamond
Least Favorite Track: Jello on My Mind
Nov 7, 2019
The two artists who make up BOCC create an endearing sound together that comes from a folk impulse (evidenced in tracks like Service Road or the gorgeous Chesapeake) but is fleshed out with some of the musical idioms of pop punk (see Dylan Thomas, or Exception to the Rule). Though it won't be making many year-end Top 10 lists, we should look back on it fondly as one of the most charming offerings of the first half of 2019.
Best Track: Chesapeake
Favorite Track: Didn't Know What I Was In For
Oct 28, 2019
Undeniably beautiful but seldom entertaining
I know I am going against the grain here but I struggled to embrace this album. And I was primed to like it. I had every expectation of enjoying it. To be fair, I certainly appreciated it. But listening to Ghosteen was an exercise in "how do you respond to music that you consider art but do not enjoy listening to?"
If ambient synth folk/poetry recitation sounds interesting to you, as it does to me, it is certainly worth a listen. I don't ... read more
Oct 23, 2019
I kept coming up with comparisons that would help explain Purple Mountains. Nihilist Jimmy Buffet. A Johnny Cash sound with a Father John Misty attitude. But the truth is that Purple Mountains is David Berman's own thing. Though there were some songs that felt like they were built from familiar materials, the deeper I listened the more I heard something really distinctive coming from the album's late artist. Hearing that Berman had committed suicide was devastating, to learn that the dark place ... read more
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