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Mar 20, 2018
So this is a weird one. First off, if this is an EP Kevin, and it's 41 minutes, you sir are certainly losing it slowly. This project is a weird one, which isn't saying much, because Of Montreal's output recently has been downright bizarre. But this one takes the cake. Kevin Barnes here goes old school, being apparently inspired by 80's dance mixes, and brings in some of his most interesting instrumentals in years. The production on this album is ridiculously heavy, the synths are chilly ... read more
Mar 20, 2018
Woods and Dungen really come through on here with surprisingly pleasant and concise set of tracks. The "Myths" series in the past has been such a disappointment to me, often sounding like two acts thrown together and rushed to record. But here, Woods and Dungen actually get like half an hour of a recording together, and the result has some fantastic chemistry. More times than not, the Cosmic jams these two offer up are so concise that you forget this is a collaboration between two ... read more
Mar 19, 2018
Phil Elverum returns shortly after his absolute masterpiece that is “A Crow Looked At Me” with what I consider, a pretty substantial sister-album. And I can’t stress that enough, this album was meant to be played after listening to and dissecting his album from last year. Now, first off, this album isn’t nearly as devastating and truly soul-crushing as “A Crow Looked At Me”, mostly because Phil for the most part seems like he’s in a better place ... read more
Mar 16, 2018
Teenage Wrist here came out with a very decent debut album, which is even more shocking when you realize just how many elements and genres they're blending here. Teenage Wrist often blend in elements of Emo, Shoegaze, and some gritty Alternative Metal as well. Sound like some old school Deftones? That's because a lot of the time, it does. The production on this album is also seriously ahead of the game. Teenage Wrist found a way to blend in the haziness and dreaminess of Shoegaze, but ... read more
Mar 15, 2018
This is easily, the most personality-driven and most charismatic album I’ve heard from Albert Hammond Jr. I feel like my problem with him for years has been his lack of character, but he has some serious swagger on this album. But outside of that, Albert has really nailed that age old formula of fantastic Pop hooks and wild instrumentals. My only real issue with this album is that I wish it was a little bit longer, it easily could have had an extra track or two. But at the end of the ... read more
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